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Your Top 10 Most Hated Weapons in Splatoon?

Discussion in 'Regular Discussion' started by Creator438, May 30, 2017.

  1. Creator438

    Creator438 Semi-Pro Squid

    Nov 11, 2015
    Likes Received:
    We all have those weapons that we just can't f**king stand seeing, fighting against, using, etc. in Splatoon. There are a total of 91 weapons in the game (counting amiibo reskins/Octoshot), so chances are, you've come to hate at least some of those weapons at some point in your existence. So instead of dragging the description of the OP out like I always do, let's cut to the chase:

    1) What are your top 10 most hated weapons in Splatoon?

    Predicting to see a lot of hate toward Bubbler/Kraken weapons/chargers/Lunas/whatevertf ppl hate nowadays, but predicting these things is no fun. So instead of doing that, I'll share with you guys my top 10 most hated weapons in Splatoon as well. If you plan to share your list, all I ask is that you say why you hate a certain weapon, but your reason(s) don't have to be long or anything.
  2. Creator438

    Creator438 Semi-Pro Squid

    Nov 11, 2015
    Likes Received:
    Okay so here's mine (btw salt below):

    10. N-Zap '85
    So I know what you're thinking: "Wh- why do you hate N-Zap? It never did anything wrong." Well see, the thing w/ me and the ol' '85 is simply that I main Tentatek, so when I see someone using '85, the thing that SHOULD jump to my mind is "okay, dude's using the '85, I can just kill him before he kills me", right? NO. Not when every time I find an N-Zap '85, it just HAS to be some ****ing Japanese dude, running hella run speed, ink res, and some other crap like Ink Saver (Sub) or HAUNT of all things (and I sort of detest Haunt, not sure if I ever made that clear), and who just curbstomps me every time he engages me because he's clearly better at aiming than I am AND he can outstrafe me. May as well be a lagger too, and I'm not saying it's because he's Japanese, because anyone can lag, but I say that because every time I see an N-Zap, it feels like ****in' hit markers are merging into one shot so I'll die in three hits instead of four. So not only am I fighting against a FASTER-moving/firing shooter than mine, with arguably the best special in the game (btw no debates on this today; I'm not having it / that's not the point of this thread), but I'm also fighting a guy who may as well be killing me in 1 less hit than he should, defying all ****ing logic existing within Splatoon's mechanics. If you're wondering, yes, pretty much anytime I find one of these people, they've destroyed me and usually I'll find myself locked in w/ my team on like, Urchin Underpass or some ****. However, I haven't fought one of these people in a while, so that's why it's #10. It used to be 8 or some ****, but... movin' on.

    9. Custom Hydra Splatling
    #9 is Custom Hydra, now ya see I've had this list for quite some time, b/c I was planning on making a yt video about this list, and it's changed a lot, but recently I actually took a weapon off the list. Because I needed something to fill in a spot, however, I decided "maybe Custom Hydra, 'cause that ****'s annoying af." And the thing about it too is like, I don't really understand who was on drugs when they were sorting out the nerfs/buffs for the 2.7.0 . update, but literally, I feel like they made this thing too good. The 35 dps was alright—I think it was a good change for Hydra, especially because it sets it apart from the other Splatling classes, and you really didn't see many Hydras anywhere after the second one came out, but I think they dropped the ball with the Light Depletion bubbler. I just don't understand why a weapon with it's ability to charge a 180p special should have light depletion when a) it's already hard to take down, even at close range (since a Hydra main ALWAYS has a charge ready when you confront them, then they just kill you), and b) it has one of the strongest specials in the game. You'd think that when it dies, it'd have some kind of repercussion for losing a special that it's really bloody good at getting. But nope. I find that when I confront one of these dudes, they will always have Bubbler ready, and most likely kill me for doing what I have to in order to get him out of here. Then if I manage to survive for that 4.5 second window, which I PROBABLY WON'T because for some reason I can't dodge people's shots, there's no guarantee I'll still kill the Custom Hydra; they compete so well at close range that he really only needs a few shots to kill me, and a half-ish charge will suffice even though it becomes a 4-shot then (b/c for those who don't know, Hydras can only 3-shot ppl if they're fully charge, which I've tested before). ...But yeah, that's why I hate Hydra. It's just one of those weapons that I feel like is too hard to deal with for no reason... That's it.

