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Splatoon 3 Side Order is out now!
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Wave 2 of the Splatoon 3 DLC has been released!
Squidboards Under New Ownership
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After over a decade as it's steward, AlphaZealot will be stepping down as the owner of Smashboards as well as Squidboards as of June 1st, 2023
Squidboards Premium Update
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We're making some adjustments to Premium on Smashboards and Squidboards
Squidboards Update
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Hello squids! Here today with an update on Squidboards! With Splatoon 3 now announced, it was time for a little bit of spring cleaning around the forums.
Smashboards Update Approaching!
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Hello squids! Here today with an update on Squidboards' sister website Smashboards! On June 3rd Smashboards will be undergoing a very large update for most of the day. Squidboards will not be seeing the same large update, at least for a while, but it will be affected by this upgrade.
Multiplayer Details Revealed
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Nintendo Treehouse shared some info regarding Splatoon 2 multiplayer today in preparation for the 2017 Splatoon Invitational! Good news squids, all your favourite modes are back! Turf War, Splat Zones, Tower Control and Rainmaker are all returning, with the ranked game modes getting small quality of life changes to make them even better.
Official Splatoon 2 Weapon Footage
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The Squid Research Lab has shared with us video footage of four weapons, a sub weapon and four specials today on the Splatoon US blog. Check out a playlist of all the videos below!
Splatoon 2 Global Testfire Available for Download
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The Splatoon 2 Global Testfire is now available for download on the Switch eShop! If you've got a Nintendo Switch, be sure to download it so you're ready to go on March 24th when the Global Testfire begins!
Splatoon 2, meet Squidboards 2!
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Today we're proud to announce a visual overhaul to Squidboards! To prepare the site for the freshness of Splatoon 2, we've given the whole site a fresh coat of ink. We hope you enjoy the new look! Read on to learn more about all the new changes.
Red Bull talks about the future and potential of competitive Splatoon!
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Splatoon doesn't often get a heavy spotlight in the world of eSports but with the announcement of Nintendo Switch, minds have been buzzing with the possibility of pro Splatoon. Red Bull eSports dove into the community at large to talk about what competitive play has been like since the game's release, and what it might look like in the future.
Amiibo Announcement! Callie, Marie and Original recolours
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Today Nintendo announced a new wave of Splatoon Amiibos hitting stores in North America on July 8th. Alongside brand new Callie and Marie Amiibos, we'll also be getting recolours of the original three Splatoon Amiibos. The original Splatoon Amiibos unlocked special challenges for the single player missions, and the recolours will function the very same. The Squid Sisters Amiibo however will instead allow you to listen to various Squid Sisters songs, including a couple from the Chogaki concert in Japan! Alongside those songs, you'll also be able to change Inkopolis Plaza to it's night time appearance featured during Splatfests, and unlock new dance animations for the Squid Sisters from their live concert performance.
Team SpongeBob vs Team Patrick Splatfest Announced!
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The official Splatoon Tumblr has announced the next Splatfest and they couldn't be more correct in calling it a doozy! It's going to be Team Spongebob vs Team Patrick Check your calendars because it's not April 1st anymore, it's the 14th, and this is the real deal! You'll be able to place your vote tomorrow for #TeamSpongeBob or #TeamPatrick. We can only assume Squidward is sitting out from the fun as he often does. Which team will you be playing for this weekend squids?
Introducing the Squidboards Event System
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Tonight's maintenance has brought with it a fresh new feature for the site! Our awesome community event organizers can now post their events via this system and have it automatically appear on an easily browsable calendar. Read all about this new system!
Octolings In The Wild (This Is Bad)
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It's not anticipated for this to be an incredibly widespread issue, but one or two Squidboards users have already encountered this problem, and we wanted to make sure to alert everyone. A kernel exploit for the Wii U has now been made public for Wii U's on an older firmware version. The simple and relevant explanation of what this means is that it is now much easier for unscrupulous folks to modify their Splatoon save files. The very negative side effect of this, is it means a person could potentially modify their save file to change their character ID from 1 or 2 (Inkling Boy and Inkling Girl respectively) to 3, which represents Octolings.
Squidboards Styles: New dark options and default style vote!
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Hey everyone, just made an update to allow the colour schemes to also be chosen in dark variations. With this addition, I'd also like to run a poll of what people prefer and what they think is the best choice for the default style; the original light Squidboards [Green], or the new Squidboards Dark [Green] Discuss the new additions, your personal favourites and your thoughts on the default theme! Didn't know you could change the Squidboards style? You can find the option in your Preferences
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