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The Squidboards Splat Series Returns on December 11th!

That's right, it's back!

The Squidboards Splat Series returns on December 11th with a free-to-enter tournament for players of all skill levels.

Get your team together and sign up on Battlefy to compete! Be sure to join our Discord server for the day of the event, and check the event page for rules and more information!

We're very excited to bring this event back, and hope you can all join us for our first event back.

Squidboards Event Page


Preliminary Map List
(Subject to Change)

Swiss Round 1:
1) CB on Humpback Pump Track
2) TC on Ancho-V Games
3) SZ on The Reef

Swiss Round 2:
4) RM on Manta Maria
5) CB on Snapper Canal
6) TC on MakoMart

Swiss Round 3:
7) SZ on Inkblot Art Academy
8) RM on Blackbelly Skatepark
9) CB on The Reef

Swiss Round 4:
10) TC on Sturgeon Shipyard
11) SZ on Musselforge Fitness
12) RM on Starfish Mainstage

Swiss Round 5:
13) CB on Piranha Pit
14) TC on Manta Maria
15) SZ on The Reef

Swiss Round 6:
16) RM on Snapper Canal
17) CB on Inkblot Art Academy
18) TC on Ancho-V Games

Bracket Round 1:
19) SZ on Skipper Pavilion
20) RM on Musselforge Fitness
21) CB on Humpback Pump Track
22) SZ on Piranha Pit
23) TC on Inkblot Art Academy

Bracket Quarterfinals:
24) RM on Humpback Pump Track
25) CB on MakoMart
26) TC on The Reef
27) SZ on Ancho-V Games
28) RM on Manta Maria

Bracket Semifinals:
29) CB on Piranha Pit
30) SZ on Inkblot Art Academy
31) TC on Starfish Mainstage
32) RM on Blackbelly Skatepark
33) SZ on Snapper Canal

Bracket Finals:
34) TC on MakoMart
35) SZ on Humpback Pump Track
36) RM on Ancho-V Games
37) CB on Inkblot Art Academy
38) SZ on Sturgeon Shipyard

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