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A True Bastion: Dynamo + Wall + Sprinkler = Ultimate Defense

A True Bastion: Dynamo + Wall + Sprinkler = Ultimate Defense

Fantastic. I usually play both defensive and offensive, and most of these spots are really good.
Very informative of course. most of these sprinkler tips also apply to kelp charger as well which has made my sprinkler placement game really good.
Presents several options and possibilities to use viably as a Dynamo Roller.
I recently fell in love with the Dynamo. I use 2x Ink Saver Main 1x Recovery Up and 1x Ink Saver Sub. What abilities should I use shirt wise?
Before reading this guide I was terrified of the gold dynamo roller, Now i fear anything DYNAMO. Thanks for proving that there is actual skin needed to use this weapon well
I like it. One of the best guides.
Fantastic guide demonstrating expert understanding of a weapon and its loadout.
Awsome guide for the standard Dynamo roller. Since I already use it defensively, these little tips for the stages may help my game even more.
Nice tutorial, shows both a unique strategy and good ways to use it.
Very helpful tutorial.
Very good. Lots of good pictures of both the map and the T.V. screen.
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