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How To Use The Squid Locator Sub-Board

Discussion in 'Squid Locator' started by Kat, Aug 6, 2015.

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  1. Kat

    Kat Wet, Warm & Sticky

    Apr 23, 2015
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    Squid Locator is for the general recruitment of free agent Squids to squads via their own threads or for Squids to browse through recruitment threads in search for a team. The sub is strongly focused on recruitment and as such any general squad discussion or more casual squads should be taken to Squad Social.

    The two types of thread allowed on this sub-board are:
    • Team-less Squids, looking for a team.
    • Squads, advertising their recruitment.


    Ideal/Optional Things To Include For Squids Searching For A Team

    • Contact details (Skype, NNID etc.)
    • Time zone (Your time zone, UTC +0 etc.)
    • Operating times (What days/times you're available to play)
    • Region/Language (What region you're from and any extra language info)
    • Preferred role (What weapon types/play-style you like)
    • Skill bracket (From C- to S+, what is your ranked mode skill or your projected skill)
    • Communication (Do you know and use TS3, Skype, Curse etc.)
    • Extra info (What you're looking for from a team, your personality. Get creative)

    Example Of An Idea Squad Searching For Team Post

    Hey, Kat here. Looking for a UK squad to play with. I'm based in the UK myself at UTC +0. I generally like to play most nights in the evening between around 5PM and 9PM and I'm looking for a serious squad to practice and play competitively with. I main Rollers but I'm competent in Sloshers too. I just hit A+ and am looking for a team around that level. I have TS3 on my laptop and would like to use voice comms in our games. I'm a little shy sometimes so it might take me a while to get super talkative.

    Ideal/Optional Things To Include For Squads Recruiting Squids

    • Contact details (Skype etc. for Squids interested to contact)
    • Time zone (What time zone you'd like applicants to be in or be able to play according to)
    • Commitment (What level of commitment you're looking for from players)
    • Region/Language (What region your squad is based in or applicants should aim to be near)
    • Skill requirements (What skill level applicants should aim to be around)
    • Comms requirements (Any external communication services required, TS3 etc.)
    • Specific qualities (Must be over 18, no swearing etc.)
    • Extra info (Any bonus info or perks your squad might have to entice applicants)
    Example Of An Ideal Squad Recruitment Post

    Hey, Kat here, representing Squid Squad! We're an active internationally based squad with many members spanning across different regions and time zones. As a result we're looking for squids ranked around A+ to S+ who can use Teamspeak 3 during matches. We're especially looking for more mature Squids who can play around 7PM to 9PM in UCT -8 for North American Squids and UTC +2 for Euro Squids. We're especially on the lookout for Squids who main Chargers at the moment however this is subject to change.

    If you're interested please contact me, Kat, Squid Squad resident manager and soul consumer on Skype at 'funkyflump'. You can also add my NNID, 'funkyflump'. Or just pop into our Teamspeak 3 server at ieatsouls.squids.net:2333


    Handy Dandy Links

    Google Forms
    Make those signups 10x easier by designing an application form you can feed into a spread sheet.

    Teamspeak 3
    If you're serious about teams, TS3 is the premier voice comms client for eSports.

    Time & Date
    Calculate your time in any time zone! UTC to IST and many more.


    Thanks for reading. As always let me know if I made a mistake, with these long and complicated posts I often do. xoxox

    #1 Kat, Aug 6, 2015
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2015
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