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Smashboards Update Approaching!

Hello squids! Here today with an update on Squidboards' sister website Smashboards!

Update Approaching.jpg

On June 3rd Smashboards will be undergoing a very large update for most of the day. Squidboards will not be seeing the same large update, at least for a while, but it will be affected by this upgrade.

Specifically, starting June 3rd you will no longer be able to login to Squidboards using your Smashboards account. Don't worry, your Squidboards account isn't going anywhere and you'll still be able to continue using the site without a problem.

However, you will need to set a password for your Squidboards account to continue logging in after this feature disappears. To get your password set, you'll need to logout of Squidboards and then issue a Forgotten Password request. We'll email you a new temporary password that'll allow you to login and then change your password via the change password page.

Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause some of you, but if you're a Smashboards user I hope you're looking forward to the new update! You can read more about it over on there


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