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Looking for group to join!


Feb 20, 2022
Switch Friend Code
IGN: Sharky
Age: 28
VC: English Mains: Dark Tetra, Clash Blaster, and Dapple Dualies
Splatoon 3 Rank: S
Role: Frontline (lemme git all up in their face)
VC/Call Outs: Still learning S3 callouts lingo, but can tell when a flank is happening or identifying enemy positions.
Experience: A little but thats why I need a team. I've got 1000+ hours banked in total across all three games.
Availability: 10pm-12am est (on weekdays) 3pm-3am est (on weekdays and days off)
Timezone: EST
Division: 9
I'm part of a group now but we don't often play together. I've been apart of the group since June 2022 and we've only participated in one tournament and have played league maybe twice. Don't get me wrong. I still like them and Im not leaving their discord server, but I need a team that is more consistent in playing online, like once a week. Preferably an 18+ group that is not overly competitive and does not have a history of bad sportsmanship, but does offer positive constructive criticism. Feel free to PM me! Thanks!


May 11, 2023
Switch Friend Code
You can join my Discord if you’d want. I’m also a frontline (Inkbrush). I’m currently S and play pretty consistently. I will say I do get quite frustrated when I get destroyed though lol. Working on my sportsmanship however. No pressure :)


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