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When Video Games Come to Life: Thread #2!

Discussion in 'Original Content' started by Puffy, May 22, 2015.

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  1. Puffy

    Puffy Senior Squid

    Apr 24, 2015
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    So this is the thread I will be posting more of the chapters on, I hope you like it! Note: the chapters are getting better!

    Chapter six: When Sonic Falls! Uh Oh...

    "THIS IS NOT QUITE THE TIME TO BE SARCASTIC, CLAIRE AND SONIC!" That one was me. We're in the middle of a huge fight between Eggman's robots. Well, actually, one ten foot tall robot. I can't exactly say it's fun... Definitely not... So, let us resume...
    "SONIC, NO!" I happened to hear Wesley say. As I turn around, I notice I was RIGHT in time, to witness Sonic falling. That can't be good...
    "AHH! I think I broke my ankle!"
    "Oh no!" Amy said, charging toward him. "Here, come on, lets go back to Chris' house. He'll know what to do! If he doesn't, Chuck will!"
    "Uh, Amy?" Let me join in here, Amy...
    "We're in the real world here, Chris and Chuck aren't here. I don't even know how Eggman found us!" I hope you understand, Amy...
    "Oh, yeah... Well, let's go to the hospital!"
    "I'll drive you. Laura, Claire, be carefull!" Wesley shouted;
    "Yes sir!" Me and Claire both said. "Knuckles, WATCH OUT!" I said, and as soon as he turned around, BAM! He dodged it.
    "Thanks, Laura!" He said, with much gratitude
    "Anytime!" I replied, truly happy I helped,
    "Laura, I have a challenge for you!" Awesome! I finally get to take my part in this fight!
    "Yes, Tails?" Maybe I shouldn't be so happy, now...
    "Jump up there, kick his head, and after you kick his head, kick his neck! It'll split the wires, and cause a electric explosion, with that causing a non-apparent reaction!" ...What now?.. "It'll make a shortage!"
    "Okay! Wait... EASY FOR YOU TO SAY, THIS THING IS LIKE, TEN FEET TALL!" He just stares at me... "Ugh, fine!" I say, swinging off the robot's arms, jumping on it's shoulders, kicking it's head, almost falling off, due to holding my foot in pain, noticing Tails' agonizing stare, kicking it's head again, kicking his neck, falling off of it, and Big catching me.; Whew! Never want to do that again! Seriously, I mean, UGH! Hmm, I'm sleepy... Wait... Amy, Wesley, and Sonic should be back by now... Where are they? Oh, here they come now! Yayy! And once again, the day is saved, by the POWERPUFF GIRLS!!! Oh wait...
    "Laura? Laura! Laura?!" Wesley, don't interrupt my thoughts!
    "Ughhhh whaaaaaattt???" That right there? Oh, that's my ever-so-clever response. You can thank me RIGHT NOW!
    "Uhmm, we're standing in the middle of a battlefield, with a dead robot... Now do you see?" I THINK Wesley may have a point...
    "I THINK Wesley may have a point..." That was creepy, Claire...
    "Claire, I would really like to know your mind reading sectret!" What!? I would!
    "Uhh, okay... Make a bestest best friend... That's it!" Claire's response was nice and heartwarming.
    "Mmkay, I'll remember that! Thanks! Oh, but ONE problem... I already have a bestest best friend!"
    "Aww, sweet!" You're welcome, Claire, you're welcome...
    "Sometimes I wish I had a GUY friend to hang with... Oh wait, I wish that ALWAYS!"
    "Aww, cheer up, Wessy Wessy, youw find a wittle bwofer to pway wiff!"
    "That just proved my point, THAT MUCH MORE, Laura!" Whatever...
    "Whatever, I want to go home, because I'm TIRED!!!"~me,
    "Me too!"~Claire,
    "Me three!"~Amy,
    "Oh, me fourrrr!"~Sonic,
    "Man, me five!"~Tails,
    "Yeah, me too..."~Knuckles; *Everyone stares at him* "Okay, okay! Me, uhh, what were we on? Uhh *mumbles* oh! Oh, oh, oh, okay, me six then."~Still Knuckles,
    "Me seven!"~Big,
    "OKAY! WE CAN GO HOME! Everyone who can fit, go ahead and get in the car, anyone who can't, eather run, fly, or uhh.. Ride on top of the car? Uhh, Big can get in the car, of course Laura and Claire can, Sonic can, Uhh, Knuckles can ride on top, holding on to the bike rack thing, and Amy can run, and Tails can fly. Just... Get home somehow..." *We get home*
    "Ahh, I'm going to bed... Amy, Cream, and Cheese, you can sleep in my room, Big, and Froggy, you can sleep in Claire's room, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, you can sleep in Wesley's room. The Ray Gang has the living room. Now goodnight!" I dash up to my room, Amy, Cream, and Cheese beating me of course, and I lay down in bed, trying to sleep. I turn on my radio to sooth me, and I listen, and listen, and listen, when I hear what sounds like an airplane, except not as loud, landing in the living room! I hear a bunch of high pitched voices, a medium voice, and a low voice freaking out downstairs.
    "COMING, RAY!" As soon as I get down there, I'm so... Suprised... I can't explain the feeling I'm getting! I'm so, w-w-what do I do?! WHAT DO I DO?! It's... IT'S! It's


