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Marina as an antagonist in Side Order


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May 4, 2023
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I made this post on my Tumblr a while back, and I remembered that I had a Squidboards acc that I hadn't touched in a while, so I'm basically just porting that post over here.

I’ve seen a lot of people saying that they don’t want Marina to be a villain in Side Order, and I felt like giving my own two cents on this.

Let’s put something straight right now: 99% of people who say that they don’t want Marina to be a villain would probably actually be fine with her being the villain. What you *actually* don’t want is for:

a. Marina to be a damsel in distress (whether that means kidnapped or mind-controlled),

b. Marina to have a stupid reason for being evil (ie. being upset about losing the Final Fest or something),

or c. Marina to just flip on a dime and start being a mustache-twirling villain out of nowhere.

I actually like the idea of Marina being a villain, if it’s done well. I like the idea of Marina feeling that the world is imperfect, and burrowing deeper into her own delusions (maybe through some sort of outside influence) and going too far by creating the Side Order world. But something that I DEFINITELY don’t want to happen is Marina betraying Pearl in any way shape or form. It’s made very clear through Marina’s Shojo manga about and love letter to Pearl that she thinks Pearl is perfect. Maybe that’s Marina’s goal: To make everything as perfect and beautiful as Pearl and what she has with her (hence the ink and environmental colors being very similar to Pearl’s ink colors.) But through some sort of virus, or other villain, Marina doesn’t realize the harm her actions are causing others, especially Pearl. Maybe that’s what happens at the climax: Pearl finally gets through to Marina about how much she loves her and the world, regardless of whether or not it’s perfect. She tells Marina that it’s all gonna be okay, as long as she’s with her.

Basically, I don’t mind Marina being the villain if it’s done well, and neither do most of you probably.

But real talk, I'm going to love the DLC no matter what they do with it as long as they show respect. Respect for the characters, story, and franchise.

And I'm pretty sure that's a given.

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