    8. Every Sploosh-o-matic
    Every Sploosh-o-matic. Now I don't die to splooshes too often, but I hate every sploosh because I can't fathom why anyone would use such an... ineffective weapon when better options exist. Like, everyone always says "Oh well sploosh is good at painting, and it can do this, and it—" but it really ****ing can't though... Like people have this mindset that the sploosh is a good weapon because it's a fast 3-shot kill that can run Run Speed/Swim Speed, be fast (like EVERY OTHER MOBILE SHOOTER IN THE GAME), and because DUDE used it in like, one tournament and did well with it. Or something like that. I'm really not sure what merit people think any of the Splooshes has over things like Tentatek. Like literally; the sploosh is NOT better than any other weapon like it. Actually name a weapon that's even remotely similar to Sploosh; I GUARANTEE the Sploosh doesn't even come close to doing something better than said weapon. If you're wondering why this bothers me, it's because people take those reasons for Sploosh being "good" and just decide to run it. It's not the most popular weapon, but usually when I'm playing like, Ranked or some ****, I'll see a Sploosh on my team and be like "well we're probably f**ked," because if you have a Sploosh on your team, that man is literally going to be unable to save himself if he's losing. Doesn't matter if it's the Neo, and it doesn't matter if it's the Sploosh 7. Point Sensors aren't going to save you from a lock. They just don't. And Kraken? Don't even get me started. Oh, the 7 has a range game? Sure it does, but Splat Bombs on their own aren't going to save your team from a lock (esp. not in solo queue), and because Sploosh can't paint unless it shoots directly in front of it, it's probably already too late when it gets Inkzooka. Like, when I see a guy on my team using Sploosh I literally think to myself "dude, could you not think of any better options at your disposal? Don't you at least have the '83? Or something that like, isn't a Sploosh?" ...Anyway, I've made my point. Not trying to bash people who legitimately main Sploosh (& if you got offended, my apologies), but... like... Tentatek... it's a real weapon...

    7. Carbon Roller Deco
    Carbon Deco is another weapon that I don't really hate fighting (and not all of these are weapons I hate fighting; these are just weapons I don't like), but it IS another one of those weapons, because like every Sploosh, I don't understand the mentality behind why anyone would want would want to play it. It's literally a Carbon Roller that can take a zone back on SOME maps, and a quick Rainmaker shield popper. But like, it's such a niche ****ing weapon, that other weapons in the game can do it's job better without the range problems or it's level of situational...ness. And it's another one of those things where I'll see like that one guy on my team using it, and he/she usually goes negative and we lose. But when I say negative in this case, I mean like, hard negative, not just like "oh he went 4/6, everyone has their bad games." It's like, 2/9 or something. The people who I see using this weapon do not do so hot with it. And I guess you can argue that I'm not really justified to make that generalization, because there are some people that could do well with the weapon... but still. I see these people get these hideously bad k/ds, and I just wonder what they hope to do with this weapon that they can't perform with. Because at this point in the game's meta, riding up in a Seeker isn't a good strategy as a Carbon Deco since it's so easy to telegraph, then because of the fact, it has no safe way of getting in, which it HAS to do because Seekers aren't good range options for really any weapon that exists. Like everyone says Seekers are good for pressuring people, but to me, Seekers are some of the most underwhelming subs in the game. They're just way to easy to dodge, you pretty much always see them coming long before they can hit you (even on maps where they're "good"), and the lock-on effect it has can easily be used against you (making you waste ink without doing anything w/ it, most notably). And like, even if you get a kill with a Seeker Bomb Rush, it's not going to do much else after that if you're going for kills. It's more of an objective based thing, but it only works on a few maps, and the problem with that is that some people try to run it wherever they want, which DOESN'T cut it with this weapon. I know, I know; I can't seem to go a minute on this forum without ranting about how much I think this weapon sucks, but it bears repeating: if you're going to use this weapon, just use the vanilla Carbon, and everyone on your team will be happy.

    6. Zink Mini Splatling
    So I'm going to split the post after this because my reasons are so long... but last one for now. Zimi. Fricken Zimi. I can't remember how long it's been, but I've hated Zimi pretty much ever since... I wanna say since they added Splatfest Power to Splatfests. But let's not rant about that—let's just talk about how pretty much everyone and their mother who uses this thing is somehow a god that with the weapon, that not only has a Bubbler ready all the time, but that absolutely REFUSES to miss shots. Like, has anyone ever noticed that? Every Zimi in the world seems like it lands all of its shots, making it virtually impossible to kill/approach. Especially for me, because I main Tentatek, and I'd perfer NOT to waste an Inkzooka on a ****ing mid-range weapon that won't kill me from across the map (b/c Zimi outranges Ttek). I know you're not exactly supposed to rush a Zimi without some sort of plan, but sometimes that's all you can really do. And really; it is. But I can't do that and be safe because it's just going to land 4 out of 18 of its shots on me once it hits me w/ just one. You know what it's like? It's like when you have a ****in' house of cards or something, and your younger brother decides to take one card out of the mix; the whole ****in' thing falls down because one little thing happened to it. That's what Splatling in general are, but it's worse w/ Zimi because it shoots so damn fast. You get hit by one shot? Hu huh, guess what buddy? Dead! Then it has such a lethal ****ing kit for the weapon it is. Like, do you realize how bloody good disruptor bubbler is on Zimi especially? It literally has just the right range, time to kill, mobility, and special to use disruptors in the absolute most broken way possible: to confirm kills in combat. Like, I guess disruptors are supposed to serve that purpose, but it's just... ugh... on Zimi, it's just too easy. And don't even get me started on Bubbler on that thing. It's the fastest bubble charger in the game, and what's more? It's so damn reliable at killing that if a Zimi pops bubbler on you when you confront it, you may as well kiss the world as you know it goodbye because at that point, it's GOING to kill you.

