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Sendou Articles


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Jan 30, 2024
Ohio, USA
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This is the thing I'm talking about: https://sendou.ink/a
I really like the idea of a newsletter about competitive Splatoon, and if there ever was a place to have it, Sendou is a great place for it. But it hasn't been used since September, which makes me disappointed. I don't know if any Sendou volunteers or Sendou himself uses this forum or will see this, but I think it would be cool if they made more articles on the site.


Senior Squid
Jan 30, 2024
Wow, I haven't thought about this before, but now that I am seeing it I have to enthusiastically agree-- this would be fantastic if it was active again, or something similar.

In another thread a while back we discussed what content we'd like to see from Splatoon content creators and it was brought up that there's kind of a void where anything related to tournament journalism/reporting could be. Most of that was suggested in the form of tournament highlight/summary videos, but I'd really appreciate written recap articles like this too, and I'm sure they're a bit easier to create and put out there than entire videos.

The more I think about it, the more I wonder why the community seems to have such a lack of coverage of its events beyond the (honestly, fantastically produced) livestreams when they are happening in real-time. Am I just missing something? The only production I know of that is doing any kind of post-tournament coverage like this is The Popcast, which caters well to the podcast niche, but a much broader audience might be reached by shorter form and written content. Or maybe I'm also just old and most of this news is communicated socially and casually these days rather than in any structured forms from centralized outlets, and I just haven't managed to adapt to that.

But I still feel like there's an opportunity here for someone, or a group of someones, or multiple independent someones, to fill an unmet need and get some tangible journalism/production experience, not to mention the appreciation of the comp community. With as many tournaments going on as there are, there's no shortage of things to cover, and while not essential it would be cool to see extras like comments from or even interviews with participating players and teams. I feel like this is a project I would be super excited to try to coordinate when I was a lot younger and had the time and drive and knowledge of modern technologies, hah. But maybe someone out there does have those things, and it would be so cool to see them expressed.

But yeah, to bring it back around, Sendou does feel like the most natural and fitting place for something like this. Though I certainly wouldn't discourage any independent would-be journalists from doing their own thing either.

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