    Chapter seven: When Fighting isn't Enough

    (A/N Sorry if I switch between writing styles (From "I don't know what to do! "Guys, what should I do?!"", to "Laura didn't know what to do. Everything was confusing at the moment. "Guys, what should I do?!"".), but I guess sometimes, that can make it more fun and creative! Enjoy~)
    Laura's POV,',",',"
    I went downstairs to find... ANOTHER EGGBOT?! But Sonic's unable to fight! What now?! "Ray, don't!" Close call. Thanks, Wesley.
    "Slinging your fist into the robot will only hurt your hand!" Thank you, too, Claire.
    "We need to find a strategy for this!" I could hardly hear my own words over the noise of that robot.
    "We have to help this time!"
    "Okay, but don't hurt yourself. ..thanks, Ray.." Think, think, think... okay, maybe I can do what Tails made me do last time... wait, he's got spikes on his head! Eufgh, I don't even want to think about that... okay, uhmmm... have Amy and Knuckles run and trip him, and... Big from behind to come and push him to the ground that much harder... "TAILS!"
    "Coming!" Okay.
    "Here's what I think we should do... " After I get done telling him my plan, I notice a crystal at the top of the robot.
    "Wait! I'll help. I spend too much battles just watching in awe. let me help." Cream spoke up from behind. Me and Tails glance at each other.
    "Okay, you go and snatch the crystal from the top of the robot as everyone else is working. Just... be careful.." Please don't think I don't trust you, please don't think I don't trust you!..
    "Got it!" And she flew away. YES!
    "It's working, it's working..!.." When the worst thing happens. THE EGGBOT KNOCKED ONE OF OUR PICTURES OFF THE WALL. Okay, that can be fixed... "Okay, Cream... Come on, you can do it..." She's flying over there... Suddenly,
    "NOOOOOOO! No; oh no..." Claire's the one that screamed, me and Tails just hugged each other.. Cream got caught underneath the robot... we can't even see her...
    "No..." I mumbled. I honestly think that was all I was capable of saying... How could this happen?.. How could it really happen?.. No movement.. nothing. "Well.. come on! We need to lift the robot up! She has to be okay! This... is all my fault... Come on.." I tried to lift the robot. The stupid thing never would have moved if it weren't for Wesley Claire and the others.. I was too weak, and shaky.
    "Here she is!" Knuckles appeared holding Cream.
    "She's not moving.. Is she breathing? Is she?!" ..Something tells me having to wait this long isn't a good thing..
    "She's... she's not breathing..." There she was.. lying there still, the crystal in her hand... She was willing to die for her one task...
    "This is all my fault..." Then everyone looked at me, still with a deathly silence in the air, then
    "Way to go, Laura."
    "I don't think it actually was, Ray. And besides, I don't think those are the right words to say, now." Thanks, Glo.
