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  • As a Team Beach player, I hate to say it but Team Park is going to win this one. How can I have teammates so clueless to let the opposing team simply taking it? Lost two 10x battles in a row.
    Honestly, I barely pay attention to the game, and only intend to sweat in the final splatfest. Although, I'm committed to always picking whichever thing Shiver is behind. I'm here to just clock in and get my catalog rewards and shells.
    I really hope the next system is backwards compatible with Switch games while also having data tranferrable to it with games that don't have cloud saves (looking at you, Splatoon 2 multiplayer!).
    In the process of getting the Splatana Wiper to 5 stars, just because I started on it a long time ago and went a long way before stopping it for a long while.
    Another SFM from the list finally done:

    General Anemone in his office.

    Kelp trying to know what gift to give to her boyfriend Coral.

    Ocean cooking up a delicious recipe that she came up with.

    Clam defeating a group of delinquent Inklings who tried to start trouble with him.

    Coral playing a co-op game with his brother Clam.

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    Took me almost an hour yesterday creating the third image of my SFM, but I'm almost getting to the end of my SFM project that I have been working on for the past 3 days.
    Going to post the SFM after my driving lesson today, I planned for this SFM to have at least three images in total. Plus one image along the lines of "15 minutes later" before the final one.
    Turns out I had to send the new computer back because some parts were missing.
    Oh well, gives me more time to choose which files to transfer over to the new one.
    Now I can consistently resume my SFM creations. Maybe create one with Coral and Kelp on a date after I'm done with the planned SFM list I have.
    Was able to get to 800 EVP fairly easily, but getting to 900 EVP was frustrating. Just one more playing session to go for 999 EVP.
    Got to 700 today, should definitely give me a head start tomorrow in accomplishing my goal of reaching 999 EVP.
    It seems that my method of getting to 100 more EVP on each playing session and then taking a break is working wonders for me. I'm at 600 EVP now. Considering going for 700 today. But regardless, I know that by doing this, I will reach 999 EVP fairly early.
    Here we go, a serious attempt at 999 EVP in Bone Rattle Arena, the only Salmon Run stage I still haven't got the Golden Badge from.
    I personally think it's the best Salmon Run stage and it's the only one that I had enough fun playing to grind for EVP 999.
    I love how the Rush and Griller waves are easily cheesable in this Salmon Run stage. After facing the frustrations of Marooner's Bay and Salmonid Smokeyard to get their respective golden badges, I appreciate having something easier for once.
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    Currently stuck at 160 Golden Scales, wish I would resume getting Golden Scales passively as I grind for silver ones.
    Oh and the Silver Scales are now being used to get every single work uniform. So that frees up the Bronze Scales to be accumulated.
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