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Two Barrels Are Better Than One - A Dual Squelcher Guide v 1.2

It's time to Dual!

  1. Zero Meddler
    Hello fellow kids and squids! I bring you a guide on how to use the Dual Squelcher. From positioning to helpful abilities, I'll attempt to provide you with as much knowledge as I can and hopefully aid your usage of this weapon or to give it a try if you haven't already. This guide will mainly focus on the standard Dual Squelcher. So without further ado, let's begin with the basics.

    I Think I'm Qualified.png
    This may be you

    What is the Dual Squelcher?
    The Dual Squelcher is a variant of the Jet Squelcher which trades a bit of range and damage for a faster fire rate. Both are a 4 shot kill but the Dual Squelcher will generally kill faster. The standard set comes with Splat Bombs and Echolocater which is perfect for being both semi-aggressive and supportive. You provide pressure and dissuade opponents from certain spots with your long range and Splat Bombs. At the same time, you can support your teammates with covering fire or aid them by providing ink to swim through from a distance as well as revealing the enemy team's location for a short period of time.


    Okay, let's cover the mechanics of this weapon. The Dual Squelcher shoots ink in a straight line like a Charger and has a bit of range to it (as shown below). However, it'll require a little bit of shooting to make a line without gaps and its range is a tiny bit less than the Jet Squelcher. Without any Ink Saver (Main), it can fire for about 8.4 seconds continuously before you need to refill your ink (pretty good ink consumption). Your Splat Bombs will use about 70% of your tank. The Dual Squelcher does a base damage of 28, assuming the opponent has no Defense Up and you don't have any Damage Up (I'll expand on this in the Abilities section).

    Dual vs Jet Range.jpg
    Dual Squelcher's Range (left ink trail) vs. Jet Squelcher's Range (right ink trail)​

    To Battle!
    Now that you have an idea of how the Dual Squelcher operates, it's time to tell you how one should operate this weapon in game.

    The awesome thing about Squelchers in general is their ability to be a pseudo-charger. While they can't one-shot opponents, they CAN provide a lot of pressure with their range. They can stand in places Charger users would and be just as effective as one, making it valuable to have on teams. With that said, you should remember that you're NOT a Charger, you're a Shooter (a Dual Squelcher in this case). You don't have as much range as a standard Charger nor are you as limited in the combat department. You're much more versatile. The standard Dual Squelcher set allows you to easily take an offensive and defensive role when its needed.


    Vantage points and long corridors are your friends and therefore you should abuse them as much as possible (don't do this to your REAL friends though). Both high areas (and those overlooking an open area) and long hallways are where the Chargers shine, therefore making it perfect for the Dual Squelcher. Some examples of these areas are the center of Walleye, the ramp to mid to the right of your spawn on Walleye, the paths of Port Mackerel, the hallway to the right of spawn on Arowana, and center tower on Blackbelly. Areas like these make perfect spots to "set up a wall" for your enemies to climb. Every map has different spots to do this and not all of them are viable with the Dual Squelcher (because remember, you're a Shooter). Use Recon to explore the maps and find out where the best places to set up a "wall" and which ones work.

    Blackbelly DS 1.jpg
    With good aim, you can prevent (mostly) anyone from getting into your side of Blackbelly. You can use your bombs to reach behind the wall in front of tower.

    Blackbelly DS 2.jpg
    Come here when the game starts. You may score a kill or two or at the very least dissuade people from approaching you from the inked area. This spot is hard to reach when on the tower so be careful.

    The Dual Squelcher's damage output makes it a bit difficult to be on the front lines with short ranged Shooters and Rollers when compared to the Splattershot Pro and .96 Gal (they have the same range as the Dual Squelcher but kill in three and two shots respectively. It's still possible though). Because of this, it's recommended to be behind your teammates to help spread ink and aid them by warding off/attacking enemies when advancing with short ranged weapons. If you're with a Charger, then you should be leading a push with the other covering for you.

