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  • Funny thing about returning to Splatoon 3: As soon as I equipped the Octo Shot Replica, a Scoped E-liter from the opposite team got destroyed.
    If theoretically, an image can just be hosted with a URL from Squidboards itself, then it could be possible to post it in the profile without a third-party image-hosting website at all, I'm going to post this image of my Christmas-related SFM as an experiment:

    It worked! I will definitely use my own SFM-dedicated thread to post my SFMs here!
    Oh, what's that? Even more Inkstrikes being launched at Salmonid territory by the Octostrikers? Good. And it's only going to lessen once the Salmonids stop using their diseases as weapons. The launching of Inkstrikes will only completely stop once the Salmonids stop their skirmishes in Inkopolis.
    You know what kind of sucks? Not being able to post an image for the profile post without the need of 3rd party websites.
    Seems like there's an escalation done by the Salmonids, time for General Anemone to intensify attacks on the Salmonids because the Salmonids started using a disease as a weapon.
    How will he do that? By quadrupling the amount of Inkstrikes launched on the islands of the Salmonids whenever a Salmon Run doesn't take place. The Salmonids brought this upon themselves for using a disease as a weapon, something that the surface Octarians are greatly offended by due to going through a time in which the Inkblott disease ran rampant.
    Currently working on getting 1 star on each Order Replica, and yes, Coral is wearing the entire Order Gear Replica, but once he finally gets to his Octo Shot, he will go back to wearing his usual Turf War gear.
    I got an SFM idea to honor Splatoon 1. I'm not going to spoil it, but it's my way of honoring the game that started the series because without its success, we wouldn't get Splatoon 2 or 3.
    Another hilarious thing that can happen: a spawn area invader failing to cause my team to lose. Spawn area invaders can be really annoying at times, but I just laugh every time when their annoyance was in vain.
    Going back to Dungeons & Dragons feels refreshing, back to RPing my main Fighter whos an Elf that loves to make puns when he defeats his opponents with elemental magic. Also, he's pretty much attractive to women, causing the otherwise impossible date with a Githyanki woman to happen. (For those unfamiliar with D&D lore, Githyanki are ruthless and don't believe in any kind of love.)
    I played a few matches today. I thought they would annoy me, but I actually had fun on them instead. Oh and I finally started using the Deep Cut Amiibo gear. Frye's was first, then tomorrow will be Shiver's, and the last one will be Big Man's because he's definitely awesome due to him being a nice guy.
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