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Pie's Shnasty Tournaments

Pie's Shnasty Tournaments
Posted by Ansible
Friday, May 14, 2021 - 04:00 PM
Until: Friday, May 14, 2021 - 11:59 PM
(Adjusted for timezone: America/New_York)

Upcoming dates
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Squid Savior From the Future
Community Ambassador
Feb 3, 2016
Pie's Shnasty Tournaments

Are you tired of using the same weapons over and over again? Are you tired of tournaments that make sense? Well, luckily for you, Pie's Shnasty Tournaments has your back!

In this brand new tournament, not only are the maps and modes predetermined, but so are the comps! Some comps will be normal, but some comps will be schnasty. Both teams will play the same comp, so it will be fair guaranteed!

And, the winner of the tournament will get one free shnasty drawing done by Pie himself! (he isn't an artist)

So, what are you waiting for? Grab some friends, join us May 14 at 4 PM EST, and prepare to get shnasty!

Date: May 14, 4 PM EST
Format: 6 Round Swiss (play all 3)
Shnasty: Yes

Server: https://discord.gg/KSXTq7Ntz4
Battlefy: https://battlefy.com/pies-shnasty-tournaments/pies-shnasty-tournaments/608ddfd9c2a5fa119d11ffd8/info

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