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H-3 Nozzle nose

a killer weapon

  1. flareon52
    how to use one of the most under rated weapon - and how to counter it

    One of my favorite weapons is the H-3 nozzle nose. I personally like it because no one really knows how to use it, and it is a great support weapon. But if it is used in the right way, it can be the leader of the team. I will talk mainly about the H-3 nozzle nose D with the point sensor and inkzooka primarily unless if sated.

    I use the dolphin version of this weapon, because of the point sensors that can help your team locate your enemies and the inkzooka can take out those annoying eliters. Enough of my opinion, lets get to the strategy.

    This weapon is semi automatic, so it is more like a super soaker, where one pump gives you one shot. This is the big thing that turns people away, not to mention that it has a slower fire rate than the l-3. The h-3 makes up for this with better attack power, and better ink coverage, giving one constant line of ink to swim through instead of little pools of ink that aren't connected.

    Everyone hates when someone is there by your ring waiting to splat you when you land from a super jump, right? even though this weapon will not prevent that, if you super jump and you know the enemy is there to kill you, throw down a point sensor before you land. this will give your team information on were the wrong doer is, so they can either avenge you, or stay away. Their choice. This also works if you know you are going to be splatted, and just give your team the location of the opposing team member.

    You have range, so use it!. this weapon is not a good close-quarter combat weapon. you can easily out range an airospray or splatter shot jr along with the splash-o-matic family, and others. only go close if you are behind an enemy, or splatting a fully charged scope weapon that is not aimed at you.

    Using the h 3 in ranked- when using this weapon, it is not the best inker, but it is still playable in turf war. Where this weapon shines is rain maker. It's high attack power, and if your playing in splatoon 2, add an object shredder and wreck havoc on the shield. Your point sensors are a powerful tool, so use them. You can make quick workof the person holding the rainmaker and you can get them before they can get you.

    i always throw a point sensor in front of me when i am deep in enemy turf, just to clear the way. don't forget to throw them in areas with corners to be safe. you should also use those point sensors to drive enemies away peacefully, as they will often run away to their turf to avoid being splatted. It is a good idea to walk alongside a charger, as you will be of great use to them, throwing point sensors to locate, and inkzooking enemies out of their range. you can also be their backup if an enemy gets too close.

    Here is how to counter these weapons.
    You usually never see these in use, and if they do they are handled with a pro. and you may realize you are getting splatted over and over again, trying to get your revenge. Well, here is how.

    Us hozzle-my-nozzle users hate when you move in zigzag patterns, since we have to land all shots to splat you. dealing with h3's can be easy depending on your weapon. if you are a roller, unless if a dynamo, your at the disadvantage due to lack of range. ink-brushes are annoying, due to their speed, and how defenseless we can be. Jet squelchers are difficult to deal with out ranging us, and splatter shot pro users have the same range, usually ending in a trade. long range chargers are the bane of our existence, winning the range battle and annoying us greatly- unless if your a scope. than we sit down next to you, try to get to know you, and laugh because we are gonna splat you within 3 seconds.

    gear sets

    with team Hozzle my Nozzle-
    use ink recovery up along with ink saver main and ninja squid, 'cause your gonna use a lot of ink and i have been splatted so many times trying to get that roller, and realizing i have no ink before it is too late. ninja squid may slow down swim speed, but you can have more sneak attacks. I prefer to use the brand inkline because they have the main abilities that are listed above, but they heavily load on the defense up allowing you more time to defend yourself. The gear is the short beanie, green striped ls, and trail boots. the hat and shirt are one star items, so have super sea snails prepared. Another good ability is ninja squid jump, to prevent ring- camping.

    against team hozzle my nozzle-

    run speed up, sub range up, swim speed up, ninja squid ninja super jump and defense up are good, for you, and bad for us.

    this was my first post, and i will add to it when i find new strategies and figure out good stages for this weapon, and cover the regular H-3. i will also try to go ink depth with brands like inkline, and give guides to all my inkformation on them.

    In splatoon 2
    The h 3 in splatoon 2 is more like the h 3 nozzle nose d. It has point sensors (Yay!) And tentamissles. The h-3 works pretty much the same and is unlocked at level 29.

    Gear sets-
    In this game, the sets change based on a different kit. Since the h3 is mediocre at best with inking, use a special charge up. This will make it easier to her your tentamissles ready to go when you need them. A sub saver also could not hurt, as you will need to defend yourslef with more ink in your tank to make up for missed shots. An ink saver main is good for this weapon as well. To deal with ballers, you can put in an object shredder, as the semi automatic nature of the weapon struggles with keeping up with it. Another fun one to use just 'cause is thermal ink. If you can link 1 or 2 shots you might scare them into hiding which is a plus, or trigger them causing them to try to splat you. Either way, you probably have the advantage as an h3 with the great range, but this ability is one you could do without, as you have point sensors.

    Wepons to use against to WIN!
    Rollers: Rollers now have a vertical flick, so now they have some range. But you know what doesn't have range? A carbon roller. In all ways you outrange it, so keep your spacing, focus your shots and you should be good.
    Shooters: stay away from squelchers, splash o matics and splatter shot pro's. You will trade with other mid to long range shooters, but you can still take on splattershots, splooshes, areosprays, and other short range shooters
    Blasters: stay away from rapid blaster pro and range blasters, but lunas don't stand a chance if you keep your spacing.
    Splatlings: just don't. Unless if a hydra is charging, dont. Best thing to do is ambush or just point sensor them and leave.
    Inkbrushes: if they are rolling in any direction except right at you, do not provoke them. If they are flicking ink, you outrange, so get on a high platform and shoot at them from above, and keep distance.
    Dualies: catch them off guard before they can dodge roll, or do not engage at all. The dualies may not have good range, but their dodge rolls are too much. Stay away from dualie squelchers as they can continue dodge roll movement.
    Brella: you can take on tenta brella, as it is slowb but try to keep spacing on both. Try to get them when their shield is gone, and that is it.
    Chargers: e liter scopes- approch them when targeting someone that is not you. This works for any scope, but otherwise, chargers outrange you and its best to just point sensor as they will just leave their location.
    Squeezers- to be added
    Other than that, just use previous advice in this guide an keep your gard up. Remember that there is no shame in retreating, and be prepared for the high learning curve.

    ~ Flareon52, the best squiddo

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Recent Reviews

  1. hunterwho
    Interesting guide, especially with the both pro- and anti-H3 tips and kits. Some typos that could be easily edited out for clarity, but besides that, super helpful!
  2. squeaks98
    Nice. I don't use the H-3 too often but it seems like a good weapon to try out.
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