    DS Guide Example 1.png
    An example of where you should relatively be when advancing with your teammates with less range.

    How can the Dual Squelcher support the team? For starters Echolocater is great for giving you and your team info on the enemy's whereabouts (more on it in the Echolocator subsection). Using vantage points helps spread ink to slow down and inconvenience the other team, which could possibly lead to a teammate getting a kill. You can also help in a fight by providing covering fire if the opponent is in range or ink for a far away teammate to use to retreat. Don't play selfishly, think of your team. :)


    This guide has covered a more defensive/supportive playstyle, but what about for those who want/need to be a little more aggressive? The Dual Squelcher does well in that department. The previous section did state that it's a bit difficult to be the one attacking and that still holds up. However, if you've been paying attention, you'll know that you have one thing on your side. Range! Many weapons have to approach you but don't allow them. While it's possible to survive close range encounters with careful play, you're more likely to be taken out due to either higher killing power or faster shooting of other weapons. It's been said before, abuse your range. With it, you can control the fight against short range weapons by keeping them in a certain spot or at a certain distance as they struggle to approach you. Mind your surroundings however because there may be more than one way for them to get you.


    This special is quite powerful. It'll track your the enemy team's location for 9 seconds. It'll immediately drain your special bar, meaning you'll be able to start charging it again after you use it (and refill your ink), giving you a head start to your next use. That and it'll remain active even after you die. You may also notice that people will play differently while its active. They'll probably be a little more hesitant to fight and approach due you knowing exactly where they'll be. Use their hesitation to your advantage, though try not to give chase for they may lead you into an unfavorable situation.

    There is one downside to Echolocator, it has a counter... Cold Blooded. It'll reduce the time the wearer is tracked by half, which can be troublesome. If you do encounter people with this ability, keep a close eye on where they were before Echolocator stopped tracking them. From there, you can predict where they may go and what they may do so that way you're not taken by complete surprise.

    It's possible to counter the counter.

    Splat Bomb

    There will be a delay before it explodes however, there's a catch... its fuse will only activate when it's on the ground. When it's in the air, the fuse timer will freeze and continue when it hits the ground. This can be used for some surprise attacks like rolling it on a higher platform, have it fall, and then explode shortly after it hits the ground.

    Splat Bombs are also good to either create space in close combat situations (by rolling one close to you and retreating a bit), pressure opponents from a distance, and to persuade people to leave their hiding spots.
    Troublesome Opponents

    There are a lot weapons you zone and have little to no problems dealing with. When it comes to range, there are a few weapons you'll need to get crafty to beat or avoid all together. Chargers are excluded since all but the Squiffer (it matches the Dual Squelcher, but it is a Charger so you know it's a threat) beat the Dual Squelcher in range.

    :wst_shot_long00: Jet Squelchers have more range than you do and can pressure you. Keep in mind their fire rate is slower and they're also a 4 shot weapon so you will stand a bit of a chance once you get them in your range. Be crafty with how you play since Jet Squelchers can either throw up a Splash Wall for protection (or to wall you in) or make quick work of you with a Burst bomb and two shots.

    :wst_shot_heavy00::wst_shot_expert00: As stated, they have the same range as you but can kill sooner than you can. So it's best to get the jump on them or just avoid them all together.

    :wst_roller_heavy00: DO NOT underestimate the range of their flick. It surpasses yours by a long shot so engaging directly is not an option. You'll need to sneak up on them if you want to stand a chance. You're better off avoiding Dynamos.

    Let's talk abilities. Here are some to consider when running the Dual Squelcher. The ones you decide to run with (whether listed or not) depends on your playstyle, so mix and match as you see fit.

    :ability_inksavermain: Ink Saver (Main) - Being able to fire for a little bit longer always helps,
    ESPECIALLY when you take on a more supportive role. You can fire for about 8.4 seconds continuously but one 1 main bumps it to about 9.7 seconds, 2 mains about 11 seconds, and 3 mains about 12.4 seconds. With subs, 1 is about 8.8 seconds, 2 about, 9.1 seconds and with three 9.36 seconds. This is good to have if you want to play defensively but it's best to stick with 2 mains.

