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How to not die (as much)

My thoughts on how to play more defensively

  1. viantastic
    Here is what I'd like to think is the most important thing to remember when trying to survive in competitive splatoon.
    Let me know what else I could have done to make this better, or what you liked!

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Recent Reviews

  1. Timthegamer12
    Very Useful!
  2. Zed
    This is a reaaly good guid
    1. viantastic
      Author's Response
      Really appreciate the feedback (: thank you!
  3. Tupoiu
    Really good guide, and you really nailed the section early on - being alive is the most important thing.

    A good tip to trying to learn to stay alive above all else is to play a longer range weapon, like the SSPro (I would recommend the Dualie squelchers as well but the dash can give you an easy bad habit in letting you expect survival at the double-tap of a button). When playing SSPro, as well as good aim, another important factor to success is being able to kite reliably, which means while playing the weapon you're forced to splatter dash backwards towards your team. Another good weapon to learn this with would be the mini splatling, though splatter dashing is harder.

    Of course there are a few moments where a death is actually worth it - in Rainmaker, for example, getting the Rainmaker to 30 or below is often worth the inevitable doom that you'll find by their spawn.
    1. viantastic
      Author's Response
      Excellent points! Especially having the bad habit of expecting you are invincible with the duelies dodge (:
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