    Next part coming soon...
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  3. Creator438

    Creator438 Semi-Pro Squid

    Nov 11, 2015
    Likes Received:
    Okay continuing on with the "salt list":

    5. Dynamo Roller
    I think we can all relate to this one. Dynamo's Dynamo, man. Flicks huge "cones" of ink at really high ranges, hard to get around, if you approach it you're usually gonna die even if you GET the kill. Even when you know for a fact you died in a scenario where, had you been that man, you wouldn't be trading. Yep. You'd just die a sad, lonesome, merciless death. Because you don't main Dynamo or have bad internet or w/e. I do hate that about the weapon, but I actually really love using Dynamo. It's a fun weapon and I love bringing down the hammer on people whilst painting the map as I walk the earth. But this thing... and it's where I get into the later part of my list... I'll find myself having to rush it down, because if I leave the Dynamo alive... well first of all, he's gonna kill ME if I don't stop him, plus he'll just spam Echos and then nobody can approach him safely. Second of all, I usually confront a Dynamo knowing that there's a good chance I'll die in trying to kill him (but when I do kill him—oooooh, that glimmer of hope I get when it ends in my favor), because every Dynamo main ever consistently kills people that his ink makes even the smallest amount of contact with. And usually I do die to 'em, because my aim is ****. But the worst part is how instant the splat noise is... when ANYTHING in this game one-shots you. It surprises me, it's so sudden, and worst of all... I fear it'll happen again. Then, immediately after I feel this way, I get tense, nervous, unable to play with a stable mindset. I get such a feeling with anything that either one shots me, or anything that would kill me without me knowing quite when I'm going to die (only thing it never happens with is Splat Bombs b/c I usually know when I'm gonna die to 'em). Anyway, the fact that I play an aggressive weapon doesn't help since I miss, then once I "miss" my chance (get it?) to land the kill—SURPRISE—DEAD. And I hate surprises. Or rather, those kinds of surprises. ... Also I hate Vanilla Dynamo specifically because it's kit is too fricken good. But anyway, movin' on...

    4. Custom E-Liter 3K Scope
    I hate the unscoped one too, but seeing how nobody ever uses unscoped E-Liters, I thought it pointless to include it after I grouped all the Splooshes together. Now ya see, I've always had kind of a hatred for E-Liters. I seem to have trouble avoiding them, and the laser just snipes me instantly without me knowing exactly when it's going to happen, or IF it's going to happen in some cases. Then I jump out of my ****ing chair and tell myself not to get tilted just b/c he got one shot off on me. But alas... sometimes I get so scared of the possibility of getting sniped, that I'll be too submissive/scared to actually do anything and then the dude will never be taken out. They play with my emotions, and I don't like it. True for normal E-Liter, too, but here's my beef with the Custom... So you know how in Splatoon 2, they're making it so you can see the enemy team's weapons on their inklings at the top of the screen? They're doing that because some weapons in Splatoon 1 look so identical to each other, that when they spawn in at the beginning of the game, you can't tell which variant they're using if they're in like, the back or something. This makes Custom E-Liter annoying because sometimes when I see an E-Liter at the start of the game, he'll be behind some big weapon or other teammates so I can't see the little sticker that'd tell me his weapon. So I'm then forced to GUESS which one he's using, and when I go in to fight him, he'll just say "wrong answer, b*tich!" and proceed to kill me with his Kraken. The worst part is that although these people are ****ing stupid for not using their Beakons, that stupidity is used against me. Yep. I've been working on getting wrecked by this, though. Like, it doesn't happen that much anymore, but... it's still an annoyance.

    3. Custom Range Blaster
    Oh boy... CRB. Do I even need to start with this ****in' thing? It's so bloody powerful that I have consistent trouble taking them down. Again, I main Tentatek, so I have to rush him down at the risk of being read/directed, or even hit by indirects DESPITE the weapon's terrible Impact (the stat that measures how large the shot's blast radius is on a blaster). The latter wouldn't really happen if I'm closing in on the guy, but it's before I can rush him down that the indirects would screw me over. Then, these mofos have Kraken as a second line of defense if I even INTEND to close in—but wait! For some ungodly reason, it doesn't stop there! Because this thing still has Light Special Depletion, even though it shouldn't! So if I kill it while it has a Kraken, too bad, 'cause it's comin' right on back w/ only some its special lost because the mother ****er's running special saver (although most people don't know how ****ing good this is, and thus they don't use it)! That's the other thing; it's just like with Custom Hydra where I don't understand why it can exist with Light Depletion, when it's probably the best slayer in the game, hands down. If CRB can walk around with Light Depletion Kraken, why don't we just give Bamboo Mk III ****in' zero special depletion while we're at it? Why should the best slayer in the game not have to worry about being slayed itself? Shouldn't it have some kind of repercussion Nintendo, instead of making its mistakes unpunishable, because it can just run QR/Saver and come back in 2 seconds flat with a Kraken ready to go fresh from the spawn shield? It makes zero sense to me as to how they let that slide, but... everyone makes mistakes, I guess. Then there's the one-shot thing that, if I don't expect, will surprise me, but I usually don't feel the same way when a Range Blaster directs me. That's mostly with chargers. Speaking of which...

    2. E-Liter 3K Scope
    Hate the unscoped too, and basically I don't like it for the same reasons I mentioned about Custom E-Liter (minus the Kraken part, but not being able to see which one I'm dealing with is still a HUGE problem). Those things really apply to any charger, and they only apply to Bamboos when they get those BS one-shots on me. Basically aside from those reasons, though, Burst Bomb mains are annoying, and I hate being tracked for 9 seconds by Echolocator. I exclusively used Cold Blooded back in the day for a reason, as did so many other people. Its kit's a bother, the people who main it on the other team always seem to be good with it, they get too many consistent kills with their Burst Bomb-maining lookin' *****, and everybody hates Echo (that should be a new TV show).

