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Looking for 1x1 roleplay or small group *hi I'm new to this*


Aug 27, 2018
United States
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When it comes to roleplaying, I can tell you I have some experience, but when it comes to roleplaying on squidboards, I have no experience haha.

Hello inklings and octolings of all types, I'm Meshani and I'm a mess when it comes to introducing myself. If you can't tell, I here to roleplay! But as I looked through the RP forms I noticed one thing. Roleplay on the forms are a little different from what I'm used to haha.

Preferably, I like to keep my roleplay group toast small close knit group to between 2-4 partners, that is, if I'm doing a group. But I prefer one on one roleplays, for me they're less confusing. Not to mention I'm more of a literate person so I like to respond in paragraphs instead of just one sentence replies, and I prefer story telling in the third person. So if this fits you or your friends then maybe, just maybe, you might have a new roleplay partner.

Also, this would be my first time roleplaying with octolings and inklings, so I might not know my stuff! I would usually roleplay not fandom base roleplay so I more used to that, and I prefer making up my own characters rather than using an already preexisting character from canon. So keep that in mind too! But other than that feel free to hit me up! Thank you for your time!

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