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Welcome to Splatoon 2 Competitive Discussion - RULES

Discussion in 'Competitive Discussion' started by Mr.HawK, Jul 31, 2017.

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  1. Mr.HawK

    Mr.HawK The Artist

    Apr 23, 2015
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    New game, new competition. As usual this will be a place for splatoon 2 meta discussion, theory crafting, idea sharing, and data analysis.

    Now for the fun stuff, RULES!
    The Squidboards staff wants this place to be a safe competitive environment, we will not tolerate those who don't follow the rules and those who disrespect each other. We heavily encourage those of you who wish to converse and learn here to take a look at the Terms of Service and Rules, Here.

    Now, I want to specifically call attention to three very important rules in terms of the competitive discussions that go here on this side of the forums. Including the spam rule listed first. We want conversations to not have to derail constantly and want people to learn easily in a safe competitive environment.

    1. No Spam

    Posts that are irrelevant to or inappropriate for the topic of discussion are considered spam, including off-topic posts/threads, posts with no substantive content, posts that simply restate things that have already been said, and posts that include questions that have already been answered. Do not attempt to bypass the minimum characters per post restriction (also known as "10char").

    Examples of specific content that is disallowed and considered "spam" include:

    • "I'm new!" posts/threads (except in the Welcome Center forum) and "I'm leaving!" threads.
    • Thread titles with excessive characters/punctuation, including multiple exclamation points.
    • Threads that duplicate other recent threads (within 6 months). Before posting a new thread, use the search function to see if a similar thread already exists.
    • Threads about individual members.
    • Re-posting a post or thread that has recently been closed or deleted, or asking why a post or thread was closed or deleted. These questions should be directed to the room moderators via private message.
    • Re-posting a post/thread in multiple threads/forums may be considered spam if there isn't a specific need for doing so. Please consult a staff member before making a mass copied post or thread.
    • Posts such as "this thread is going to get closed" or "this thread is in the wrong room".
    • Multiple posts in a row. If you wish to add/modify content you have already posted, use the "edit" function.
    • Posts that are meant to "bump" threads to the top of the thread listing, especially particularly old or particularly new threads.

    Do not reply to spam. Instead, bring it to a moderator's attention by using the Report Post function.

    • Spam, Minor - 1 point, 7 days
    • Spam, Moderate - 2 points, 14 days
    • Spam, Major - 3 point, 21 days
    • Spam, Excessive - Indefinite ban
    • Double Posting - 1 points, 7 days
    2. No Flaming/Trolling

    Respect other users. Flaming (insulting, heated arguing with) other members is not allowed. Demeaning or derogatory comments based on race, religion, sexual orientation, culture, ethnicity, handicap, nationality or gender will not be tolerated. Physical threats against and repeated harassment of other members is strictly prohibited. If another user is flaming or harassing you, you should not retaliate--instead, report it to a moderator.

    Trolling (intentionally instigating trouble or provoking others through outrageous statements) is not permitted.

    • Flaming, Minor - 1 point, 7 days
    • Flaming - 2 points, 14 days
    • Trolling - 2 points, 14 days
    • Harassment - Indefinite ban, subject to administrator's discretion

    3. No Explicit Profanity or Inappropriate Material

    Squidboards strives to maintain a family-friendly site. Content that may be considered offensive is not allowed, at the discretion of the staff. Squidboards employs an automatic censor to remove some vulgar language; do not attempt to bypass the censor. Do not post content that is excessively vulgar, profane, graphic, or violent in nature. Pornography and other sexually explicit material is strictly prohibited. Nudity of all forms is also strictly prohibited. Additionally, discussion about engaging in drug and/or alcohol use is not allowed, regardless of a user's age or laws in his/her jurisdiction.

    If in doubt about whether some content is permissible under this rule, ask a moderator before posting it; posting something that you think is borderline or pushing the limits could result in your ban, so please do ask first if an image is treading a fine line.

    • Censor Dodging - 1 point, 7 days
    • Inappropriate Content, mild - 1 point, 7 days
    • Inappropriate Content, major - 3 points, 21 days
    • Pornography/Nudity/Explicit Content- Indefinite ban, subject to administrator's discretion
    We will be fairly swift about giving warnings to those who do not follow the rules. please understand that this is to establish a healthy environment for our forum members and for our community.

    The rest of the rules of the website are listed Here again for those new to the site. We want this community to grow as much as possible and you guys are the building blocks of that growth. So please respect the rules and have fun playing and learning
    Splatoon 2.

    #1 Mr.HawK, Jul 31, 2017
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2017
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