Splatoon 3 Side Order is out now!
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Wave 2 of the Splatoon 3 DLC has been released!
Squidboards Under New Ownership
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After over a decade as it's steward, AlphaZealot will be stepping down as the owner of Smashboards as well as Squidboards as of June 1st, 2023
Check Out All The Details From Today's Splatoon 3 Direct!
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Splatoon 3 is just over the horizon, and today we got our biggest batch of new information to dive into yet! If you missed the Direct, you can check it out on the link up above. There's a ton of information to get into, so we'll do our best to recap as much as we can!
Splatoon 3 Release Date Revealed!
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INKoming! Nintendo’s surprised fans today with a new trailer and release date for Splatoon 3. The trailer showcases one full round of Turf War in new map Eeltail Alley, revealing some interesting features we can expect to see in the game’s approaching release.
The Squidboards Splat Series Returns on December 11th!
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That's right, it's back! The Squidboards Splat Series returns on December 11th with a free-to-enter tournament for players of all skill levels. Get your team together and sign up on Battlefy to compete! Be sure to join our Discord server for the day of the event, and check the event page for rules and more information! We're very excited to bring this event back, and hope you can all join us for our first event back. Battlefy Discord Squidboards Event Page
A New Season's Greetings - Competitive Update 8/31/2017
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Greetings, Squids! While it may not be Squidmas yet, we’re experiencing a changing in the seasons for more than one periodic event in the Splatoon Community, so let’s take the time to get up to date!
InkStorm+ Preview
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Tomorrow marks the sixth installment of InkStorm, EndGameTV’s serial competitive Splatoon tournament. With a history of Japanese dominance, this tournament now provides an opportunity for new teams to carve out their mark in Splatoon 2. More than 50 teams have signed up, making InkStorm+ one of the largest competitive Splatoon 2 events to date. While there are many talented teams present, six teams are poised to take the championship.
The Calm Before The Storm - Competitive Update 8/17/2017
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Hey there, squids! I just wanted to bring to everyone's attention some of the great things currently happening in the Competitive Splatoon community.
New EndGameTV LAN Announced at G7 Stream
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At the end of the stream for the recent G7 Splatoon 2 tournament, a new EndGameTV LAN major was announced, SquidStorm 2017.
Squidboards Splat Series, SQ Discord, and Viewing Parties!
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Happy Friday, Squids! We've got some FRESH news coming your way! This September, we'll be hosting our very first Splatoon 2 online competition to kick off the Squidboards Splat Series! The Splat Series will consist of online Splatoon 2 tournaments hosted every month. These tournaments are free to enter and will provide a prize for the winning team of each event. Players and teams of all skill levels are encouraged to enter, and each event will be streamed live on Twitch!
7/6/2017 Splatoon 2 Direct - Recap
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Today's Nintendo Direct was early in the morning, but jam-packed with information on Splatoon 2, which launches on the Switch July 21st. We've got a quick recap for you on all the news you might have missed. While some information and modes covered may not be entirely new, there's certainly a lot in here that's certified fresh!
Multiplayer Details Revealed
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Nintendo Treehouse shared some info regarding Splatoon 2 multiplayer today in preparation for the 2017 Splatoon Invitational! Good news squids, all your favourite modes are back! Turf War, Splat Zones, Tower Control and Rainmaker are all returning, with the ranked game modes getting small quality of life changes to make them even better.
New Team Olive Enters the Competition; Interview with Sendou
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Former members of NSTC, Chimera, and Koopa Clan have formed Team Olive, a new squad with a small but impressive tournament history thus far, taking first place in NNCL Cosmic II and fourth in NNCL Cosmic IV. Today we'll be talking with Sendou to see why and how this team started, and what the futures are for Chimera.
April Nintendo Direct Brings Splatoon 2 News!
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Today's Nintendo Direct was chock full of gaming news -- including new footage from Splatoon 2! You'll see some new spots and shots, but also a brand-new game mode for up to 4 squids!
New Nintendo Direct Airing 4.12.2017 covers Splatoon 2, ARMS
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A new North American Nintendo Direct arriving on 4.12.2017 is planned to cover "information on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS in a new Nintendo Direct presentation focused mainly on ARMS and Splatoon 2", according to the Nintendo Direct website.
SplatoonJP Reveals New Ability Mechanics for Splatoon 2!
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Early this morning, the Japanese Splatoon Twitter (@SplatoonJP) unveiled the new gear mechanics for Splatoon 2. Reinventing the gear abilities system in Splatoon 2 so that players don't have to rely on random chance to get their desired abilities is at the top of many squids' wish lists for changes in Splatoon 2. It seems that the Splatoon Dev Team has once again delivered a change that will make everyone happy. Strange Approach's Rocket (@PG_Rocketek on Twitter) posted a video earlier today summing up what the change brings to the new game. Below is a written summary of the changes and a bit about how this helps competitive Splatoon. The Changes From a translation by Tictac (@Thicctac on Twitter) in the Inkademy Discord server, These tweets showed the changes made to the gear system: 1) Spyke still exists, and you can reroll your gear just like in Splatoon 1. 2) A young Spyke-looking kid, known in NA as "Murch," serves as a new option for gear. You can take your gear to Murch...
Ink Radio Podcast Debuts This Saturday at 7PM EST!
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"From the people that brought you the Bleck n Spoon Tournament (BnS), it is time for a new organization designed for the highest quality in Splatoon 2 coverage! We would like to introduce InkTV, the central hub for all your essential content in Splatoon 2, from a tournament that comes as the next form of BnS to a new interview series where we will go one on one with some of the stars and notable members of the community. But perhaps one of our biggest items will be our podcast, called Ink Radio, where we will discuss pertinent topics in the game, the meta, the community, or whatever else has to revolve around the game we all know and love!"
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