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what’s your least favorite thing in splatoon 3


Senior Squid
Jan 31, 2024
  • The fact that you can end up playing the same map 8 times in a row during a rotation is dumb
  • The narrow hallway map design is horrible and makes longer ranged weapons stronger while forcing specials to be used more often because of it
  • Shooters being the class with the most amount of kits with bombs while also receiving buffs making it clear that the devs want the whole class to always be good despite there being other weapon classes that need more help
  • The joke kits that take forever to come out leaving players hoping for the small chance of 3rd kits which may or may not happen but could still end up being awful kits anyway
  • Having Reefslider, Triple Splashdown, and Kraken Royale all in the same game making it so a lot of aggressive weapons that would have preferred one of the other 2 specials get stuck with Reefslider instead leaving other defensive weapons with the chance that they might get stuck with a special that won't synergize well with their weapon (mainly for Triple Splashdown though)
  • How long it takes to get scales and the chance of even getting gold scales at all so if you want a lot of the Salmon Run rewards you'll need to dedicate more time than you can probably afford to grinding the game
  • The balancing done to most of the weapons with low tier weapons getting buffs that don't help them in what they actually struggle in or over nerfing stronger weapons and making them feel worse to play (shooters will be fine)

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