    Before I reveal my absolute most HATED weapon in all of Splatoon, here are some honorable mentions:

    1) Splatterscope
    2) Carbon Roller

    No reasons on them b/c honorable mentions are just mentions, but my #1 most hated weapon in all of Splatoon goes to...

    1) Neo Splash-o-matic
    Have you ever had that one weapon where, no matter how many times you see it, the games you play against it in always seems to go the same way? You end up saying "F**k, they have that weapon in their comp," said weapon kills you, you get angry, they find a way to kill you later on in the same match with their special, and then you lose? And then you know that no matter what you try to do, you just can't seem to stop them? THAT is the EPITOME of Neo Splash-o-matic for me. It's almost like with the N-Zap '85, but worse; I find these ridiculous japanese players, who use this weapon that kills me in 3 shots when it SHOULD kill in 4, it doesn't even outstrafe me, it has LESS range than my main weapon, and yet, they still find ways to take me out with the main gun. It's always the same kind of Inkling, too: Inkling boy with pink eyes and the whitest skin setting in the game, which looks ghost ****ing white, might I add (which bugs me a little and I don't know why; not trying to bash anyone for their decisions, though. Make your inkling look how you want him/her to, Idgaf). It hasn't happened too recently, and I hope to God I didn't just jinx myself, but for an uncountable number of months, I'd literally be in a match with a Neo Splash on the other team, groan at the fact he's there, die once to the dude, then later in the game he pulls out his Inkzooka, kills me, and we ultimately end up losing. And then he proceeds to get top of the leaderboard with 1700+ points and an 8/2 or w/e the **** k/d as a way of adding salt to the wounds. Then for some reason, I have so much trouble killing the bastards because of their Burst Bombs, even though I have a weapon that's infinitely better than theirs because it paints better, kills faster, and has more range. It's frustrating, to say the least. And it's kind of funny because the original Splash-o-matic used to be on this list, and back when I was a nooby that thing was like, #2! It was #10 before it was removed from my list, but this thing isn't even CLOSE to moving down the list. Not after all the salt it's built up in me. Turf War, Ranked; can't escape it. Actually I don't know how many times it's ****ed me over in Ranked (it's usually a Turf War thing), but I'm being honest with myself when I say it's probably done so before. You know what conclusion I've made? I've just come to the conclusion that every good Neo Splash main is most likely a Tentatek main that just decides to use this ****in' thing. I wouldn't be ****ing surprised, because there are some good Tentatek mains out there in Japan. You'd think they'd just use that but... no. Though I guess that has its advantages... hard to say. The weird thing is that I actually really like using the Neo Splash. I think it's a really fun weapon, I love the kit on it (when I'm using it), and I usually find myself doing some amount of work with the thing. Hell, I actually used it two days ago and had a good time. But when I have to go against it... whole 'nother story. Not sure why it's like that. It just is.

    There it is. My list. Sorry if I may have offended anyone, by the way. I don't like to do that. Again, I get that I was salty, though let's refrain from commenting on how salty we are about our lists. Let's keep an open mind for things people don't particularly like, and not make fun of people for hating certain things, either.
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  4. cwjakesteel

    cwjakesteel Semi-Pro Squid

    Oct 7, 2015
    Likes Received:
    I main sploosh and tri-slosher. The reason I use sploosh is because for about a year now I've mained the tri-slosher forever and have just been looking for another weapon to play with. I have never been able to adopt to any sub weapon but the distruptor or Point Sensor, and I hate weapons that spread ink less than the tri-slosher, so only the sploosh could work.

    And yea I realize that all the sploosh does is essentially speed it's way to your target and get in point black range, and the point sensor is only there to help with that. And honestly I think it would have been better with the distruptor, because with it's terrible range you can't even distrupt chargers on a ledge that you can do nothing about.

    But the sploosh is a fun weapon that I find doesn't rely on anything but itself. It doesn't really need the point sensor, but it helps, it doesn't need any ability either. It's super efficient, and you can pretty much run it with anything.

    With the tri-slosher, it's impossible to play this thing without a bomb throw, and ink saver main and a special charge up. The Sploosh is a real relief.

    But as a slosher-user, I really hate how dynamos are essentially the best ranged Slosher. Here I am on a high ledge throwing ink with my bucket, and the dynamo does an attack with twice my range, twice the area and it's a 1 hit kill to boot.

    The tri-slosher's worst enemy is probably the jet squelcher because that thing will hit your bubbler back and you'll never get in. But I know the weapons that I hate are really dependent on my current set up...so anyways...

    Custom E-Litre
    Dynamo Roller

    These two weapons are the only two I really have a gripe with. I've never hated any other weapon.

    I already explained the dynamo roller, but for the E-litre....it makes Moray Towers so unfun...

