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Be an Artist: Inkbrush Stage Guide and Tips

Be an Artist: Inkbrush Stage Guide and Tips

Hum I agree with almost everything, but you shouldnt just dismiss the potential of the 2nd brush that has a bubble has main defence ability. Yeah its not ideal to multykill, but doesn't mean it sucks, u know?
That brush is.more of a tactical play nature, assuming you will know the paths and predict ur enemys.movmments and lay mines and keep pressure like u said in the 1st map skate park, leave a mine in the top and flick from.above is far more usefull then charging inkstrike cause when u do so u will.stop swinging ink, and thats when u will likely be killed and the bubble can save u from it and Still allow u to keepp unleashing ink when you shouldn't even be able to(During a Inkstrike 4exmp) also wih this brush u can effectivly fight Kraken users!!!!
There lots of maps where i find her more usefull then others, like that port makarel where u said we "suck" there, but actually we can turn ties easly with a well placed mine or make a swift ambush jutst arround thr conner by sprinting ZR and get behindthem without trouble. But overall, its a nice build.

Ps:4stars not 5, becouse u didnt consider other inkbrushs usefullness
A good guide, very insightful. My only real problem is the idea that Run Speed Up gives you a bonus while you brush; to the best of my knowledge, it doesn't really. My recommendation would be to replace it with Ninja Squid, as the nature of the brush is to get in, ink face quickly, get out. Defense Up may also work, as it will allow you to survive if/when you get caught out by opponents in your attempts to duel.
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