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Luciia Project/syndicate

Discussion in 'RP Square' started by IcySetsuna, Aug 27, 2017.

  1. IcySetsuna

    IcySetsuna Inkling

    Jul 29, 2017
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    Oooh boy. First time doing this. Let's hope I do well as a GM ^^

    An octoling stands still, looking down the window where he spectates his pupils. His persian blue tentacles seems to fit his offices, setting a sober mood, yet the long ponytail that hangs behind his head gives the room less tension. Masurao sighs, and sits down. On his desk lay numerous memorabillia of many origins. Yet none of those knick-knacks compare to a photo in a gold frame. It was him and a female inkling, and on his shoulders a small inkling. Looking at that brings back melancholy memories. Yet he keeps repeating in his mind, just focus on the goal.

    On the side of his desk lies a microphone to his intercom. Pressing the white button, he calls out, "Will Evan Lockhart and Gwenora Reese come to my office?" Finally, he remembers why he called those two students. The Syndicate has been running low on members, and with the threat of the Project and its experiments, we must get as much as possible to fight them. No, no. I must test them. I need to know if they are ready to face them.

    Wait. Masurao, someone, no, something wanted to go scouting as well. A robot dressed oddly, almost if it was a knight from tales of long ago. If I recall... it talks about a device to shift the seas...

    Immediately Masurao pressed the blue button, which connects to the Syndicate, and calls out, "Symbios - 1080, you are needed in the headmaster's office. Please report there ASAP."

    Now all I have to do is wait. I feel as if this was a turning point for not just them...but me. No, the world.

    Well then, I hope my writing was good! Deadline is September 3.

    Here are the actions to jog some memories.

    Turn-Ending actions
    Talk... (Talk with the person) - Will be responded to in GM post. A talk-scene will occur in a private discussion, so the player(s) can be a voice for themselves in their interaction to the NPCs/PCs.
    Attack with... (Attack with the intention of starting a fight) - Will be responded to in GM post.
    Use... (Use something, state on how you're using it. Lest it be unclear and your result won't be what you want.) - Will be responded to in GM post.
    Go to/Move to... (Go somewhere, name it. Move somewhere, name it. Else I won't know where and may just arbitrarily pick your next destination.) - Will be responded to in GM post.

    Insta-Response Actions (As instant as I can make it, at least)
    Dexterity Roll- Hide at... (Hide somewhere, use it to evade detection.) - Will be responded to instantly.
    Grab... (Grab an item, compliments hiding in cover.) - Will be responded to instantly.
    Intelligence Roll- Fix... (Attempt to fix a computer, broken down robot, or weapon.) - Will be responded to instantly.
    Intelligence Roll- Examine... (Take a more in-depth look at an object or person.) - Will be responded to instantly.
    Dexterity Roll- Shadow... (Follow someone close behind while hiding) - Will be responded to instantly.
    Charisma Roll- Approach... (Approach to interact with a CaST.) - Will be responded to instantly.
    Strength Roll- Throw... (Throw an object, it can a rock, a vial, a broken gun, etc, to grab something's attention. However it needs to be logical, as in no objects appearing out of thin air. Can start a fight.) - Will be responded to instantly.
    Charisma Roll- Persuade... (Use your words. Might lower prices, access areas, and etc... Bonus for detailed writing.) - Will be responded to instantly.
    Strength Roll- Push/Move... (Says it all. Push or move anything with enough strength.) - Will be responsed to instantly.
    Charisma Roll- Intimidate... (Scare someone off. Again, bonuses for detailed writing.) - Will be responded to instantly.
    Intelligence Roll- Hack... (Begin hacking. Must have computer or phone on character.) - Will be responded to instantly.
    Intelligence Roll- Tinker... (Begin modifying weapon with materials, able to make it stronger.) - Will be responded to instantly.
    @MacSmitty @Aykorn @Rustic
    #1 IcySetsuna, Aug 27, 2017
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2017
  2. MacSmitty

    MacSmitty Inkling Cadet

    Aug 12, 2014
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    Evan Lockhart had been sitting down resting after a exercise session he was in with the Sapphire Institute. He came here to get more advanced Turf War and Ranked Battle skills due to him being stuck in Juvenile Hall for almost two years, as he had missed out on the coming of age event for every 14 year old Inkling. While his skills have increased thanks to what he was taught in Juvie along with the training of the Sapphire Institute, his crime had followed him to the training academy, and he gained looks of disapproval and fright. Luckily for the teal Inkling, no one tried to pick a fight with him and hopefully it would stay that way, he didn't need another reason to go back to Juvie because of someone else's idiocy. Evan was about to put his Noise Cancelers on to listen to some tunes before he heard an announcement calling for him and two others.

