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Potential Pixel Art Clean Up or Coloring...Interest?

Would you be interested in such a service?

  • Yes, and I'd even throw in a lil' donation!

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  • Yes, but I wouldn't be able/willing to make a donation.

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  • No, that's a stupid idea.

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  • No, I do my own work and wouldn't want someone else messing with it.

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kunoichi squid

Inkling Cadet
Apr 23, 2015
You all may remember my brother was the one who did pixel art montages and drawings on Miiverse. Well, he's found an idea and wants to gauge interest here (since this is where I posted most of his montages as well as on my Deviant Art account). So he was wondering, since for whatever odd reason our drawings won't show up on Splatoon 2, if anyone would be interested in him cleaning up their drawings and maybe coloring them for a small, freewill donation. He'd also give them back to you to use on your own DA account or wherever you'd like to post them, etc.

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