A beginner's guide to Range Blaster!

A beginner's guide to Range Blaster!

General Description:
Range Blaster is probably the blaster with the highest weaknesses, but greatest strengths. It's large blasts are designed to hit at a distance and around corners and walls. It also has a hard-to-hit one-shot that requires a lot of skill to learn, and much more to master. It's a very slow weapon, even for being Middleweight, and can only shoot 9 times before having to refill.

Start by trying to only hit the indirects, learn your range, and try to hit people around corners, this will help you learn it's effective range. Build the habit to jump before shooting to keep your movement to stay as quick as you can, but remember that jumping shots are unreliable, so try to use grounded shots when you need accuracy.

Start to try to go for directs, both at your effective range and at short range. Blaster directs have a very similar learning curve to chargers, so it's gonna take a lot of time to get good with them. Make sure to help your teammates in battle, as your 50-70 Damage could help immensely in fights. Use walls and terrain, and try to get as many objects between you and whoever you're fighting as possible.

Once you start to get good at hitting directs, it's time to start positioning more aggressively, so you're in spots where the enemy team has to spend resources getting rid of you. Make sure you can still retreat in those positions, though. Don't be afraid to go for directs in a bad situation, cause that can instantly flip a battle in your favor, and... it's satisfying.

Kit Stratigies:
Vanilla Kit: Suction Wave Breaker
Use Suction Bomb to stop enemies from approaching you, and as instant object damage against things like the rainmaker shield and specials.
Use wave breaker to control a large area and for an extra ink-tank refill. Pro tip: Throwing the wave breaker midair allows you to shoot 1 midair shot with no Jump RNG! The wave only does 45 damage, so on it's own it doesn't provide much displacement, but it combos very well with your normal shot, so it makes kills very easy.

Gear: Obvously, swim speed helps your slow movement, and Quick Super jump, just a sub or two allows you to escape danger by jumping to a Teammate.
Ink Saver main if you want higher uptime, ink saver sub if you use your sub weapon a lot, and Ink recovery if you want to reduce your downtime.
Stealth Jump is extremely useful if you don't want to be camped from a distance, and quick respawn/comeback if you position extremely aggressively.
If you want to position more passively and move better, you can run intensify action. If you don't have a lot of gear freedom, run about 3 subs, as this affects jump RNG massively, and if you are willing to spend it, add a main of Intencify Action for consistent jump shots.

hey, I'm not the best player in the world at range blaster! If you have extra tips, add it in the comments, and especially help with range in team play, as I'm not the best at that either.
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