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Super Mario Sunshine Splatoon Crossover Potentially Leaked

Discussion in 'News & Features' started by SmashCapps, Jun 4, 2015.

SmashCapps, Jun 4, 2015 at 3:12 PM
  1. SmashCapps

    SmashCapps Senior Squid

    Apr 24, 2015
    Likes Received:
    Be warned, it is near E3 and fake leaks can be rather abundant. However Splatoon fans on Twitter and all over online are currently buzzing about a potential leak involving Mario amiibo and Splatoon. Comparisons of Mario Sunshine and Splatoon have been frequently made to the point where someone proposed Splatoon was in an alternate timeline to the game. While other jokes have been made about Mario taking his F.L.U.D.D. to clean up all of the ink being thrown down, there is a slight chance this may soon be a reality.


    This image has been popping up and sent to varying Twitter accounts which would seem to lead people to believe that Mario's amiibo might be able to unlock some sort of Super Mario Sunshine related weapon, costume, or in game event. While there are certainly oddities in the pictures (like the Japanese Super Mario Sunshine logo and the American Splatoon logo side by side) there is some other strange circumstantial evidence that is leading folks to believe this could have a grain of truth.

    A while back the amiibo website for Dr. Mario actually showed that it was compatible with Splatoon before being changed to no longer show this compatibility. While this isn't a direct Mario amiibo showing something to do with Splatoon Reddit user ZoomBoppo has done studies on the coding of amiibo which reveal many similarities between Dr. Mario and Mario showing that one might be able to be used exactly the same as the other in other Nintendo titles. If this is correct, it would mean that If Mario was compatible with Splatoon Dr. Mario would be as well which could make this previously edited oddity much more than a simple mistake.

    For those worried famed creator of fake leaks ArtsyOmni is behind this one don't be. He has publicly announced that this is not the case. However he is also Tweeting out some of his thoughts on this leak and its potential to be real or fake that are truly interesting. Anyone looking to discuss if the leak is potentially fake or not should check out these thoughts from an expert creator of fake leaks

    So is it real or fake? Only time will truly tell so we'll leave this one up to the fans for now. Share us those thoughts on this potential leak in the comments below and stay tuned to Squidboards for more coverage!

    SmashCapps will keep his eyes open for any updates on the situation. To keep up with any breaking Splatoon news follow him on Twitter.
    #1 SmashCapps, Jun 4, 2015
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2015
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Discussion in 'News & Features' started by SmashCapps, Jun 4, 2015.

    1. Trieste Sp
      Trieste Sp
      I'm thinking it's fake. But if it's real, I'm exited.
    2. Kirbyfan391
      Interesting...could be real, could be fake. Doesn't seem like it's pointing towards one or the other yet.
    3. Tuutti
      I could take it. I guess it's the least you can do when you steal the whole game concept from the plumber but man am I glad they did. I would honestly have skipped this game completely if it was just another Mario spinoff.

      I'm still not going to buy a Mario Amiibo tho.
    4. Jet
      I'm optimistic
    5. Ryuji
      Please let this be true. It would add more to this very short game.
    6. Oniric
      It shows a boss battle and a render of Mario that could be easily done by anyone competent (just look at Smashified for a clear example) on a still image, it's fake.

      Splatoon DLC either shows the DLC in-game, an actual screenshot of what it is or they just name it (Ika Musume). Something so blurried like this looks odd.
      Squelchior likes this.
    7. Vinyl.
      This is obviously fake. I don't want anything mario or other nintendo characters in this game anyways.
      JuddTheCat and Alus like this.
    8. Lyn
      Seems to be fake.
    9. JuddTheCat
      I don't want this to be true. I wanted splatoon to be it's own game without having other Nintendo characters in it until maybe if a sequel comes out. It wouldn't be splatoon anymore if Mario's are running everywhere online.

      Also...How would Mario turn into a squid?
    10. Dravidian
      I can see a game event happening. Beat Mario (as a boss) and get the fludd as a weapon. You'd probably get a mario costume and unique sub-weapon/super combo. Probably something like his hover and rocket nozels.

      That said, I have no idea if this is true or not. Time will tell.
      Chocoling likes this.
    11. Hi_C
      Just gonna say that I never believe any leaks now after ArtsyOmni. So my vote is fake.
    12. Chocoling
      i wouldnt want something like this stuck behind an amiibo - free update or nothing.
    13. Marshy
      Its not real. Splatoon is Nintendo's newest IP in 15 years.. Why would they want to include Mario? Splatoon is it's own franchise just as Mario is his own.
    14. Nintendome
      Great article! There's a small typo in the last paragraph.

      "SmashCapps will keep his eyed open" -> "SmashCapps will keep his eyes open"

      Regardless, thanks for keeping us updated!
    15. R_Hunter
      Fake. It'd be nice, but it's fake.
    16. SilverEra
      Real or fake, this kind of announcement would be E3 material. Imagine the hype it will bring.
    17. itisRag
      @SmashCapps Re your comment on logos. The Splatoon logo is international (sometimes accompanied in Japan with kana translation beneath), so in the image, it is not necessarily the case that there is...
    18. Zoot
      Given the content of that thread, you might want to think twice about linking to 4chan in an official SB announcement post. :p

      I say it's fake, and that's mostly because I don't want it to be real. Just let this gorgeous newborn of an IP stand on its own before covering it in other franchises. *With the exception of Squid Girl.
    19. CodyMKW
      probably fake but if it is real then that would be kinda awesome I could see playing as Mario in his own special missions cleaning up ink from the Inklings or the Octolings then going against a few classic mario bosses

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