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  • So I couldn't get to the 5% for this challenge, unfortunately. But the next challenge is in 3 days. And while I haven't played Tower Control in such a long time, I still remember most of how it works.

    Getting to the 5% once regardless of challenge will be enough for me.
    So, before Big Run, there will be a Challenge (yet another limited time event in which I will have to shoot for 5% to get all of its badges at once), kind of bummed out that it has to be before Big Run.
    I haven't touched Ranked yet and I really want to play it enough for me to get to X and get all three badges related to X battles.

    So, a question, is getting a higher-tiered badge before a lower-tiered badge of the same category also giving you the lower-tiered badge at the same time?
    Getting a higher-tiered badge will always net you with the lower-tiered ones as well. Including the X rank badges.
    That's great to know, thank you. :)
    np and good luck on your badge journey.
    Well, I'm going to try to get every single badge in the game, so out of the limited time ones I have left is one from Big Run and two from Eggstra Work, going to focus on those first.
    Almost to getting my 20 Silver Scales for the day. Funny thing is the Horrorboros is actually easier for me than the Cohozuna, allowing me to farm more Silver Scales from it.
    Up to 170 Silver Scales now. I decided to shoot for 10 Silver Scales per day since they add up to so much by the end of the month. I treat getting Golden Scales as bonuses until their inevitable grind to 333.
    I realized that the Grizzco Splatana is actually really good, but it's also a strictly melee Splatana. The ability to 2-shot Cohocks without consuming heckaton of ink is a great thing to have. Heck a charged swing bypasses Salmonid armor completely, it's awesome!
    Okay, before the Splatfest, I defeated Gnarly Eddy 30 times in Tableturf Battle on level 3. Now for the next character on the list to get a card sleeve from. (Also, the only Jellyfish that have card sleeves are the shop owners.)
    Today is when I'll not play Salmon Run for Silver Scales because of the Snipewriter, it's a good thing that this rotation is shorter.
    So my journey to accumulate 999 silver scales has started. I'm up to 121 right now. If only there was a Salmon Run rotation that I could easily support my teammates in. At this point, once the daily super bonuses are obtained, I focus more on taking down problematic Salmonids so my teammates have an easier time collecting eggs.
    Managed to defeat Sheldon a total of 30 times on level 3. So yes, it's on the 30th win on level 3 that you get each character's card sleeve.
    Oh boy, I'm dreading the idea that I will have to beat each character in Tableturf 30 times on level 3.
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    i know, i thought i only had to do it three times to get the special card sleeves. turns out it's a lot more than that. needless to say im going to be grinding matches for a while
    I finally got the banner that I wanted! The best part is, I didn't need to wait for the next seasonal catalog!
    I don't know about you, but I'm ready for a new Sesonal Catalogue since those are the only surefire way to get banners. I'm starting to think that I'm close to getting every banner from the Shell-Out Machine.

    Getting most banners from the Shell-Out Machine was actually very unintentional, since I wanted that one specific banner since I started playing Splatoon 3. No matter, it's only a matter of time now.
    Creating an Octohurler OC without the goggles can be incredibly hard when the model itself doesn't have eyes, so I will need to put together other models to achieve the results that I'm trying to do.
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