    "What do they want me for...?" He wondered out loud. Giving a half-hearted shrug, he got up and headed to the office. Upon arrival he took a seat and turned to Masurao.

    "Did you want me for something?" The delinquent asked.

    Action: Talk to Masurao
  3. IcySetsuna

    IcySetsuna Inkling

    Jul 29, 2017
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    "And the delinquent arrives first."
    Masurao glares at Evan, and responds, "Be patient kid. We still have to wait for that other girl and one of my...workers."

    Looking at him, Masurao begins to think. Seeing him in person... why does he reminds me of my youth? Shaking his head, he pressed the intercom button and called out for Gwenora.
    #3 IcySetsuna, Aug 27, 2017
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2017
  4. Rustic

    Rustic Inkling Commander

    Jul 5, 2015
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    Synbios was kneeling, head held low as he quietly prayed. The robot lowly spoke a string of code that no one understood aside from him, whatever it meant was unknown.

    When he heard his calling, the robot seemingly ignored it and continued until he was finished with his rite. "It seems I am needed elsewhere," Synbios quietly stood up, legs hissing as he went to Masurao's office. He wondered what it was the Octoling wanted, although Synbios had noted that he took a great liking to the Spirit. The fact somewhat pleased Synbios, as he was glad to see that others also wanted to preserve the past and restore its greatness.

    But on the other hand, he didn't want an organic to witness the splendor and glory of It. All of these pitiful beings of flesh weren't worthy.

    The robot rumbled, the t-slits across its faceplate slightly flashing as it stopped outside of Masurao's office. The robot stepped in, glancing at one of Masurao's students. From what he heard of, the boy was the troubled youth.

    For now though, he looked to the Octoling in front of him, "I am needed, Masurao?"

    [Talk with: Masurao]
  5. IcySetsuna

    IcySetsuna Inkling

    Jul 29, 2017
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    Masurao looks at the robot, and says to him in a light smile, "Ah, hello Synbios. Yes, yes, you are needed. Take a seat over there, by... the delinquent. We have one more person to wait for, so if you could hold on for a while that would be good."

    Synbios looked over to Evan, wondering what could warrant the title of 'delinquent.'

    "I will stand," he replied, "but what is the meaning of this?" Synbios stared at him, curious as to Masurao's reason for calling him there.

    Masurao sighs. "He has a criminal record." On the sides of his desk, he pulls out a file with the name "Lockhart, Evan". Masurao opens it, and pulls out a piece of news clipping.


    "Said in his files the kid was emotionally unstable. Almost killed three others in a lash of anger. Yet the reason why I call him here is that he has potential... someone who is skilled in our training and outside training fits the criteria that I need."

    "I see..." Synbios said. Why would he want an estranged youth, such violence and anger contained within, he thought, glancing downward. It didn't make sense to him, this whole thing seemed suspicious.

    Evan was no stranger to being signaled out due his past, but he was a bit annoyed by how Masurao was treating him.
    Turning his head to the robot who was called Synbios, then turning back to the Octoling that called them here, after listening to the two speaking for a moment he quips,
    "What happened to 'be patient'?" The teal boy said it in a emotionless manner, yet the words were sarcastic and condescending.

    Hearing this, Masurao's teeth grinded. Still, he had to keep his cool. Come on, it's just a boy taunting you. No big deal... I have more power than him, so why should I worry? Sighing out, he laid back on his chair, waiting for that person.

    "'Scuse me!" The door cracked open, as an octoling girl sauntered in. "Intercom said the 'eadmaster wanted ta see me so 'ere oy am--" Suddenly drawing everyone's attention, Gwenora fully stepped in and read the mood of the room.
    "Ah," she noted. Quickly closing the door, she silently took a seat. "Well, 'is is lively," she murmured.

    "Well then, now that everyone is here, I think I shall get into business. I am sure that you all might not know each other, so take this moment to introduce yourselves, especially to our friend here."

    Masurao waves his hand at Synbios while saying this, and continues. "As you all know, I am Headmaster Masurao. Now then, get on it."

    Gwenora crossed her arms, a little puzzled at the sudden meet-and-greet, especially before any explanation occured.

