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Squidboards Styles: New dark options and default style vote!

The default Squidboards theme should be

  • Squidboards [Green]

    Votes: 30 30.6%
  • Squidboards Dark [Green]

    Votes: 68 69.4%

  • Total voters
Hey everyone, just made an update to allow the colour schemes to also be chosen in dark variations.

With this addition, I'd also like to run a poll of what people prefer and what they think is the best choice for the default style; the original light Squidboards [Green], or the new Squidboards Dark [Green]

Discuss the new additions, your personal favourites and your thoughts on the default theme!

Didn't know you could change the Squidboards style? You can find the option in your Preferences

or at the bottom left of any page



Definitely the dark color scheme. The white mixed with the bright colors was so unappealing to my eyes. Glad to see you added both options though.

Edit: I think that the the dark with pink option is messed up because it keeps changing it to dark with purple.
Dark green def. I literally blind myself when I come on here so it will help with seeing names and just words in general
I genuinely love the dark scheme; thank you for the update!

However, I cast my vote for the default scheme to be white. It provides a stronger impression of a Nintendo/Splatoon forum. The dark scheme should be an option to apply once a guest has decided this site is worth the stay and would like something easier on the eyes (in the long term).
Normal Green is a better default at dark green for sure. It makes the place feel distinct from Smashboards, and matches the Splatoon aesthetic better.

The dark themes are definitely cool though. :)
My vote goes toward the light skin. Smashboards already has the dark skin as the default, and I just feel like the lighter skin suits Splatoon more.
hey @Warchamp7 there is a small issue with the themes. When you click the pink squid with the dark background, it is purple, and vice versa. It looks like you got the theme thumbnails swapped :p
I'd say that the White w/ Green should be the default. It provides a nice contrast to the brother site Smashboards, and it's really not as bad as people say, even coming from a person that prefers the darker themes.
Ohh the dark + teal highlight. Finally my dream comes true. I can see teal without burning my eyes in white. Thank you Warchamp7!
I like the white green style (Squidboards [Green]) more. For me it fits the game theme better.

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