    "Okay, uhmm, CPR, think, Laura! Okay, thirty pumps, two breaths, thirty pumps, two breaths." So there I was, performing CPR on Cream. Sonic and Amy have yet to have said anything, to anyone. Big was talking to Tails, and Knuckles was talking to Wesley. What have I done?
    "...Laura? Laura!"- Oh, Tails is talking to me. -"remember, this wasn't your fault. None of it was."
    "Thanks Tails. I think I've got her heart pumping harder. CALL AN AMBULANCE!" So there Amy goes, calling the ambulance. I just hope they get here in time..
    There Cream goes, in the ambulance.. Everyone else is getting in/on/beside the car.. I hadn't even cried yet.. I couldn't.. "Well, I guess everyone's ready.. Seat belts on, guys.."
    Here we are, at the hospital now.. none of us know if she's going to make it. if Cream's going to make it... will she make it? We've all said our prayers. Now we're just waiting here. Waiting.
    "I'm going to see how it's going, if I can. Claire, come with me." I couldn't go alone.
    "..Alright.." I can't take this eerie feeling hanging in the air. Just hanging there... like it's watching us...
    "Excuse me, ma'am, is there something I can do to help you today?" The nurses seem so happy. I can't be mad at them for that.
    "Yes, we were wanting to know how our friend, Cream, is doing, and if there's anything we can do to help?"
    "Right this way, ma'am!" I have absolutely no clue where this chick is taking us. So many winding walls.. I think I just lost some mental health. "Here we are, she's in here, but don't go in yet." *Knock knock knock!*
    "Yes, what is it?" Well the nurses may seem happy, but the doctor doesn't!
    "These fine young ladies want to know how everything's going. Is everything alright?"
    "We've got her breathing again,"- Sigh of relief - "and she's on life support. There's no proof she won't make it, but there's no proof she will. X-Ray shows broken bones, and we'll need to do surgery on her left arm for it to properly recover, if, well, she can recover."
    "Is there anything we can do to help?"
    "Not at the moment. The best thing you can do to help, is let time take it's turn, and wait for her. Thank you, though."
    "No problem, thank you."
    ..Back at the waiting room..
    Here we go... "So? How is it?" At least Sonic's talking.
    "The doctor said there's no proof she won't make it,"- Sighs of relief- "but there's no proof she will. If she recovers, they'll have to do surgery on her left arm for it to recover properly." I hate to have to say that..
    "Oh. I hope she makes it.. we can't lose her.."
    "Well, I know we should stay here, but there's no point. The rest of us battled too, and we need showers and proper rest. I'll drive again." Thanks, Wesley..
    "Thanks, Wesley." I had to say it out loud, too!
    "Yeah, thanks." that was Claire, then everyone else mumble a "Thanks", or "Thank you" too.
    We're home now. We've all had showers, and we're all getting in bed.. Best thing to do tonight, and tomorrow, is act like everything's normal...


