Splatoon 3 Tri-Stringer Guide

Splatoon 3 Tri-Stringer Guide

Tri-Stringer. Not a lot of people enjoy this weapon. But let me tell you, being a Tri-Stringer main myself, there's so much more potential than meets the eye. I will also go over the kit, because I think it is a valuable asset to the weapon.

First off, the general horizontal shot. It has a nice coverage, so I prefer spam-clicking it to ink turf. The longer you charge the shot, the more close the arrows will be. It has nice range, but not as good as the vertical shot. If you find yourself in a spot of trouble, I suggest throwing a toxic mist, and spam-clicking the horizontal shot.

The vertical shot is somewhat more long range, depending on how long you charge it. A full charge up has the same range as a horizontal shot, so it doesn't matter which mode you use with a fully charged shot. One tap has three blobs of coverage, the final one being slightly larger than the others. It's great for inking walls or in a long range situation where you can't charge, only splat.

Explosive arrows are a peculiar feature of the Tri-Stringer. It doesn't work with its cousin, the REEF-LUX 450. If you charge up a shot, whether it be vertical or horizontal, there will be three arrows that explode after a short period of time. It is not ideal for painting turf as it only covers a small amount, but it is essential for chip damage. It can stick to all surface and is somewhat like a mini bomb. It usually is the finisher when taking out an opponent.

The toxic mist and killer wail duo are perfect for each other. I like to throw a toxix mist and activate the killer wail, which causes enemies unable to dodge the foreclosing attacks, using the main shots to kill off any others. I also use toxic mist to escape from a tricky situation, because it slows others down and Tri-Stringer is not good for any melee attacks.

Top tips:

- Use this weapon in tower control as arrows can stick to the pole and enemies are still making it easier to aim.
- Jump while charging to do a vertical attack
- This weapon has good range, SO USE IT. Get up some place high and snipe enemies below
- Use your kit. It's a perfect combo
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