    :ability_inksaversub: Ink Saver (Sub) - If you're bomb happy, this is PERFECT. It's also perfect for defending since you'll have some extra ink to use for your main weapon. This is best paired with Bomb Range Up. 1 main saves 7% of ink, 2 saves 12%, and 3 saves 18%. However, 1 sub saves about 2%, 2 subs saves 5%, and 3 saves about 7%. It's best to pair a main with a couple subs if you're looking for variety with your abilities.

    :ability_bombrange: Bomb Range Up - Best paired with Ink Saver Sub. Having it will allow you to pressure people from a greater distance which is awesome for defensive play. (Refer to the second photo for this part) Normally, you can throw about 3.3 lines but 1 Main allows you to throw about 4 lines, 2 mains allows 4.6 lines, and 3 mains allows 4.9 lines. You won't get far with subs with 1 allowing 3.3 lines, 2 allowing 3.4 lines, and 3 allowing 3.5 lines.

    :ability_specialduration: Special Duration Up - Yes, this will increase the time Echolocator is active and the longer the better since you can track your enemies longer. Of course, those with Cold Blooded will still be a problem. It's originally active for 9 seconds and 1 main will increase it to about 10.6 seconds, 2 about 11.5 seconds, and 3 about 12.3 seconds. 1 sub about 9.9 seconds, 2 about 10.3 seconds, and 3 about 10.5 seconds. It's also a good idea to pair this with Special Charge Up. The more times you can unleash your special, the better.

    :ability_runspeed: Run Speed Up - Even after the buff the Dual Squelcher's strafing speed got, it's still a bit slow. Having a main or two (maybe even a main and a few subs) will help alleviate this. Faster strafing could throw people off a bit.

    :ability_damage: Damage Up - The Dual Squelcher sits on the lower end of the damage spectrum (being 4 hits to kill). Against an opponent with defense, it becomes a 5 hit kill weapon. One main can solve this BUT you don't need that much dedication. 2 subs will bring you to 25.9 (according to the dummies in the test area) which is just above the required amount to keep your weapon at 4 shots. You may want to have this a main just to safe, though it may not do against those with 2 main and 6 subs of defense (you know... THOSE people).

    And there you have it. A guide to using my favorite weapon in Splatoon. I've been wanting to make this for a while but never had the courage to do it. I hope this has been helpful in some way, shape, or form and perhaps even considered those who haven't tried the Dual Squelcher to give it a go.

    This isn't 100% complete as I do need to add the section on the Custom variant as well as a section on Ranked but regardless, all feedback is appreciated. ^^

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Recent Reviews

  1. CarbonStar96
    Even though I am very familiar on how to use this weapon and I use it as my main, I still love to see someone else's ideas on how to use it. I can say I have better idea on how to go against certain opponent's now by reading this guide. Thanks for the guide!
    1. Zero Meddler
      Author's Response
      Thanks you for your kind words! I'm glad you found it useful despite the fact that I haven't updated this guide in so long. ^^
  2. ThatOneGuy
    Awesome. I loved how you went in depth with the abilities and sub-abilities as well. Another thing I really liked about the guide was how you went over what is threating to the dual-squelcher. I think you should have given more notice to how dangerous chargers can be, because it's such an easy shot for a sniper to hit if they see a dual-squelcher.

    Anyway, great guide, I just love to see people are using this underrated weapon. I'll probably use this guide, because I want to try to learn the weapon myself.
    1. Zero Meddler
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much for your feedback! I'm glad this has been of some use to you. I was afraid it wouldn't. XD

      I'll definitely go back and elaborate more on the threat Charges pose . I figured at first it would be a given (because of the one-shot nature and range of the things) but I should add it for the sake of those wanting to learn the weapon.
  3. Jaden Yang
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