    "...Okay?" she agreed. Weird much? Despite this, she began introducing herself anyway.

    "'ello, Oy'm Gwenora. Oy like powertools, mo'orcycles, 'n tapioca drinks," she rambled off, jokingly. "Oy'm also a student 'ere..." she momentarily glanced over to Evan,
    "...as well."

    Evan didn't pay much attention to Gwenora's puzzled reaction, as he was listening to her speak with a dull expression. Upon hearing Synbios speak about itself, Evan showed a hint of curiosity. A religious robot? That's new... He thought studying the robots design. The thing needed a serious paint-over from what he saw.

    Apparently it was his turn since he hadn't introduced himself on his own, thanks to the big guy Masurao.
    "I'm Evan Lockhart. Aside from the fact that I got into legal trouble by almost killing three people, I enjoy music and composing." The way he said it was very casual and deadpan.

    . Instead of speaking up, Gwenora merely rubbed a thumb against her lip, trying not to make any uneccesary remarks.

    First, the tall guy. Synbios-1080 just couldn't be his name. Combined with this religion junk... Were they a cultist?

    Secondly, what's-his-face. The ex-convict kid that there were rumors about. She thought she would try not to make judgements on him, but someone didn't care for good first impressions. Or ignoring the elephant fish in the room?

    This was awkward. Pursing her lips, Gwen asked as quickly as she could, "Sir, why didyu bring us all 'ere? Please?"

    Looking at Evan's and Gwenora's faces, Masurao knew they were puzzled on the fact that Synbios was a religious robot.
    "Ah, might as well explain why I called you here. You see, Symbios here is part of this group, the Glacier Syndicate. Perhaps you have heard rumors about this group floating around the school, am I correct? And the sudden disappearance of some students, have you ever questioned that? Well, the reason why is because I invited them to join us. The Syndicate. For our purpose is to scout the land and keep out eye on potential threats. Now, about Synbios "spirit". Have you heard about the group known as the Luciia Project?"

    Gwenora simply narrowed her eyes. "Nope" she said, blandly, only wishing for the headmaster to get to the point.

    What was all the information teasing for? 'Syndicate', 'Project' ...student dissapearances... This was all beating around the bush for something, wasn't it? It gave her an uneasy feeling.

    Evan only shook his head at the first question. He never really cared about the other students disappearing. They weren't dead, or at least it wasn't reported as such, therefore he never felt it was worth pondering over. Upon hearing about Luciia Project, the former convict once again shook his head. To him it sounded like a cult ritual or some crap.

    Synbios straightened up a bit when the Spirit was mentioned, seemingly interested now. He didn't care all too much about the cases of missing students or even about the Syndicate. To him, they weren't worth much unless they knew where they could find the holy being, and even then he'd be highly skeptical that a kid would know anything about it. All that mattered to him was the Spirit.

    "Well then. Might as well get to the point." Upon saying this, the lights dim, and Masurao pulls out a disk. He insert this behind his desk, which emits a hologram of this... ruined temple.

    "As you see, this is a temple located in the desert region of Nephropi. From the info our scouts gave us, inside this temple lies a dangerous weapon, a work of art which was very advanced at their time. This has been known to raise the sea levels, potentially drowning everything we treasure the most. We called this weapon based on a legend of old, made before we dominated the land. The Trident. One of our missions is to retrieve the Trident before anything else could happen. We do not know what shape is it, or whether it is transportable, but all we know is to get it before others could get their hands on it."

    He turns off the hologram, and continues. "That is why I called you here. To ask if you wish to help me. Now then, of course I won't let you guys go unarmed." Masurao pulls out from under his desk two suitcases and one long one. He gives the two small ones to Evan and Gwen, while the long one goes to Synbios.

    "Those suitcases contain a favored weapon of yours and one belt created by the Syndicate, known simply as Re:Belts

    Gwenora shot up out of her seat. "'Wait, 'old on a secon'!" she exclaimed. "You're sending us?" She wasn't hiding her bewilderment now. "Wha' are you talkin' about? You picked us outta our classrooms a minute ago. Is 'is a joke!?"

    Masurao laughs at her reaction.
    Ah, her reaction... focus.
    Quickly recovering from his laughter, he closes his eyes and responds.
    "This is no joke. The reason why I chose you two is because you hold so much potential. The reason why Synbios will be coming with you is because he knows more about this." Pulling out more files from his desk, he shows the students info about Synbios. "It says here that he had visions about the Trident."

