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Official Splatoon Fan Art Thread!


Feb 27, 2021
Somewhere out in the vast seas...
I dunno if i posted these but, yeah more art that i've made over the past year or so. Also some more WIP and finished art for my Salmon Run Revolutions Fanon and characters as well. Sorry for a sudden Art-dump. Thats what happens when im not as active as here as i thought i would be compared to Discord or Reddit.

Swashbuckler Snatcher

Octoman from F-Zero as an Octoling
Octoman Octoling.png

Someone's Salmonid OC i drew in my style, can't remember who it belonged to.
Salainah Art 1.png

A lineart of "Lady Ferrahlah", a beeg Steelhead lady. (an character idea given to me by u/GreenBoi_2020, Sorry if transparent)
Lady Ferrahla Refrence (clothed).png

Some Salmon-Run-Based Subreddit Icon i made for r/splatoon's Art Subreddit Art Contest.
Subreddit--Discord Icon thingy.png

Salmannican Empire's Coat of Arms. Basic yet is easy to understand.
Salmannican Empire Logo.png


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