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Burst Bombs: Applications of an Underrated Sub Weapon (V1.7)

Burst Bombs: Applications of an Underrated Sub Weapon (V1.7)

I really appreciate well made guides like these, it helped me realize what burst bombs were capable of, as before I looked into using the Bamboozler MK III I thought they were used mainly to cover turf. I found this very informative, but mind adding a Bamboozler MK III summary as a part of the TTK section of your guide for the small crowd that uses it? :D
Nice Guide! I really love burst bombs with my E-Liter, since I already use the equivalent of 3-4 damage mains every time, and it is very easy to kill quickly even at close range with them!
Very nicely written and detailed, yet simple! I gave the Splattershot a try after reading this, and now I like it even better than the Tentatek. Thank you for sharing. However, I would have liked to see more info/numbers on how Damage Up works. For example, you assumed that people would get direct hits with them every time, which is often not easy. Is it then worth applying more Damage Up to make up for this or not?
Hi Quilavaflare,

Thanks for the detailed review and feedback. I'm glad this helped you to the point of influencing your weapon choice!

I actually don't think getting direct hits are easy against good players. The reason I assumed direct shots in the TTK section is because it's the optimal damage up thresholds you need to hit to get the quickest kills possible. That being said, I can see how more information might be beneficial. I'll do some testing on thresholds for the light and heavy graze KOs, and then get back to you once I've updated things.
I use carbon roller and can verify what is written to be true
a great guide.
as a secondary carbon roller user, I really appreciate the amount of info in this.
great job!
great job
As a Hero Shot user, this guide certainly helped me understand the value in a sub I had always thought to be weak.
As a carbon roller main I thought I would be able to come with some constructive criticism here, but all I did when reading this guide was to nod to myself and go "yeah, that's pretty much everything I'd want to know about Burst Bombs". Awesome guide!
great and well detailed guide!
A very good overview of a seemingly simple weapon. I certainly learned a lot!
Great guide.. Covers many options and applications.
Great job over-viewing the many applications of Burst Bombs. Also note that Burst Bombs with a Damage-Up main can completely outclass a Rapid Blaster.
Excellently points out the versatility of an underused sub weapon that can really pack a punch. Very helpful since I main the Neo Splash-O-Matic. Excellent guide
This is very enlightening and since I use the Carbon Roller a lot, I know these tips will really help my gameplay :)
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