A casuals guide to the Vroller

A casuals guide to the Vroller

All data and numbers are from Inkipedia, so if anything's wrong, blame them

The Splat Roller (Vroller) is a weapon with 2 firing modes. the horizontal flick, which hits a 30-ish degree angle in front of you and takes 21 frames to fire, and the vertical flick, accessed by jumping, sending a long line of ink in front of you after 26 frames. The calling card for the Vroller, and the entire roller class, is its OHKO hit box, which, while inconsistent, is a very useful tool for getting splats. You can also hold the fire button down to roll with it. Don't do that. The Vroller can fire 11 times before needing to refill ink, and has an OHKO range of 7.2 units for horizontal and 8.2 for vertical.

Curling Bomb:
Because of Vrollers poor paint output, curling bomb is essential to getting around the map. It takes 65% of your ink tank to throw one. While you can charge it to make it go closer, there is never a reason to, as it is slower than a horizontal flick and is extremely precise

Big Bubbler:
A large shield that is very helpful for maintaining an area. It has 2400 HP, as well as having a squid beacon inside. It is best placed on/near the objective, especially on the tower. It is also well placed in chokepoints while your on the defense. Make sure you never place it beneath any sort of overhang, like the grates on Mincemeat, as the bubble will be shrank and weaker than normal

The Vroller typically plays like an assassin, So Ninja Squid is almost always essential, also taking 2 mains and 2 subs worth of swim speed, so lots of swim speed is also recommended. Another potential shirt ability for newer roller players is Haunt, as you will be dying a lot, and the respawn punisher effect is helpful. Quick respawn is also helpful to try and jump to a bubbler you placed just before dying. Stealth jump is also commonly used

Since Vroller is an assassin weapon, need a lot of ink on the ground so that you can get in range faster without the opponent noticing. Because Vroller doesn't have good paint, you will need to rely on your teammates for this. On tower control, placing the Bubbler on tower is typically a very effective strategy, as they have to break the bubble to contest. Using the vertical flick, you can "Shark" on ledges, killing people on top of the ledge while staying on the bottom. this is especially useful on bowl stages like Scorch Gorge or Humpback. Since Curling bombs are a predictable movement option, its possible to bait people into shooting it, even if you didn't follow. If you do this, however, you can't miss your shots, as you will run out of ink much faster. One of the most important things to keep in mind is spacing. Because the OHKO hitbox is somewhat small, and if you start a flick while in a weapons range, most can kill you before you do.

As you might imagine, the melee weapon does not do well against long ranged chargers and splatlings. Brellas are also difficult, as their shield can tank multiple flings. Instead, Vroller is good at splatting blasters, splatanas, brushes, and even short ranged shooters if you have enough turf painted.
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