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  • I will finally recreate another OC of mine in SFM. He was mentioned through the bio of the four main OCs I use, but he's important enough to keep major stories moving forward, even in the RPs.
    Okay, seriously who in their right mind thought it was a good idea to force emotes that a player has already gotten to be one of the possible rewards in the Shell-Out Machine?
    My current title is Splatoon 3 is Little Bro. It's the closest I have to be able to signify Coral in relation to his older brother Clam.
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    Makes enough sense
    I'm so close to finishing my current catalogue, which will mean I can finally focus on getting other parts of the game done, namely the Table Turf battles as well as Salmon Run items.
    The next SFM project will have a story about Coral and Kelp discussing their future as parents while trying to find Coral's Octo Shot.
    I'm thinking of creating an OC-themed Pool in Splatoon 3. I know it's impossible for custom hairstyles to appear in the official game, so Coral will just use his alternate "Punk" hairstyle (he once used it in an undercover mission, just a little fun fact).
    Finally remade all of my SFM images, now I can start thinking of new stuff, like maybe Coral trying to forget about his past, or maybe another Agent image.
    Alright, so the alternate name for "Anchor Shipping" (the shipping between Coral and Kelp) will forever be Corelp.
    Looks like I need to remake some of my SFM projects so they look better. Don't worry, I'll just replace the older versions with newer versions.
    Welp, never mind, looks like I'm not going to be able to post anything to the Splatoon 3 lobby because Nintendo discontinued Facebook and Twitter support. So uh, how about bringing a version of Miiverse to the Switch? Looks like I changed my character's nickname for nothing.
    Thinking of making a Twitter account just to post drawings in Splatoon 3 just because I want my OCs to be seen by more people. Not to worry, the account will exclusively be for posting on the hub, nothing else.
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