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Beta testers wanted for a Splatoon 2 Android application!

Discussion in 'The Crispy Calamari - Off-Topic Discussion' started by Dat Reesez Cup, May 22, 2018.

  1. Dat Reesez Cup

    Dat Reesez Cup Inkling

    Apr 12, 2018
    Likes Received:
    I'm glad it works for you now!

    As for the visual bug, I'll be sure to have that fixed by the time the widgets fully release. I likely won't provide another update just to specifically fix that here. (I don't want to pester people with updates :/)
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  2. shani

    shani Semi-Pro Squid

    Nov 26, 2015
    Likes Received:
    I'd consider that normal though, I can force that behaviour with pretty much every widget I have ever had on my homescreen.
    IMHO it's nothing that Dat Reesez Cup can or should fix.

    That said - as a general rule for any software - I don't mind frequent updates at all. :)
  3. Dat Reesez Cup

    Dat Reesez Cup Inkling

    Apr 12, 2018
    Likes Received:
    A new version of Splat2 Widgets is available, focusing almost completely on localization/language support.

    Good news for non-English speakers, or those who prefer to read in another language; Splat2 Widgets now has support for the following languages:
    • Spanish (Español)
    • French (Français)
    • German (Deutsch)
    • Dutch (Nederlands)
    • Italian (Italiano)
    • Russian (Русский)
    • Japanese (日本語)
    When the device is set to a language other than English, there will be an additional category in the settings menu, for language support.

    As Splatoon 2 frequently adds new items and stages, the currently saved translations will be missing translations for the new items. Items that are missing their translation will begin with an asterisk (*). Clicking the first setting under the language category will trigger the download of an updated language file, with the missing translations. Once it downloads, refreshing the widgets will fix the missing translations.

    These languages specifically are supported because they are languages available on splatoon2.ink, and these translations are what Splat2 Widgets uses. Dynamic text (Like map names, gear names, etc, things that rotate constantly) use those translations, which should be correct, because AFAIK, splatoon2.ink gets those translations from SplatNet's servers.

    Static text (Like UI elements, text like "Main Ability: <abilityname>" and such) however, had to be translated manually by me, using an online translator. This is where I will need help and input from the Splatoon community. Because I used an online translator (Microsoft Translator to be exact), I guarantee that there are likely incorrect translations strewn about the widgets. What I ask, is that if you see an incorrect translation in Splat2 Widgets, to send me an email at datreesezcup@gmail.com with the language you are using, the text that is incorrect, and what it should be corrected to.

    There are a couple things to note as of right now about the language support however:
    • When the language is set to German, times will be presented in 24-hour format, regardless of the device's setting. This is because otherwise there is not enough room in the UI for morning/afternoon markers.
    • Because of the way Salmon Run reward gear is currently saved and implemented, the name of the gear will not be translated in any language. I will fix this before release.
    Once again, thank you all for your support and feedback!

    You can download the new version here:
    Or use this direct download link (should start downloading the file as soon as it's clicked)
    Direct Download
    #23 Dat Reesez Cup, Jun 5, 2018
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2018
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