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Information and tactics for Splatoons wide array of weapons

Top Guides

  1. Burst Bombs: Applications of an Underrated Sub Weapon (V1.7) SquiddiamFancyson
    A brief look at burst bombs and their utility.
  2. S+ Octobrush Guide! by Chhipz Chhipz
    An in-depth guide on mastering the Octobrush.
  3. The Shaman Invokes the Rain Gods - a general guide to the Dynamo Roller (ver. 0.5) Grafkarpador
    for those who need to compensate for their manlihood - with techs, strats, tips and more!
  4. [ Krak-On Splat Roller ] An In-Depth Guide by Ackbar. Admiral Ackbar
    You will learn something new if you read this.
  5. Charging Into Battle Kodidro
    The beginner's guide to Charger weapons
  1. flareon52
    4/5, 2 ratings
    Nov 29, 2017
  2. Razzmatazz

    The TRUE Guide: How 2 Roller!

    "Rolling around at the speed of sound..."
    1/5, 3 ratings
    Jun 21, 2017
  3. ReeSquidGig
    1.25/5, 4 ratings
    May 25, 2017
  4. ThatOneGuy

    In-depth guide on the Grim Range Blaster

    A guide for blaster enthusiasts who want to use the Grim
    5/5, 2 ratings
    Apr 19, 2017
  5. Sam2123

    Splattershot Jr. Abilities and Gear

    Abilities and gear that may help your junior gameplay!
    3/5, 1 rating
    Apr 5, 2017
  6. lemon_and_lime223

    An In-depth guide to Tentatek Splattershot

    Both basic and in-depth information thoroughly explained and (hopefully) accessible to varying ranks
    5/5, 3 ratings
    Mar 28, 2017
  7. ReeSquidGig

    The killer wail

    Destructable @ all limits!
    1.28571/5, 7 ratings
    Mar 23, 2017
  8. Robochao

    The Slosher, and Nothing but the Slosher

    Covering others in your buckets of ink [Training Room Analysis]
    5/5, 1 rating
    Mar 16, 2017
  9. ReeSquidGig
    1/5, 6 ratings
    Feb 16, 2017
  10. Moonshoes

    An Octobrush MiniGuide

    An experienced octobrush main gives her insights about this weapon!
    4.8/5, 5 ratings
    Jan 7, 2017
  11. Zero Meddler
    5/5, 5 ratings
    Nov 6, 2016
  12. Zet4Dragon
    5/5, 1 rating
    Oct 12, 2016
  13. Saber

    Windex: How to use the new squiffer

    How to effectively use one of the most difficult weapons in splatoon
    5/5, 1 rating
    Oct 8, 2016
  14. Me1You2

    The Squid Beakon: A Technologcal Titan

    The Squid Beakon is a game-changing Sub. Here's a brief gude on how to use it.
    5/5, 5 ratings
    Sep 18, 2016
  15. aqua46

    Zen and Splatling: An Introduction and Advocate's Observation

    An overview of the splatling class, and a tiny glimpse at what each splatling model is capable of.
    4/5, 1 rating
    Sep 14, 2016
  16. The Meme Lord

    A Beginner's Guide to The Splattershot Line (Finished)

    How to use the Splattershot line of weapons in this beginner's guide.
    5/5, 1 rating
    Aug 30, 2016
  17. Madi-Kuma

    .52 Gal Guide (Vanilla and Deco)

    A video guide with hints and tips for using the .52 Gal and Deco
    5/5, 3 ratings
    Aug 21, 2016
  18. fishupie

    Rapid Blaster Deco: A Guide

    BLAST THEM ALL! An in-depth guide to this unique blaster.
    4.33333/5, 3 ratings
    Aug 12, 2016
  19. kirisoul

    Splatterscope 101

    Notes on the quintessential charger
    4.8/5, 5 ratings
    Aug 5, 2016
  20. Madi-Kuma

    Learning to Blast - Beginner Luna Blaster Guide

    Hints and tips for running with a Luna Blaster
    0/5, 0 ratings
    Aug 3, 2016
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