    Oh, and also the Luna Blaster Neo...too many 1 hit kills on me...and the way the ball travels...it makes my slosher weapon feel redundant. It just travels in a straight line, explodes in the air and I still get 1 hit KO'd when a slosher would still need 2 shots, and those weapons are specifically designed to be lobbed over walls.
  5. A_Ava

    A_Ava Inkling

    May 30, 2017
    Likes Received:
    These are my personal 10 least favorite weapons. If your favorite weapon ends up on here, don't get offended. A lot of popular weapons will be on here.
    Ok. Here we go.
    10. Cherry H3 Nozzlenose... I have no idea why it is a popular weapon in high ranked play. Unless you have a trillion damage ups on your gear, you aren't guaranteed many kills unless you have absolutely perfect aim. (I have 3 pures of damage up and I can't get a single kill with that stupid weapon... I guess it is the fact that the fire rate is so ridiculous, or I just suck. I don't know how some people are so good at the game, they can use the worst weapon ever and do excellently with it.)
    9. Luna Blasters...... I cannot stand Luna Blasters! They kill me every where I go, even on my C- noob account! Luna Blasters are one of the, if not the most, (I'll get to you later...!) noob friendly weapons. People could be terrible and use Luna, and nobody could tell the difference because of its little (pow-pow) (pow-pow) blasts. That deal so much damage, even if it's range is nothing.
    8. 96. Gal. Yeah, I like using this weapon. But whenever anyone else uses it, I can't stand them. I can't seem to get out of their range. It's the most noob friendly weapon, which means C- can get a k/d of 20/2.
    7. Zink Mini Splatling: Why does it's fire run out so fast? I charge it and 1 second later it fires and immediately runs out. Maybe I like longer ranged weapons more. (I really do. The Zink has a very short range.) The only time I get any kills with this weapon is when I have a Bubbler. It must have a reason for being popular in all the S+...Japanese...players.
    6. Dual Squelcher. I just don't like this weapon. Something about it feels...wrong.
    5. Splat Charger. I don't like chargers. At all. The only ones I kind of like are the unscoped E-Liter and the Hero Charger Replica.(Yes. I know it is a reskin of the Splat Charger!) But that's beside the point. I don't like the Splat Charger because, like a lot of weapons I hate, it doesn't feel right. Something about this Charger is just not right. I have been able to get kills with it, but I just can't focus with it. There are better weapons that could be used, and there are worse weapons that could be used. The Splat Charger is one of the worse ones. But not the worst.
    4. Any Squiffer. This is where the weapons I hate really begins. I hate using Squiffers and I hate others that use Squiffers. Not that I hate the people themselves for using them, I just hate their inklings. Because with a Squiffer, you are either really bad or really good. And most people that use this are really good. And I'm really bad with them. I use Squiffers a lot, and I just can't get the hang of them. I guess I'm just terrible.
    3. Custom E-Liter 3k Scope. I hate scoped chargers and I hate squid beacons. The only thing good about this weapon is the fact it has Kraken.
    2. H-3 Nozzlenose D. Just...why? Why does it exist? Why? Why Nintendo? Why did you make this a thing?
    1. That Neo Splash-o-Matic! Take everything good from the regular splash-o-matic. You get this. The regular one has suction bombs. It fits the weapon much more. But this one has burst bombs and inkzooka, two things that would be better for longer ranged weapons. I hate this weapon.
  6. Creator438

    Creator438 Semi-Pro Squid

    Nov 11, 2015
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    I'm going to try to keep this thread alive because I'm bored. So I'm just going to react to @A_Ava's top 10 hated list to breathe some discussion into the thread.

    It's a popular weapon because it has protection out the ***, which people love in this game. You have to get through it's walls before you can get to it, and if you do, it can backup/reposition -> throw another wall -> rinse/repeat. Then it's got Bubbler for back up when you breach it's main form of defense. But I get it; it's one of those weapons where it's very unreliable at killing, but people will use it anyway. Your aim has to be very good or else you're a liability to the team (reminds of those weapons that are long, have long range, and have trouble painting o_O).


    Assuming your talking about the Deco here, but neither variants are noob-friendly weapons. The Deco used to be, which is why everyone used it, but the nerfs they gave it literally made it so you couldn't play such a powerful weapon like the most brain dead thing in the world. If you saw a C- player go 20/2 with it they're most definitely a smurf. I do understand the hate part of it though; it's very frustrating to deal with a good 96.

    Why does it run out of fire so fast? That would be b/c it shoots 18 shots and fires so quickly, so it expends those shots at an extremely fast rate. And it does NOT have short range; that thing is an above-average mid-range weapon that ****s on bad Tentateks like me. Also, it's popular with Japanese players because unlike many people in this community, they understand that good painting weapons are essential to have on every team comp, and Zimi is one of the best weapons in the game solely because it kills fast, its shots are hard to escape if you get hit by just one, it turfs extremely fast, it charges bubble faster than any other Bubbler weapon in the game, and by giving it Disruptors on top of that, it can single-handedly confirm kills in a way no other weapon can. Interesting fun fact: in some Japanese tournament(s), your team comp can do whatever it wants; there's no limit on the amount of Quick Respawn, invincible specials, Tentateks, Lunas, walls, etc., that you can have on your team—only exception to this is Zimi. You are only allowed to have one Zimi on a given team. Anything else can be ran in twos, threes, even fours if you want. But if you run two Zimis, your team isn't tournament legal... yeah.

    Aww, that's sad... Just the vanilla? I like both, especially the Custom Dual. But we're all different so no judgment.

