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The Calm Before The Storm - Competitive Update 8/17/2017

Hey there, squids! I just wanted to bring to everyone's attention some of the great things currently happening in the Competitive Splatoon community.

We Esports Now?

Recently, two top teams have been picked up by eSports organizations. First, last Friday, organization Silver Sanction announced their acquisition of Saikai.

Saikai has won all three western Splatoon 2 tournaments that they have entered.

In addition to Saikai, just last night SetToDestroyX announced their signing of Deadbeat, winners of the U.S. Inkling Open and the 2017 World Splatoon Invitational held by Nintendo at E3.

These signings mark the second and third Splatoon 2 teams to continue to be supported by an outside organization.

You can find Twitter accounts for Saikai (@SaiKai_SPL), Silver Sanction (@SilverSanction), and SetToDestroyX (@SetToDestroyX).

Team Rankings are Back in Town

Recently, there have been a few new developments in ranking teams. Most notable of these has been the leaderboards developed by SplatStats.

SplatStats uses a Glicko-2 method to rank teams based on their tournament performances. You can find the most current leaderboard here and you can learn more about the way it works by watching @BestTeaMaker's video explanation below.

A Storm is Brewing...

The hype of this community is all pointing towards InkStorm+, a two day major happening this weekend.

The InkStorm series in the first Splatoon was always a premier, if not the premier, tournament when it came around. Organizers EndGameTV look to carry that momentum into Splatoon 2 this weekend, with 50 teams signed up to participate as of the writing of this article, including Silver Sanction | Saikai, SetToDestroyX, and 7 of the other top 10 teams of the most recent release of SplatStats.

You can watch the action unfold this weekend on EndGameTV's Twitch channel at 1:00 PM EDT on Saturday for the group stage and on Sunday for Top 12. You won't want to miss a second of this top-level Splatoon 2 gameplay, so be sure you tune in!

That's all from me today, squids. Happy Splatting, and we hope to see you this weekend!


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