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New EndGameTV LAN Announced at G7 Stream

At the end of the stream for the recent G7 Splatoon 2 tournament, a new EndGameTV LAN major was announced, SquidStorm 2017.

SquidStorm 2016 in Chicago was Splatoon's first LAN major featuring Mario Kart 8, Mario Kart Wii, Pokken and most importantly, Splatoon. SquidStorm2017 is being held at Balance Patch Gaming Cafe in Boston, featuring— we all know it, Splatoon 2!

Nintendo has given us features on the Switch that theoretically work especially well for LANs. The mobility of being able to place a Switch in any dock allows players to move to and from stations easily. Regarding the game in specific, Splatoon 2 has LAN mode built straight into The Shoal for LAN play (with or) without internet that's tailored to local tournaments. Even aside from all of this, the Switch dock can be played over local connection in tabletop mode, which allows teams to practice even if they don't have a TV setup! We're excited to see these features put to use at SS 2017.

You can sign up right now, but if you'd rather wait, then check out the sick reveal trailer in the mean time!
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