    Join the club. By the way, fun fact about the Hero Charger is that it actually has 1 pixel of range longer than the Splat Charger, so everyone in the competitive community jokes that it's the pay-to-win weapon. But yes, there are many better weapons to use in its place, like anything that's not a charger. But honestly, this weapon has done nothing. I can maybe understand the Splatterscope having Heavy Depletion, but this thing and the Hero Charger should just have Light Depletion. Nothing would change, nor would anyone care.

    Join the club. These weapons are so boring it's crazy. They're not interesting at all; they're just the shorter ranged, more mobile, faster charger in the charger class. They add nothing interesting to the Charger type at all, and they're honestly not even that good. I also suck with these things, but I wouldn't call yourself bad if you suck with it. You have to remember that the weapon is a charger, after all.

    Join the club. Also the weapon is garbage because of that kit (among other things), and yet I still have reason to hate it!

    I mean, in its defense, they had to make something for it. Didn't want to give anything wall + bubble back in the day I guess, so they gave it the kit it has. I actually really like this weapon, though, which is weird because I absolutely hate using the H-3 Nozzlenose, which is better than this weapon (fun fact, about 14 months ago, Vanilla H-3 would be on my top 10 hated list).

    Up top! ...Both are pretty decent, not top tier by any means, but the Neo's kit is far better than the vanilla's. The kit addresses it's problems in pretty much every way a Burst Bomb + zooka kit could. It doesn't have many problems aside from the fact that it gets wrecked by a bunch of top tier weapons, and even then Burst Bomb mains exist.
  7. Hero of Lime

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    Sep 26, 2015
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    There is only one weapon I hate, and tonight I wad given such a good reminder of why. At this point it's like complaining about Mondays, but I hate Dynamo Rollers so much. I could write an entire essay about them and why they are just garbage to fight, but I'll be brief and concise.

    The vanilla dynamo's kit is the most frustrating thing to deal with if you are using a mid to short range weapon. The weapon itself out ranges you, the sprinkler can be a distraction and a way for the dynamo player to put up a nice barrier of ink between you and them, and finally, with echo location, a short range player whose only option is to flank and sneak up on a dynamo will be exposed and defeated easily, either by the dynamo or their teammates.

    I'm glad in Splatoon 2 the dynamo will lose its kit, especially the echo location, but seeing the footage of it in Splatoon 2, it still looks like a real pain to deal with.
  8. Lyn

    Lyn Squid Savior From the Future

    Apr 23, 2015
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    I don't have a list, but the only weapons I really dislike are the Aerosprays. They are incredibly frustrating to get killed by, as there's usually no warning or reaction time to live. You have to see them first to have any chance.
  9. DynamoCamostar34

    DynamoCamostar34 Full Squid

    Sep 14, 2016
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    I suck when it comes to chargers.
  10. Sqwiddles

    Sqwiddles Pro Squid

    Aug 20, 2015
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    Alright so the salt queen is here and ready to fuccin' explain why I hate every weapon-- nah that's too much but seriously, this isn't in order but just what I hate. Any weapon that is "TyPEd OuT lIKe ThIS" means I REALLY HATE IT.
    1. Any kind of N-Zaps
    Now why the hell would I hate N-zaps? They're nothing REALLY special and that's the problem. They're nothing special. I never expect to honestly die from them but yet they come out of I DON'T KNOW WHAT BUT THEN SHOOT ME PRETTY QUICKLY. They're quick and annoying and I can't really say much about them since they're not really a problem. But since my ******* keeps running into them accidentally they became a weapon I hate to die to. AND DON'T GET ME STARTED WITH THE ONE THAT HAVE THE DAMN KRAKEN. WHO SAID THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA? IT'S NOT. PUT IT AWAY, OH MY LORD.

    2. CaRbOn R oL L e rs
    Must I explain myself? IT'S CARBON ROLLERS. YOU KNOW THEY'RE ONE OF THE MOST ANNOYING ****S ON THIS GAME. You think you're all fine and dandy BUT NAH HERE COMES MR.NO-FUN, to just RUIN YER DAY. They're so swift and quick it's INSANE. As a player who HAVE TO FIGHT UP CLOSE they're almost impossible to kill. A brush vs a Carbon? You know who's gonna win. They're everywhere and do I have to tell you about their damn MAX'D OUT QUICK RESPAWNS? YOU CAN KILL THEM IF YOU WANT BUT THEY'RE GONNA COME BACK HELLA QUICK. My god, they're in almost every damn match as well so good luck going into a match without one. Oh and one last thing... there's only two types of players with this weapon: God players and the worst of the worse. There's no inbetween. You will have the worst carbon on YOUR TEAM but the OTHER TEAM WOULD HAVE THE BEST CARBON EVER. Yeah it's cool.

    3. Octobrush Nou
    Let me explain... I only dislike this weapon due to how much more popular it is than the regular one. If I see another Octobrush player, you bet yer *** it's a Nou one. The original is a rare sight and it got replaced by... this? Eh, I get it that it has the BEST range out of all the brushes with the bombs to space you and another player apart, AND AN INKZOOKA. I get why people would use this weapon and all but I just dislike it as it doesn't feel right in my hands and people only started to pick up the brush once this set came out. Psh. Same thing with the Inkbrush Perma.