    Evan silently processed the info that he was being told, and he gave a face of shock that would be deemed out of character of his emotionless personality.
    A weapon that can raise the sea levels would be death for countless lives, and cause an inconvenience for people.
    Why wasn't that weapon properly locked up anyway?
    Listening more to the conversation, he asked a question.
    "Who's after this Trident?"

    "Yes, there were many visions of this... 'Trident'. The Spirit," Synbios admitted quietly, his reverence of the weapon was almost palpable.

    "From what we were able to obtain Evan..." Masurao, yet again, pulls out a file. Pulling out it contents, he presents it to the group.

    "The Luciia Project is after it. Although I don't know why... they created Luciia to keep peace, but why would they try to obtain this? My scouts have also found this note in the temple." He placed the paper down, and it clearly states, in black ink:


    "Others might have been here as well... so we have two threats. One known and one invisible."

    Gwen, who had sat back down, listened tensely, bristled from being laughed at.

    "So you got enemies. Cool," she remarked." An' this trident. It raises seas. Apparently."

    Yeah, right. She'd believe it when she saw it. Even if the very implication terrified her... Something with the power to bring about a new Great Turf War-- she wasn't about to be lulled by a sob story.

    "You didn' answer my question. If you got enough scouts ta know all 'is, why are you botherin' wit' us?"

    Synbios' hands curled into fists, indignant at the thought of Its Holiness being used for something as basic and crude as murder. T'was heresy; plain and simple and he won't suffer such desecration to the Spirit.

    "Masurao..." his voice came out low, barely containing the anger within him, "where are these creatures? They must be shown justice, the kind of justice that scum such as them deserve."

    Masurao sighs. "The reason why I called you here is because you have skills perfect for a team. Synbios with knowledge about the Trident. Gwenora with the mechanic skills needed. And... Evan with his expertise on combat."

    Gwenora opened her mouth, like the answer wasn't satisfying to her, but didn't find any words to speak.

    What was she supposed to retort with? That she wasn't a crack mechanic or couldn't hold her own with an inkweapon? Clearly, as student at a battle school, that would a bit undermining.

    She stopped herself, intently staring at some random spot on the floor to keep from blurting out anything else. She didn't know what to say... This sounded important. Maybe not to her, but...

    This all felt wrong. Too fast. The weapon sets already supplied, the team chosen... She was already a piece in someone else's plans, huh?

    "Now then... let me ask you all one question. You have two options, stay and fight back, or leave. Of course... this will be the only time I will be offering this. I will give you the time you need to think about this." Masurao leans back, left leg resting above the right thigh.

    The whole proposal was strange to Evan. Masurao wanted him specifically because if combat purposes, mostly due to the pragmatic way that Evan fought during training sessions. Though he wondered what was the only reason why he was picked.

    Maybe because of his past they felt that he was expendable. Though on the other hand, if he joined in this effort to combat the terrorists after this weapon and successfully do the job, it'd clear his rep and have society hop off his back for his past deeds.

    After some thinking, Evan raised his head so that his eyes were visible.
    "Sorry, Masurao. But I can't be involved with this mission. Fighting terrorists after getting out of a correction center is not something I wanna do." He spoke rather lowly, almost showing some sign of regret.

    Looking at the delinquent, he felt...pity... kinda. Sighing at the kid, Masurao has one more card to use. "Hear me. If you could help us, I could give you something in return..."

    He pulls out Evan's permanent record. "I could see if I can, you know...remove your crimes on this record through the Syndicate. Since the Syndicate is being watched by the government."

    He puts away the record, and to finish his chance of persuasion, Masurao said, "Of course, you could leave and abandon your only chance of both changing your history and, if the crisis gets out of hand, save the world."

    Damn. Now that the big man had offered something so generous, now Evan was having second thoughts. While he still didn't want to get involved in this "war" if it even should be referred to as such due to the possibility of dying, making new enemies that he really didn't need, and dealing with people who were likely not going to trust him or the way he did things, but if Evan's former deeds were erased, then it would be all worth it. Not to also mention that everyday life would be annoying if terrorists can make the sea level rise.

    "...You drive a hard bargain. I'll... I'll help retrieve the Trident." Evan said, sounding a bit unsure if he was making the right decision.

    Aha, it worked.

    "Ok then, Evan." Masurao looks at Gwenora, and asks, "Now then, wish to stay or leave?"

