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How To Learn a new weapon

Need some bigger firepower but don't konw how to control it? Don't fret!!

  1. Kaaz!n
    Alright so if you're reading this you've clicked on my guide. Imagine this:
    The year is 20FP. Everyone runs the Forge Splattershot Pro at TAS levels of perfection. Because of this, the winner of a match depends solely on who gets the first push no matter how miniscule. The first score wins metagame has evolved to ridiculous levels due to it being the only remaining factor to decide matches.

    What's that you say? you use the splat roller and are having trouble finding your footing in this new meta? Well I have the solution for you!!

    it's a simple process on paper but it takes time to master. Step 1 is to find your weapon of choice if it's in sheldon's shop then before you buy it play around with it a bit in the test area take that time to learn the weapon learn it's strengths and it's weaknesses it's range, how much damage does each shot do? How many directs does it take to kill, how many indirects, how many of a directs to kill when combined with indirects. Learn its sub weapon does it do damage? How much? If not then what does it do? How much ink does it take per use?

    now that you know the basic properties of the weapon what you should do now is find a guide there are plenty of guides here on Squidboards but youtube also has a smorgasbord of guides for you to watch whenever you want. Don't watch/read guides once and never again there is a lot of information that you will retain better if you go back to the guide several times during the time you use that weapon.

    Ok so you've run into some trouble trying to find a guide.ask around on squidboards or join some discords so you can learn your weapon of choice for example here's a good discord: https://discord.io/inkademy you can also try to figure out the weapon as you play

    short answer NO!! by playing a weapon you don't at least have a decent grasp on you will be not only risking your own rank but the rank of your teammates as well if you want to test your weapon in ranked modes play league to get to grips on how it works in different modes then when you feel 100% comfortable with it take it into soloq and then after a bit in soloq try it in a real tournament

Recent Reviews

  1. MotorGamer
    Not very helpful
  2. Bubbles090
    Didnt really give any advice that people wouldnt do already
  3. Enperry
    Basically saying to choose a weapon, test it, look at guides multiple times, and play it a lot, which is something that players should do automatically.
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