    Chapter eight: When Cooking Goes Wrong

    (A/N This was originally going to be a Thanksgiving chapter, but I didn't get around to it soon enough. At all. Enjoy anyway!)
    Laura's POV'-'-'
    "C'mon, Claire! Time to make the Turkey! This'll be fun..." I don't think this'll turn out good...
    "I KNOW HOW TO COOK A TURKEY! LET ME LET ME LET ME!!!" Who was that? That was Ray. I think maybe the fact that he's from a video game proves he doesn't REALLY know how to cook a Turkey, he just wants to.
    "Not a chance, but you can help." Claire's right. Wait. Let me say that out loud.
    "Claire's right. Sorry, Ray."
    "Let's get started. First, lets get the turkey out." Duh, Claire!
    "Good idea."
    "I know, right?" Was she really serious? Okay, whatever.
    "Here, let me have it. We have to, you know... uh... we have to... Putting it in the oven would be cool." Can't make fun of her now, can you Laura? "Put it in the oven, Ray!" Orders like a boss... literally! Because... Bosses give orders.. Hahahoo... Ha... Don't look at me like that!
    "Okay, so we have to bake it for... forty minutes."
    "We sayin' GLO-E-O, E-O-E-O." Yep. My sense of humor is RAAAANDOMNESS.
    "What. Was. That?" Gosh...
    "A song..."
    "Okay, well... yeah."
    "Bet ya didn't see that coming!" Dear Claire; was that necessary? No, I don't think so. ~Love, Laura.
    "You have bees in your brain, Claire." (A/N, yes, Warriors joke, you'll probably be seeing a lot of those.)
    "Whatever.." I wonder how the turkey's doing..?
    "Ray, how's the turkey doing?" ...Ten second wait...
    "Doesn't look like it's cooking..."
    "Let me see." I scooted him over and notice he's right. Why?..
    "Ray... did you turn the oven ..wait for it.. ON?!" ..And..
    "Ooohhh... how do you do that?" Wow.
    "Ray sometimes forgets the simplest things." Glo said as he turned the oven on.
    "Thanks, Glo."
    "Anytime." I wonder how Cream is doing? No, don't think about that. We'll visit her when the doctor calls. Not now. Back to.. back to other stuff.
    "Laura?" Oh. I had been staring at nothing that whole time...
    "Yeeesss?.." I don't even know who asked that.. is that bad?
    "The salad's done."
    "Yeah, alright." I finally find who that was coming from: Knuckles. Knuckles?! They actually got him to help with COOKING?! Eh, I guess no one's made of stone or anything.
    "Okay, great, thanks."
    "Hey, Laura?"
    "Can... can I talk with you for a moment?" Uh oh.. Extra 'Uh oh' for the fact it's with Knuckles...
    "Ehh - sure.." So here we are, a private room...
    "I... I know we're supposed to not think about it until the doctor calls, but..."- Now I know what the question's going to be about... -"What... why do you always say it's your fault Cream got hurt?" ... "I- I'm sorry. I should have just left it alone. We c-can go now, sorry." He feels bad. Now I do too.
    "No, no, it's fine, I just... I made a strategy in my head, about what to do, and I told Tails, and then Cream said she wanted to help, so me and Tails decided she could get the crystal from the Eggbot's head, and, well... the thing is, Tails didn't really decide, I... I did... and so it was my fault... I-... I'm sorry..." He's just staring at me... What's he thinking right now?.. He's moving..! He's... Hugging me? He's.. not mad? "You're not mad?"
    "Of course not. You didn't do anything, and I know that." I... can't.. I c-can't believe how understanding he is, it's like...
    "Thank you, Knuckles. Thanks..."
    "No problem." TURKEY!
    "Oh my gosh, the turkey!" It's been over forty minutes! Come on!" I didn't have time to hear what Knuckles said, I was too focused on the house not burning down. "CLAIRE!! CLAAAIIIRREE!"
    "THE TURKEY, CLAIRE, THE TURKEY!" When I got down there, nothing was on fire, but the turkey was SUPER burnt. We're going to get so much complaints from the others! "Aaahh, okay, uhmmm... Take it out, and... set it on this!" It's a cutting board. Yes, that's the best I could think of. "Now, DINNER'S READYYYYYY!!!" I hear the stomping feet! "OKAY, TAKE YOUR SEATS!"
    "What's that supposed to be?!" Wow, thanks, Amy.
    "Eeeghh, would you be mad if I said turkey..?"
    "Just because it's black on the top...and bottom... doesn't mean it's not a turkey!" Yeah, I know, bad cook, whatever... "Eat up!!" They ate anyway. I actually got a "not bad" from someone! Not sure who, though. Anyway, it's night time, no call from the doctor, and we have to go to bed. "GOOD NIIIIGHHTTT!!!" I didn't even wait to hear who'd reply before running upstairs and jumping in bed. Dreams were just a moment away...

    Same as last time goes here, too. If there are three comments saying they like these chapters, I'll post some more. Also, sorry about there only being three chapters, that's all that I could fit. :p
  2. <π.

    <π. Inkling Cadet

    May 16, 2015
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    Puffy; while I am interested in your work. I'd like to see you continue the story in the original thread you made for it. That way people who are subscribed to it know when you update and it helps keep the Original Content thread clean of clutter.
    I'm going to lock this, but You can update the first post in the other thread new chapters.
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