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Is is just me or is Kensa Sloshing Machine really strong?

Discussion in 'Competitive Discussion' started by NekoBlast, Jan 30, 2019.

  1. NekoBlast

    NekoBlast Inkling

    Jan 2, 2019
    Likes Received:
    According to https://www.splatmeta.ink/xrank Kenso Sloshing Machine is one of the most used weapons in ranked mode, so I decide to try it out.

    After a few hours with this weapon, I come to the conclusion that this weapon is OP.

    It feels like this weapon is so powerful in so many aspects:

    Range: More than 3 grids in training ground. Out ranges most of the slayer weapons. Only to be matched with long range support-ish weapons such as Splattershot Pro/ Range Blaseter/ Custom Dualie Squeachers.

    Kill Power: Two shot kill if one of them is a direct hit, otherwise 3. The thing that makes it op is the huge projectile hit box for indirect hit. Try it out, and you will see. It is as big as (if not bigger than) a vertical swing from a Splat Roller. TTK is not as fast as the real slayer weapons, but it is really hard to lose a close range dual.

    Painting Power: I believe this is supposed to be the weak spot of sloshing machines. But Fizzy Bombs... They paint such a large area with so little ink, plus it can be thrown quite some distance.

    Utility: What can I say? It is a slosher. Just spam shots over that ramp and watch for assists. Especially stronger on maps like Humpback
  2. The Salamander King

    The Salamander King Inkling Fleet Admiral

    Jun 23, 2016
    Likes Received:
    Switch Friend Code:
    Ever since Thatsrb2DUDE's video came out, there have been a lot of misconceptions on Machine. and being a Machine player since Splat 1, I'd like to clear some up.

    The Kensa Machine is very very good. Too good might be pushing it, but there's no doubt that it's one of the strongest weapons in the game right now. I feel safe in saying everyone agrees with me there. The problem that I see with most of those people is that they don't know the real reason why.

    The Fizzy Bomb carries the KMachine. It is probably the best sub in the game. It paints well, kills well, can be thrown twice (with enough Sub Saver) and is very synergistic with the Machine's main weapon. Most of the kills I get with the KMachine come, at least partly, from the Fizzy bomb. As for the other third of the kit, Splashdown is.... Well, Splashdown. When it works, it works well, easily combo-ing with the Machine's shots. When it doesn't, you get shot out of the air with it and die.

    So what makes the KMachine so good? Contrary to popular belief, the main weapon is completely fine balance-wise. It has a decent AOE, but it kills very slowly with 3 shots and doesn't have enough range to not get killed by the TTek it was shooting at. Unless YOU are doing something wrong, you will almost always (at least) trade with a Machine at close range because of the 2-shot requirement, and especially with 3. The Splashdown is also completely fine. Most good players have learned how to either shoot it down or escape in time. The Fizzy bomb is what is too powerful.

    Don't believe me? Have you ever wondered why the Machine with Splashdown (commonly considered one of the worst specials) is being used over the one with Stingray (commonly considered one of the best specials), especially when Ray probably fits the Machine's "Constant pressure at mid-long range" style better? Why hasn't anyone complained about Machine until now? It's because the one with Splashdown also has Fizzy. The Fizzy as it is is too strong on a main weapon like Machine. If something like Rapid or Range Blaster got Fizzy, the exact same things would be said about them.

    So yeah. Just wanted to clear some stuff up.
  3. Rydude

    Rydude Inkling

    Jan 19, 2018
    Likes Received:
    Switch Friend Code:
    Nerfing the sloshing machine is the worst way to go. If the weapon was truly overpowered, we would have seen people complaining about it since launch. However, that is not the case. I think the right way to go about this is to balance the fizzy bomb. It paints so well and is an incredible combo tool.
  4. _Alex_

    _Alex_ Inkster Jr.

    Dec 16, 2018
    Likes Received:
    Switch Friend Code:
    kensa sloshine is the king of chip damage. massive *** hitboxes, fizzy painting a **** ton and completely disrupts an opponent with the explosion damage, and splashdown to top it all off which can deal damage from longer ranges from the circle further adding to the amount of chip this weapon can deal. I have seen some people complaining about the machine from launch, but the weapon was held back by its more supportive kits to ever become too big of an issue. but the fact its kit is able to wear opponents down enough to finish them off with a massive hitbox is why people are clamoring for a hitbox nerf. fizzy is the upmost priority to balance, but the whole weapon is just built for performing one deed super well

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