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My Prediction for the Remaining Weapon Kits of Chill Season


Oct 16, 2020
What is already known

What is not known, and is my prediction

Sniperwriter 5H: Tacti-Cooler; Curling Bomb

Firefin Splat Charger: Triple Inkstrike; Splash Wall

Big Swig Roller: Ink Vac; Squid Beacon

Krak-On Splat Roller: Crab Tank; Autobomb

Splattershot Nova: Killer Whale 5.1; Point Sensor

Forge Pro: Booyah Bomb; Suction Bomb

TTek: Inkjet; Splat Bomb

Zink Mini Splatling: Big Bubbler; Toxic Mist

Dapples Nouveau: Reef Slider; Torpedo

Inkbrush Nouveau: Ultra Stamp; Ink Mine

Luna Blaster Neo: Inkstorm; Fizzy Bomb

Undercover Sorella Brella: Wave Breaker; Burst Bomb

*Tenta Missiles & Tri-Zooka will be left-out in this Season of weapon kits in this prediction*

Dapple Dualies Nouveau Kit Revamp Proposal: Inkzooka; (not used from the initial prediction, replaces Reef-Slider) Torpedo

Alternate Luna Blaster Neo Kit: Tenta Missiles; (not used from the initial prediction, replaces Inkstorm that was first-guessed) Fizzy Bomb
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