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Splatfest Pokemon Grass Fire Water - Variety Team - Johnny NoMadJ SoapyBar1 Luz Noceda - Pics November 2022 - 100x Win!


Nov 30, 2022
Hi, my Splatoon nickname is Johnny and I was part of this unstoppable team I was randomly assigned to in Open Mode with 7 Wins (Variety Crew / Warriors Team, two 10x wins and a 100x win) and then my internet went out and cut me off for the rest of the night! I am posting some pics I saved in the hopes my teammates might find them in a web search to keep for their records! If any of you other Inklings or Octolings know them please send them a link! I want to say sorry I was not able to make it a 20 or 100 win streak but I did have a ton of fun!^_^


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