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Hi, looking to join a team


Mar 9, 2021
Hi, my name is Xypher and Splatoon-2 is great. I play often and would like to join a team to play League battles.

Weekends are best for scheduling, however I can play nights (in the Americas).

Stats below, please reply/PM, thank you and cheers.

Level: 6*
Preferred weapon: Sploosh-o-matic
Turf Inked: 4301888p
Current rankings:
  • Splat Zones: B+ <---> A-
  • Rainmaker: A- <---> A
  • Tower Control: B+ <---> A-
  • Clam Blitz: A- <---> A

mr. quack

Mar 16, 2021
Hello!! My username I use is mr. quack! Splatoon 2 is great, I love it so much <3

anyways, if you are willing to join the team im on and play together just to try it out, that would be amazing!! I think we would also be good on weekends too. Your stats seem wonderful and we are glad if you could join our team, if possible, and soon...

We are also going to come up with a team name, and all those stuff!! So I'd be glad if you'd join us.

reply as soon as possible : D

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