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  • DUDE WTF...i just won a 2v4 on CB we had 2 D/C on my team..i really wanna recxord this match fr! o.o
    You can actually view the match as a replay, making it possible to record it.
    WON MY FIRST 100X BATTLE!!! this was a interesting match..since we had a D/C on our team during the match...so i am extra proud rn!
    also if any of the teammates are on this forum....then thx for the awesome match!

    Of course the game won't let me rank up to A rank cause i get matched with crappy teammates all of a sudden..thanks alot game..i just want out of B rank already! -.-
    picked Team Gear,..it's really a fun splatfest so far!
    i just wanna tell my teammates plz cover the base too! now i am usually doing that by myself :(
    I think i should be more active here again..i really hope this place will attract people again! besides i'm HYPED for Splatoon 3!

    Also..i'm happy to know i can transfer some of my Splatoon 2 save data to Splatoon 3! 😁

    seeing people rp with their Splatoon characters makes me want to start a splatoon rp so bad! i got multiple characters and ideas for them,
    some of them aren't the easiest going or are even mean/bullies in a way and idk how people feel about those type of characters..they can be redeemed or have that character growth later on in the rp,
    (kinda a sucker for dramatic moments in my rps lol) sorry about my rambling 😅
    It's okay to have a character that changes how he/she acts throughout the story, might even make some of my other OCs involved, which can make it interesting.
    that does sound like it will be interesting! i think i will start off to make those character sheets first and post those in the character sheets section once i'm satisfied, that's the best way for others to decide whether they find them interesting or not 😁
    (will also kinda mention the side characters who might have major roles from time to time)
    Who else here matches their gear with each other? like my Octoling boy isn't gonna walk around like a fashion disaster 😅

    i personally find it painful to watch when i see what gear some people sometimes match with each other..sure competitively wise it makes sense but fashion wise.. that's a different story haha
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    Yeah, I don't like making my Octoling a fashion mess and I especially don't like when he wears pieces of a gear set with any other pieces of gear but the ones that it shares the set with. So yeah, costumes will always be costumes to me, not everyday wearables and gear pieces will always match no matter what.
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