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Discussion in 'Original Content' started by Slushious, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. Slushious

    Slushious Token Party Squid

    Jul 17, 2016
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    Got home from vacation to find the inevitable little pink "hey, we just missed you lol" slip in the mailbox. Proceeded to try and claim the missed package...on a holiday. It is now, however, finally, time for...

    Kisekae Set 3!

    I noticed while unpacking these that the boxes for the kisekae sets now show on the top what's in each one. Can't remember offhand if they've been that way all along, though. It'll be really useful for anyone looking to snag single boxes off of eBay later on...assuming the seller shows you the actual box they have on offer.

    As with set 2, there are no duplicates. If you buy the whole set, you get two of each squid and one of every clothing set. Hime and bowlcuts as far as the eye can see this round. And Arrows...how I hate Arrows.

    They did a better job with coordinating pieces this time, imho. It's worth noting that the length of the girls' tentacles in the back makes swapping their tops out a little difficult.

    Still the level of detail we're used to - I particularly can't get over how the shoes have a distinct right and left.

    All dressed up and ready to go!

    Considering we've seen most of the hairstyles available with the squids thus far...maybe they'll add octos sometime???
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