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Something strange about the Weapons in Side Order...


May 1, 2018
Octo Valley
So, after looking at official renders for both of Agent 8's genders, it looks like the weapons might actually match up with the Octo Shot in terms of design. The default look of the Octo Shot has a white container. Sure it has a different design motif, but so does the Octo Canyon mode Hero Shot which has a different design motif compared to the rest of the Hero weapons available to use in that same mode. Only the Octo Valley version of the Hero Shot matched thematically with the other Hero weapons.

So yes, it's entirely possible that these white weapons could be in the same line as the Octo Shot. Heck, if they have replicas (also very possible) that can be used in multiplayer matches, then the color might change to match the user's ink color, the same thing that happens to the Octo Shot Replica's container. And to top it all off, the weapons used in Side Order seem to have more metal parts. While there are already weapons usable in multiplayer that clearly have metal in their designs, like the Hydra Splatling or the Splatana Stamper, the Side Order weapons (the white Dualies at least) seem to be the Octo Shot if the Octo Shot itself became other weapon types.


Semi-Pro Squid
May 9, 2020
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Looking closely at the weapons they look like plastic replicas without any mechanical components. The Dualies lack a trigger and Stamper is just one solid block with a metal handle. I think their design motifs are that of prototype weapons that made to simulate the weight and feel while not being functional in any way. While it could be possible for them to be skins in some way, the way they're designed currently makes me think it wouldn't make sense without modification.

Although the weapons still obviously shoot ink in Side Order. So uhhh your guess is as good as mine.
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Oct 4, 2023
ingopoisis :)
Also have you noticed that in the splatana stamper one the ink tank is kind of weird and almost maches the slits on the stamper

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