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Playstyles of Splatoon 3


Oct 19, 2015
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So its been a while but a long long time ago in 2017 I posted a thread about player archtypes examining playstlyes I had seen and then compiling a list of which weapon favored which playstyles
Then wadsm made a video a year later that covered what I said and helped better solidify the points I had made which...felt pretty awesome so ty

However with the release of Splatoon 3 new weapon and new kits playstyle will likely undergo shift.
so that means its time to reanalyze all these weapons...again feedback for weapon is apperciated but lets start off with a quick summary

Attackers/ Frontliners
You are most likely to recognize this player by the immense number of splats or the usually equally high numbers of deaths
Attacker help their team by focusing their efforts on rushing down at the enemy team pushing them in and getting as many splats as they can.
**Note: keep and eye on your objective and teammates

Also avoid target one person (your job is to help push in not target that one person)

With a key focus of this game being turf and map control controllers are some of the most important players in a game.
Though it is everyones job to paint a controller job is area denial they use their kits to hold back enemies and restriction their options for movement and positioning while giving their teammates more options to move.
Control has become a huge focus of this game as well you'll notice that most team that can consistnet maintain control will have a higher likelihood of winning the game in ranked, so be sure to try and balance you kits around taking control of key areas, keeping eye out for flanks/ flanking opportuinities, or counter pushing special that can potentially deny control of areas with your specials

For example: Tri-slinger is the best example we got of this yes it can paint but by full charging it launches ammo that detonates forcing enemies to either tine their approach or forces them to pick a different angle....therefore restricting them.

The one who is on objective this is the MVP they usually are handling the objective. As such they put priority on above all else

**Note: Play around your team they can either corrdinate with you to push objective or keep enemyies busy while you capture objective but never go in solo, with the momentum of this game going in solo espeically during hard pushes is exteremly high risk low reward and can oftentime only lead to greater leads if your team keeps getting staggered splats

These are the best teammates to have they focus their kits namely their sub and special on protecting rheir alliea and making sure they get back into the fray or disabling their enemies
supports in this game have 3 roles,
enchance-with the special and high turf coverage and provide more advantages to their team
defend- using their kits to shield allies or weaken the effectiveness of enemy pushes
disrupt- using their kits to help allies push objective by forcing enemies to reposition

These are your long range weapons oftentimes they do best at protecting flanks and taking out single targets from a distance, in splatoon 3 these weapon have gotten a huge buff simply by name of map layout with maps being more open player have to respect your range or risk getting splatted, so use your range and intimidation to pseduo control denial area of the map in your line of sight and using your kit to protect you pushes and flanks
**Note don't camp, enemies will just play around you vision and many right now are using ninja squid So move around semi- often to catch enemies off guard with your position

Unlike all the other roles a tactician is a role of a weapon but rather the player

This is the jack of all trades, the generalist
Because of this a tactician can switch their play style and adapt to the need of their teams, oftentimes they can analyze a teams weapon and gear to understand their and the enemies teams playstyle. They can assess their teams kit and the enemy teams kit and like a puzzle figure out which piece they can fit into to guarentee their team a better chance of winning

***Unlike last time I will not be labeling any weapon directly as a tacitian cuz this is more a state of playing rather than someonthing that is defined by the weapon itself

Now with that out of the way....let's begin also be sure to let me know if there should be any changes or addition and share you own notes in the comments below


Oct 19, 2015
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Support, Carry

.52 Gal: Attacker, Carry

Splashomatic: Attacker, Carry

splooshomatic: Attacker, Support

H-3 Nozzlenose: Support, Anchor

L-3 Nozzlenose: Controller, Carry

.96 gal: Support, Controller

Splattershot: Attacker

Splattershot Pro: Controller, Support

Jet squelcher: Anchor, Support

Splattershor jr: Support, Carry

Aerospray: Controller, support

Squeezer: Support, Controller

Splat Roller:
Attacker, Carry

Carbon Roller: Attacker

Flingza Roller: Controller, Carry

Dynamo Roller: Support, Controller

Inkbrush- carrier, attacker

Octobrush- Attacker, Controller

Splat Charger :
Anchor, Attacker


Eliter: Anchor

Bamboozler: Attacker, controller

Goo Tuber: Controller, Anchor


Range Blaster

Clash Blaster

Rapid Blaster

Rapid Blaster Pro



Sloshing Machine:



Splat brella:

Tenta Brella:

Undercover Brella


Mini Splatling:

Hydra Splatling:

Ballpoint Splatling:

Nautlius 47:

Splat Dualies

Dualies Squelchers

Dark tetra Dualies

Glooga Dualies

Dapple Dualies

Splatana Wiper

Heavy Stamper

Tri Stringer

Reef Lux 450
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Squid Savior From the Future
Dec 18, 2015
It's cool you're bringing this out again. Although in some ways it's all a little bit focused on comp. In solo, I think success really can only come from being a tactician, and the viable weapons are any that is suitable to any role, at any time, (along with player skill to do so.) The only one I think that gets away being dedicated as "attacker" is a short range shooter, or designated "anchor/support" is something big and slow like hydra or scoped eliter. Even Dynamo suffers but may have to go on the attack side. I often take too much of the match to learn what the team is ACTUALLY doing, or what the enemy is actually doing and how to adapt for it, but many times I'll survey while being anchor/support/controller, then have to go into attacker mode and give up the controller/support/anchor roles as needed, etc. Or in a match with 2 chargers, both can't be anchors. If I have a charger, and have a hydra on team, I'll have to go aggro ,because a charger, even eliter, CAN go aggro somewhat (I pride myself on my eliter/hydra escape artist tricks!), I had 2 squids chasing around my eliter around the whole of metalworks for like half a minute once, one died to my ink mines and a sudden turn-around and shoot, the other disengaged eventually when they realized I'd taken them from the objective forever. A hydra OTOH really has zero ability to go agro and will lose almost any CQC. Unscoped Eliter has options.

I think EVERY weapon has to have the ability to be controller. And any weapon that can't likely should fall to the bottom of any viability list. It's the single most critical role of the game, to keep turf claimed. Attackers, carry, and support can't function without it. The bigger issue is players recognizing that control needs to occur, as attacker is the default state of most players, I think, unless they have a long range.

I agree with not naming weapons as tactician, but, I think the role of "tactician" does necessarily change depending on the weapon used. A hydra really can't become an attacker. Sure you have to try sometimes but it really can't. Neither can scoped chargers. Dapples aren't going to be an anchor. OR much support.

The roles make sense, but in a lot of ways tactician is the primary goal of all players I think. Otherwise you rely on the tacticians on the team to make up the ensemble, and hope their weapon is up to what's needed!


Inkster Jr.
Sep 4, 2022
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As a Squiffer main I sometimes find myself playing support. Often spraying ink around everywhere for mobility and I often use point sensor with a longer throw distance to point out the opposition. Also I find myself putting bubblers down for super jumpers and than defending the landing spots. Long story short I tend to find myself supporting allot. I am not sure if you are looking for feedback but I think the Squiffer can be classified as support. Just my opinion.


Dec 11, 2022
Most weapons can at least fill two roles if not more I'd say. Often times the playstyle of a particular weapon can depend heavily on your positioning and the game state rather than the weapon itself. I will say that I would rather be attacking with a shooter rather than something like the REEF-LUX 'though.

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