    Gwenora grimaced at the proposition. She still didn't believe the situation was worth taking seriously. However, if this shoddy recruitment meet was anything to go off by, it was acquiring people that mattered, not how it happened. And the Institute apparently had lots of benefits to give out...

    "Wha' assets do Oy get ta work with?" she asked grimly. "If you're askin' ta come aboard as a mechanic, Oy can't make 'useful mission' stuff appear outta thin air."

    She paused a moment before speaking up again. "Lemme be crystal wit' you 'Eadmaster, you ain't got my favor 'cause you're another Octoling. Far from it. Ya' mission sounds like a bloody archeology field trip," Gwenora snarled.

    "But my trade accepts payment for services," Gwenora said. "Unless you got anotha mechanic you can shoehorn into ya mission, Oy suggest you start talkin' sensibly. Otherwise, come down to the 'Shop' like any other customer, and lose the 'armageddon' rubbish."

    Gwenora cooly toyed with the end of her tentacle. She wasn't leaping into this ridiculous ordeal without getting something out it.

    Masurao sighs. "Deal. Your arm materials will be given out once you arrive to the Syndicate base down here. We will have a workshop reserved for you, since it is shown that we can't make an arm suitable to your standards," he said with a slight smile.

    Gwenora returned a pleased smile. "Good," she answered. "Then i's a pleasure doin' buisness wit' ya, 'Eadmaster," she replied, extending an handshake.

    And thus, Masurao shook it.

    "Ok then, now that you all are acquainted and know our goal, I will be sending you to the base now." He flicks a switch, and immediately a safety restraint wraps around Evan and Gwenora. "You will be escorted to your quarters once you reach the destination.Once you reach there, don't get too cozy. You will be transported immediately to the temple. I guess this is au revoir for now. Oh, Evan, Synbios. Here is a bag of 2000 G."

    Masurao tosses those bags and presses a button.

    And there they plummit down.



    "Oh, Synbios. You should go to the elevator nearby. Better catch up with them now."

    After their decent from above, Evan and Gwenora arrive at the Syndicate base. Synbios arrives down with them from an elevator on the side. The base has three hallways, each leading to a different area of the place.
    The left goes to the living quarters, the middle goes to the main sector, and the right goes to the market.

    Where to now?

    Woo, the first week went well. Very glad to be honest.

    Deadline is September 10.
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  6. MacSmitty

    MacSmitty Inkling Cadet

    Aug 12, 2014
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    Upon arriving to the Syndicate base, Evan took the path that headed to the marketplace.

    "I'm gonna go and see what they got in the shops. See you all at the sector." He announces before heading down the path.
    [Action: Examine items at the Marketplace.]
  7. Aykorn

    Aykorn Inkling Commander

    Jun 17, 2015
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    "Kktch, hold on!" Gwenora shouted to Evan. "You ain't gonna even think ta stick together?"

    Ugh! Stupid... seat belt! One-handedly wrestling off the safety harnesses, Gwenora scrambled away from the elevator before stopping in the nexus of hallways. She blinked, even moving her hair out of her eyes to look around.

    This place... This was totally a secret base. It was also currently under the school. In fact, it had probably been under the school the entire time she was attending Sapphire institute. Literally right under everyone's noses. Amazing.

    Troubled, and a little bit in awe, Gwenora took a moment to stash her coins in a pocket, then take a good look at where she was.

    Examine: Syndicate Base
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  8. IcySetsuna

    IcySetsuna Inkling

    Jul 29, 2017
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    Roll- 18
    Bonus- 1

    Evan left behind Gwenora, and rushed to the Market. Arriving at the end of the hallway, there were about fifteen stalls filled with weapons, armor, items, medicine, and many more. The sound of the Market seems loud, but calm at the same time. Two Inklings were seen trading a Splattershot for this chestplate in front of him. Another was bartering for a lower price on a high class weapon, but obviously failing by his reaction. Across from the bartering Octoling, there was the main sector.

    Where to?

    Roll: 12
    Bonus: 1
    Total: 13

    The base is painted a white with streaks of light blue lining the walls. Many members have been shown wearing armor with a snowflake on it, casual clothing, or the Institute uniform, but with the Syndicate insignia instead. They seem to wave at you. The hallways are nicely labeled where they go to, but the middle corridor leads to a dome with three floors, the first being a receptionist desk, and the other floors being areas with training spots, labs, and more.

    Where now?

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