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The Proper Application of Damage Up.

Damage Up is not exactly one of the best named abilities. Let's see how to use it right.

  1. Just some things I wanted done. 8/25/15

    Updated the Defense Up section, since I know a few of you were on my rear about that one.

    Also put a note on Squiffers, and a disclaimer about the information I tell you in the video about uncharged shots from chargers.
  2. Clarification and a few other things. 8/23/15

    Clarified a few things in the written guide, added a little warning to the video (which has all the information in it transferred to here, by the way), and also fixed the shots-to-kill on uncharged charger shots. And I cited my source on that, too. Thank you, PHYTO-1 for the source!
  3. Video Update? What the Carp? (8/19/15)

    Added a video which demonstrates the effects of damage up, including some things that I did not expect. That video is here, and is open to the public. Also, this channel was made with the express purpose of more of this kind of thing in the future, so expect more where that came from!

    Also, I will be editing the written version with some of the things that I found in the video.
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