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Poll: Returning Splatoon 1 Weapons!

Which missing weapon from Splatoon 1 do you want to return the most?

  • Hydra Splatling

    Votes: 49 44.1%
  • Range Blaster

    Votes: 24 21.6%
  • Bamboozler

    Votes: 38 34.2%

  • Total voters
Greetings, squids and/or kids! As of today, the Rapid Blaster Pro is returning! But what of the three weapons that remain left behind? The Hydra Splatling, Range Blaster, and Bamboozler are all waiting in the wings.

Did you have one of these great weapons as your main, or are you interested in picking them up? Vote for your favorite and tell us your thoughts!

Until next time, don't get cooked, staaaay fresh! Wait, that's not how it goes...


Okay, the bamboo is out now, so you can start voting for the range blaster.
I dunno where you saw this, but I'm stoked to play my dorky short range two-hit-kill sniper again.

That said, I can't wait to see how many Salmonids the Hydra can plow through when it's fully charged and gets its 35 damage/bullet boost.

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