    4. DyN A M o R O L lers
    Stop. Stop with these damn ROLLERS. I KNOW MOST PEOPLE SAY THEY'RE NOT HARD TO GO AGAINST-- YEAH IF YOU HAVE ANY FORM OF RANGE. SURE, THEY AIN'T A PROBLEM THEN BUT I DON'T HAVE RANGE SO LMFAO **** ME THEN! I can never tell how far their ink can go and yes it is a slow weapon and all but because it's so slow it throws me off. The range is so annoying and trying to get close to them is really difficult for me. Yeah yeah call me a bad player for not being able to take care of them BUT REMEMBER, THEY ALWAYS BE ON THE HIGH GROUND. TRYING TO KILL THEM WITH A WEAPON WITH NO RANGE IS SUICIDAL. GOOD LUCK. They're ALWAYS swinging and have a LOT OF QUICK RESPAWNS. Hahah fun isn't it? You kill them only for them to come right around again like nothing happened. :^) Dynamos are really annoying just like Carbons. Carbons are just a bit worse than them. ;^)

    5. SC o PE Us ERS
    You use a scope for your charger? You're bad. That's it. It's faster than a regular charger and you use it to "see" better. Wow cool amazing skill you have there buddy. How long did it take you to use that one, huh? Can't use the non-scope? Why? Got no damn skill? Boo-hoo. Cry me a river. Anyone who kills me or anyone without a scope then they're great. I got more respect for chargers who have non-scopes than these inkless kids who uses them. GTFO. Thanks.

    6. Zink Mini Splattling
    It's the most easiest weapon to use. There's really no skill for it if I had to be serious. It's fast, it have a bubbler AND a disruptor. What more do you want? It's annoying as hell and always show up outta no where to kill the fun as well. It's not as common like other weapons I've seen but when I do see it on the other team, hahaha it's not enjoyable. Stop it, please. Go away. WhY A r E yoU U sING tH IS?!

    7. 96. Gal Deco
    ... I hate you with a passion. Kraken and Splash wall? Ohoho how cute. You need all that to protect yer lil ***, huh? Oh please GO SPLAT YOURSELF. An annoying two hitter that have crazy range and are annoying to deal with. I don't even have to go into much details on why this weapon is a ****ter. Just go shove that damn Gal up your ***. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

    8. lUnA Bl AS T eR n EO

    9. SPlAttER ShOt TEKtEk/ oCtOsHOT

    I don't have to explain why I hate that ****.

    10. Custom Hydra Splattling
    No... just no. Range is crazy and it have a bubbler. Woowhoooo. That's like giving a Charger a bubbler. Why? Yeah it's slow and all and they're not TOO common but when there is one, they get on my nerves. Always so high up and almost impossible to kill since they don't move much around and always have a bubbler ready. Gah, go away please.


    I'm sure I have more weapons to hate but I'm a hot-headed brush player who hates A LOT OF WEAPONS but these 10 are what I remember the most and I can't stand seein'. If you use any of these weapons, most likely I'll hate you. :^)c
  11. Apenknul

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    Oct 31, 2016
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    The amount of caps in Sqwiddles post is so high, I might start to see leprechauns chasing after me.
    Anyways, my top 10 most hated weapons are:

    10: Splattershot pro. (every version)
    The thing with this weapon and me is that I really don't like the great amount of speed of losing my ink so quickly. After a few shots, my inktank is almost run out, which means I have to dive in my ink to refill every time. I don't want that, it even happends to me witht he inksaver gear. So this isn't my favourite one.

    9. Sploosh-o-matic.
    It's short range is the thing I really dislike about weapon. Sure all the ink goes everywhere in this range, but it doesn't go far. I see this weapon as the little bro of the splash-o-matic, which is one of my favourite ones.

    8. Luna blaster.
    Again a pretty short range, but it has the power of a cannon. One hit and you'll be KO, and that is something I really don't like. Getting it over-overpowered, but with a nerf of short range. This weapon is actually hell in some narrow spaces like in Port mackerel. And that is something I really don't like, when I fight against it.

    7. Splatlings.
    I have to admit, they look pretty cool and such and they have some power that I like, but it's hard to aim with them. I see them as a charger and aerospray in one, and that is pretty hard to handle for me.

    6. Brushes.
    I'm not really a roller type of fan, and these brushes (mini roller as I see them) are weapons with fast movement (+) but when are heavily based on melee like attacks. (-) Why is this a - in my opinion? Well, I tried to use them, but every time I got shot from a dude(tte) with a weapon of longer range. And that makes the brushes for me quite uncomfortable.

    5. .96 Gal.
    The gun looks cool, and it has power and good range. But it shoot ink too slow for me. It's not really hating, but more of some issue that I don't use it too much. And I really dislike the Deco version of it, because of the kraken within it. I'd rather saw it had the burst bomb rush, to attack faster paced, and defend yourself with the splash wall. But it's a pity that isn't the case.

    4. Coro-Coro splatroller.
    It was a kind of weird combination to have a splat roller with Splash wall, but the special does make it up for it. Although, it's hard to get the special in a map with a lot of ramps, like Blackbelly. It was unique, but imo not really useful.

