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Help w/Splash


Jan 30, 2024
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I’m a support/Slayer flex (d5-6) and I’m trying to pick up splash but I’m struggling to win fights atm so I just want general advice. I know to play around burst bomb but


Pro Squid
Jan 29, 2024
Southeast USA
I've been playing a lot of Splash lately! A few things that I don't think are obvious...

To get used to Burst Bomb I have like 13 gear points of Sub Saver because I don't care about much gear stuff when it comes to Splash and I know I'd spam them anyways. I wouldn't suggest doing this though. The most normal way I've heard to learn to use Burst Bomb comes from a friend of mine who plays only Carbon. The trick is to try your best to keep track how full your Ink Tank is at all times. For actually using Burst Bomb, one thing I love doing is looking at where my teammates are and if they're currently in a fight you can reach quickly, just throw a Burst Bomb at their opponent. The near guaranteed damage will lead to so many assists or trades in situations where they might've just lost otherwise.

I don't know what weapons you play but if you're not used to playing Shooters in general you should play around how mobile they are. It's very easy to overlook how much mixing up your movement can throw off others' aiming and it's very important in bouncing away from some weapons' threat ranges as well. Don't forget to fire one shot at your feet before moving if you're under fire, or using a Burst Bomb at your feet instead if someone's on top of you if the situation calls for it.

Crab Tank imo is one of the hardest specials in the game to use, in my opinion behind only Zipcaster and maaaaybe Inkjet. Really a lot of it's down to experimenting with what works for you but there's still a few rules of thumb I like keeping in mind. Spots that can see a lot of open space tend to be best or if a chokepoint is especially harsh then it's not bad there either. Don't be afraid to use it to use it to stall out space for a bit unless your opponent has a Zooka or Tristrike or something else ready. It's one of the easier use cases for the special and you're still going to get pretty decent value out of it. The absolute best case for you is if you're behind a wall to hide your shots at first, your fire rate gets fast enough to kill someone quickly and they don't see you so you can get back from behind the wall and kill them quickly. Try to get the fire mode faster if there's a lot of people in your line of sight in an open space or if you expect people to be there soon for whatever reason, and use the bomb shot whatever it's called mode if you don't expect to get mileage out of your main firing mode or want to try the instakill combo on someone.

That's all I can think of for now. I actually was a TTek solo main for a long time so if I'm mistaken and this is about Neo Splash then let me know, I have stuff to say about that as well. If you have any other questions or if anything is unclear then feel free to ask!

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