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What are some tips and tricks for Salmon Run?

Discussion in 'Regular Discussion' started by GreenTeaTaiyaki, Feb 25, 2019.

  1. GreenTeaTaiyaki

    GreenTeaTaiyaki Inkster Jr.

    Dec 11, 2018
    Likes Received:
    I am ok at salmon run, and was wondering what are some tips and tricks for salmon run.
  2. awedry

    awedry Full Squid

    Aug 6, 2018
    Likes Received:
    Hi GreenTeaTaiyaki,

    Here's some good general ideas for Salmon Run.

    Above all, know the strengths and weaknesses of the weapon set for the rotation. For example, the next rotation features the following weapons: Splattershot Jr., Dapple Dualies, Nautilus 47, and Tenta Brella. These weapons paint quite well, with the Tenta Brella being the worst at it. Painting is important since it gives more movement options around the enemies. Damage output and fire rate are also decent, so I would expect this group to have little difficulty with Glowflies or Grillers. The Tenta Brella's launchable shield is also a plus for Glowflies. However, there are two short range weapons that will struggle to reach the Steelhead's bomb and the crates dropped from the Mothership - meaning the Nautilus and Tenta Brella need to focus on them.

    For each wave, know what Boss Salmonids you should focus on based on your weapon's capabilities. In the upcoming rotation, for example, the Jr. and Dapples should focus on the Stingers when they spawn since they can reach the shoreline more quickly, and the Nautilus should focus on Steelheads because of its range.

    Next most important, know the geography of the five Salmon Run maps. You will want to know multiple routes back to the basket if any are closed off due to enemies being in the way, as well as any walls that can be inked and climbed. This is especially important at high tide when space is limited. Related to this, be aware of which teammates are down and be watchful for "Help!" cries from them. At higher intensity, things can go badly very quickly if teammates remain down for too long.

    At higher quotas in Profreshional difficulty, it's essential to lure certain Boss Salmonids closer to the egg basket, such as Maws, Scrappers, and Steel Eels. If they are defeated too far from the basket, it will take too much time to bring their eggs back - and the Snatchers will just steal them anyway. Luring enemies is especially important on maps like Marooner's Bay and Ruins of Ark Polaris. Generally speaking, you will really only want to go to the shoreline to defeat Stingers (more on this below).

    In my opinion, Stingers, Flyfish, and Drizzlers are the most dangerous Boss Salmonids because of the accumulating damage from the ray, missiles, and rain respectively. This damage can splat your team quickly if these enemies are allowed to survive for too long, and they can make charging-type weapons unplayable. All other factors being equal, defeating these enemies should be prioritized. In higher intensities though, it may not be practical to defeat both sides of a Flyfish. In this case, destroying just one of its launchers will reduce the number of missiles fired. Since only three of any given Boss Salmonid can spawn at once, leaving a damaged Flyfish alive will prevent a new Flyfish from taking its place.

    Some other specific tips:
    Using Sting Ray on the Mothership as it's coming in will drop many eggs. If it's your special, use it on the Mothership as it approaches at approximately 68 seconds left... just be aware of any nearby enemies first. Sting Ray can also defeat a Flyfish by aiming at its center (Salmonid part), and firing the Explosher or Inkjet into a Flyfish's launchers will destroy them as well.

    For Goldie Seeking, it's crucial to open gushers that are furthest from the basket first. Opening them haphazardly will spawn too many enemies that will be a problem when the Goldie is actually found. Note that the height of the gusher is a general clue about the Goldie's location - the higher the gusher is, the closer the Goldie's hiding spot is to that gusher.

    For Cohock Charge (cannons), teams should work to have two people in the cannons and two people ferrying eggs to the basket. Generally the slower weapons (e.g. Chargers, Hydra Splatling) should use cannons while faster weapons (shooters, dualies) should get eggs. Also the advice about luring Boss Salmonids closer to the basket applies here also. Note that the cannons can destroy a Flyfish's launchers with a well-aimed shot.

    For Glowflies (Rush), everyone needs to stay close to the basket to succeed. Be careful not to stand in such a way to block your teammate's shots as the enemies swarm. If there is a strong roller in the weapon set, such as the Dynamo, you can simply stand still with the roller on the floor and the enemies will run into it and die. Do not stray too far to collect eggs, there will always be more Goldies coming in. Quota should never be a problem for this wave.

    For Grillers, understand their movement patterns when they pursue the player marked by the red laser. That player should stand on a higher platform fairly close to the basket. This is so that the Griller's movement can be predicted by all players and thus easily stunned and taken down. If you are targeted, do not move around wildly as this will likely steer the Griller into your teammates. Weapons such as rollers and sloshers are effective at dealing with the Smallfry, while shooters, blasters, and especially splatlings are good at stunning and defeating the Grillers.

    Finally, do not take unnecessary risks just to get an extra egg once quota has been met.

    I'm sure I missed some stuff, but happy Salmoning! I'll see you at the squid party by the basket after wave three. :)

    #2 awedry, Feb 25, 2019
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2019
  3. calamaro

    calamaro Inkling Fleet Admiral

    Aug 4, 2016
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  4. teela

    teela Inkling

    Mar 10, 2019
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    Switch Friend Code:
    dont have as much helpful input as @awedry BUT seriously top priority is staying alive. if in the middle of the round or towards the end you're the last teammate standing, dont try to immediately rez them all. run away from the action and stay alive as long as you can. usually your teammates will either make their way towards you or huddle together so you can get em all at once. make use of your bombs or special if this is the case as well!!! its better to finish a round with only one person left than losing the entire shift!!!

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