    3. Krak-on Splatroller. Like I said, I'm not really a roller fan, so I don't pick these quickly. This one is on number 3 because of what I experienced against other players. In the time I managed to get to them and kill 'em, it's me who's gonna be killed due to the Kraken Special. Something I always hate, the kraken, a special that imo is most common in the weaponary list.

    2. Dynamo splatrollers.
    This one is simple, it's a powerhouse of destruction. Ofcourse, it's very slow, so you can quick withdraw from it when someone comes at you, but it's not very effective, because when that player is gonna throw the ink at you, it's gonna be a massive tidal wave which kills you. And there is always one in every match I played.

    1. E-liter 3k.
    Although the charging time is slow, this weapon has the range and power, that I nicknamed it the ''forbidden sniper''. Just like the dynamo roller, this sniper is most of the time in a match, and when he lurks and sees you, it's gonna be game over. I saw that this weapon is gonna move into Sploon 2 too, and with the new abillity to have your charge, while in ink, it's gonna be a worse nightmare than before, I think.
  12. Project1734

    Project1734 Inkling

    Oct 6, 2018
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    Here's my list.
    Just remember, I'm the kind of noob who hates every weapon he gets killed by, thinks everyone else is cheating, thinks 2/36 is ok because I got kills, and can't get past B+, so don't take any of this that seriously. :p

    10. Aerospray RG
    The thing about this is the only time I have problem against this is in Tower Control. I don't have much against the weapon otherwise. Ink Mines are one of the rarest subs in the game, and combined with an insane fire rate, it, if not holding the tower, stops your opponent from getting to it effectively (as well as the fact that I almost always see a roller in Towers). I don't by any means hate using this weapon. It has decent range and high fire rate, and the Inkstrike is effective in any gamemode. It's just that EVERY TOWERS TEAM HAS ONE.

    9. Squiffers in general
    I suck at this weapon. I used to think it was one of the worst weapons in the game. A low range charger with low-medium charge rate. Sure, it sounds ok. It can instantly kill enemies close up. But if it's a charger, anything with decent range will kill you first. Then, a couple days ago, I played against a guy with a Fresh Squiffer in Towers. A good god, was it a nightmare. The rest of his team were straight up garbage, with k/d anywhere from 2/6 to 3/3. He had 17/9. We eventually won, but it was probably because his team did almost nothing. So, I have reached a conclusion. You are either horrible with a Squiffer, or you're god-like.

    8. Wasabi Splattershot
    I don't hate this because it's a Splattershot or because of it's set or anything like that. It's because whenever anyone on the other team has this, it's some Japanese dude who kills you every time you try to do anything. Personally, I prefer Tentatek, but this just gets on my nerves.

    7. Zink Mini Splatling
    With the posts on this forum, I don't think I need to explain myself on this one.

    6. E-Liter EKs
    Whether it's the vanilla, the custom, the scope, or the scope custom, there is one in every match. They take a long time to charge, but they always seem to kill me. I don't even see them hit me half the time. I'm fighting someone else, I kill them, and right after that I get G A M E E N D E D by one from the other side of the map. My only counter is to run from the laser thing.

    5. Luna Blaster Neo
    Personally, I have a difficult time fighting the vanilla equally as much as the Neo. It's the fact that ranked is filled with Neos that pisses me off. Half of them have Swim/Run Speed spam, and if they get close you are dead.

    4. Splatterscope
    Ok, I get this is aimed towards charger noobs who either want to get better or just want to think they're good because they actually H I T S O M E O N E, but the only real use for them is for people who can't aim. And I'm actually ashamed to say that I used to main this. :I

    3. Sploosh-o-Matic
    Look man, there's a Tentatek, a Splash-o-Matic, an Inkbrush, a Slosher...Sploosh-o-Matic is a garbage weapon that is easily replaced by almost any other short/mid-range weapon. I know it has the most dps of it's type, but that's assuming you'll even get close to most of the other weapons that most people main. You are most likely more of a liability on your team than an asset if you main this.

    2. Custom Hydra Splatling
    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH BOY, here it comes, more hate for this weapon. This gun pisses me off. It's range is insane, it shoots a LOT of bullets, it can kill in 4 shots (or 3, if fully charged), and it has BUBBLER, for Christ's sake. So not only does it kill from far away, but you also can't sneak up on it without the person using Bubbler. Sprinkler's pretty nice too, I guess. It can be a quick distraction on narrow areas for you to charge up. I don't see this weapon used much, but I hate it.

    1. Dynamo Roller
    I see this at/near the top of a lot of lists. It has Echolocator, so you can't sneak up on it, it has far range, which is amazing for narrow paths, snipers, attacking from high ground, ground cover etc., the wave of ink is a one hit kill, and it is everywhere. Every game has one. Don't tell me I'm wrong. I constantly have to deal with these things, and even though my main is Dual Squelcher at the moment, which should be an ok counter due to it's range, I still die to things things. A lot. It wins in Turf Wars. It kills everyone on the tower. It is on a roof in Splat Zones, killing everyone on the floor below it. The only mode I don't see this in that often is Rainmaker, because their slow and will get killed by the abundance of brushes and chargers in that mode, or by the Rainmaker.

    Just remember that this whole list is my opinion. I like to use some of these weapons personally. It's just when someone ELSE uses them that pisses me off.
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