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An Octobrush MiniGuide

An experienced octobrush main gives her insights about this weapon!

  1. Moonshoes
    Hey kids/squids! Welcome! This is my opportunity to educate those who want to learn how to effectively use the octobrush, a weapon that's underestimated in ranked. This miniguide would cover the basics (the main, the sub, and special), its uses in each ranked mode, and other tidbits of information. I would love some feedback, as I'm new to creating a guide.

    Let's (super)jump right in!

    The Weapon
    The octobrush is NOT a roller. While it often gets classified as a roller, I personally believe that the brushes should have their own class. Their fighting style is similar, but what contrasts the brushes and rollers is the time to kill. The roller and brushes have different situations in which they can splat other inklings: rollers slam down onto you, while brushes slap you to death. Not to mention, you never really "roll" with the brush unless it's to create getaways when stuck in too much ink.

    What's so great about the octobrush is that it acts like a roller, so I'm sure experienced roller players can do well with this weapon. But, I highly recommend testing out the weapon before heading into battle to get a feel for range and mobility in ink and when you attack.

    The Play Style
    The octobrush's main play style could be defined as offensive support. But what does that mean? Offensive can be playing like a shark, on the move to splat whoever's in sight, but doing so discreetly so that you don't get a trade in the process. Support is lying low and waiting for the kill, or perhaps hiding behind some obstacles to provide your allies a superjump point that's away from the action.

    Stealth and patience is key. That doesn't necessarily mean run ninja squid. Stealth and patience go hand in hand: you would need to know that it's perfectly okay to observe your surroundings and figure a course of action of how to splat rather than going in guns a-blazing.

    This weapon allows you to play many roles in a game where it needs to be fit. Most importantly, however, the octobrush is a great weapon to be constantly focusing on the objective. I'll get to that in a moment.

    The Sub and the Special
    The sub on the octobrush is the beacon. This sub is so underused and is so crucial to making a push, staying on the defense, and providing recovery from wipeouts. The beacons should be placed in spots away from the action, such as behind crates in Walleye Warehouse, or before the steep incline in Arowana Mall, or behind some walls in Flounder Heights, those to name a few. That way, your allies can return to the fight in half the time or greater.

    The special is a kraken, and that's what makes the weapon very offensive. While you can pop your kraken to save your hide, this special can help you in sneak attacks or creating a push or making a stand on the objective. It works great with an echolocator so be sure to save it for that for a stronger push.

    The Objectives
    In ranked, there is a plethora of things for the octobrush to be doing. As an excellent coverage weapon, you can create opportunities for pushes in rainmaker, or keeping the splat zone counter counting, and splat those whoever approach the tower. Heck, you can hope on the tower yourself with a kraken at hand!

    Because this weapon can create so much coverage, this is also a great objective to work on if you notice on your gamepad that there's not a lot of your ink on the ground.

    There are many gear opportunities for you to experiment on, so I'll give you a few suggestions on gear sets to run and just the bare necessities if you don't have too much to go on.

    I first recommend Ink Resistance. With your elegant, swift movements, Ink Resistance provides better movement. Swim Speed is also excellent for your mobility as well as your kraken. In regards to the kraken, I also recommend Special Duration to survive, get more distance, or have more time to retreat to cover in case you're vulnerable.

    If you're also starting out fresh, I also recommend Damage Up so you get used to the range available. Then, start to ween down the amount of Damage Up you equip, as I found that you don't always need it to get the splats.

    Note, these sets also construct the way you play. If you're running ninja squid, for instance, it might not be a good idea to carry the rainmaker

    Set #1: All Out Attacker
    • Damage Up
    • Swim Speed
    • Special Duration/Special Charge
    This set is designed to hunt and splat, hunt and splat. If you love to be on the offense getting all of the splats, this might be the way to go

    Set #2: The Luna Blaster Wannabe
    • Quick Respawn
    • Quick Superjump
    • Swim Speed
    You're like that luna blaster that just never dies. I also recommend this for beginners who trade a lot.

    Set #3: Silent as a Ninja
    • Ninja Squid
    • Damage Up
    • Special Duration Up
    This one is also set to kill. Ninja squid provides better stealth but at the cost of your swim speed.

    Set #4: All Around Support
    • Ink Recovery
    • Swim Speed
    • Ink Saver Main
    • Special Duration
    My personal favorite; it covers everything and it allows me to stay around longer without running out of ink to fling. It's also a good one to run for rainmaker, especially with a lot of swim speed.

    Set #5: All About that Kraken
    • Swim Speed
    • Special Charge
    • Special Duration
    If you love and adore the kraken, then go with this set. The octobrush is very efficient at charging up a special

    If you have any other set suggestions, I would love to hear them! Leave a comment/review and I'll give proper credit.

    Stage Recommendations
    These recommendations are from my personal experience, as equipping the octobrush for these stages in any mode always brings me success.

    • Urchin Underpass (so much swim room and good beacon placements)
    • Walleye Warehouse (great stage all around)
    • Blackbelly Skatepark (small, compacted, constantly swimming into others for quick splats)
    • Ancho-V Games (good mobility all around)
    • Museum d'Alfonsino (easy to attack and move away at a safe distance)
    • Piranha Pit (the conveyor belts)
    • Kelp Dome (lots of room to hide in ink)

    • Camp Triggerfish (not enough range to attack in some areas like in Tower Control, but good beacon placements)
    • Hammerhead Bridge (the bridge itself is disadvantageous, but still good mobility on the ground)
    • Arowana Mall (sneak attacks a plenty, but difficult to recover from the opponents' pushes)
    • Mahi Mahi Resort (the water... *shudders* but enough room to swim around and splat on the ground)
    • Moray Towers (never really liked this stage, but still okay for all ranked modes)
    • Flounder Heights (the walls are difficult to paint, but once they are, then it's easier for surprise attacks)

    • Port Mackeral (those hallways...)
    • Bluefin Depot (never liked this stage, often out-maneuvered by rollers and unable to properly reach long range weapons on their perches)

    End/Final Thoughts
    So there you have it! There's not enough here, I understand that, but hopefully there is some bits of info you can go off on. The best advice that I can give to you is to practice and learn from your mistakes.

    I also appreciate any forms of criticism, as again, I'm not too experienced with making guides. I can answer questions as well if they come up.

    That's all. Hope you guys learned something new. Thanks for reading and stay fresh!

Recent Reviews

  1. Green Waffles
    Green Waffles
    Very good, the only shortcoming is that it's... well, short.
    AKA: write more =p
  2. The Meme Lord
    The Meme Lord
    This is an amazing guide, the structure, the advice, everything. As a brush main myself, all of the info in this is very accurate, being an offensive support weapon. Good job, props to you.
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