A New Season's Greetings - Competitive Update 8/31/2017

Greetings, Squids! While it may not be Squidmas yet, we’re experiencing a changing in the seasons for more than one periodic event in the Splatoon Community, so let’s take the time to get up to date!

SplatStats Update

The SplatStats crew has just released final rankings and leaderboards for their Season 0, including all tournaments in Splatoon 2’s lifespan so far!

As you can see, Japanese giants Almost Kids just barely edged out Extermination with their InkStorm+ performance to claim the throne as the best team to play in a western online tournament this season! The rankings take into consideration every single tournament that teams have participated in and their results, so while SetToDestroyX beat Almost Kids in the tournament that day, their other results in other tournaments brought them down slightly.

If you’re at all confused about these rankings or have any further questions, we can discuss them in the comments below. I'll try to answer you to the best of my ability, and if I can't, I will transfer the question over to the SplatStats staff and have them answer it themselves.

The first official season of SplatStats will run from September to December of this year. Want to see how your team fairs? Enter some tournaments!

Upcoming Tournaments

There are quite a few tournaments coming up. I would like to point out a few tournaments that happen in the coming 2 weeks that you can get involved with.

Booyah Battle 6 is this weekend! The tournament will feature a Swiss-style group stage on Saturday leading to a Top 8 Sunday cut. 14 teams have already entered, and the event will be casted by eSportBrosTV. You can find more information about the tournament in its Discord server, and be sure to tune in to esportBrosTV tomorrow at 1 PM EDT both days!

We start our monthly Squidboards Splat Series, a week from this Saturday on September 9 at 1:00 PM EDT. SqSS September features a Double Elimination bracket and a $100 prize for the first place team. The tournament will be casted by InkTV. You can find more information on our tournament by reading the thread for it. Be sure to tune in to InkTV next Saturday!

For a complete list of tournaments, you can head over to the Event Listings forum, as well various Discord servers, such as the Splatournaments server, the Inkademey’s Tournament Bulletin, and the Squid Colosseum's Tournament Bulletin.

For Individuals

If you don’t have a team, you can still participate in some Competitive Splatoon events! Squid Colosseum is a ladder system for individual inklings to show their skill. Season 3, the Colosseum’s first Splatoon 2 season, started yesterday and ends October 1. You can read more information about the Squid Colosseum by viewing their rules and guidelines document.

The Squid Colosseum staff is also hosting its first Colosseum League Clash tomorrow (Friday) night as a friendly competition between teams. You can read more about that by taking a look at their Discord server, mentioned above.

That’s all from me today, Squids! Hope you all have a great time in the new seasons of Splatoon!

(All numbers as of this writing, 8/31)
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Exciting stuff! I really hope the competitive scene for this community thrives, it absolutely deserves to.
First time hearing of Squid Colosseum and I think it's a very interesting idea!

Thanks, Kbot, I'll be keeping my eyes out for these tournaments/the Colosseum.

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