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Dynamo Roller - Techniques and Concepts

opponent hiding below and unsure how to aim at them safely? this technique will teach you how to gauge your aim using visual cues.
-bloblobber (with bounced blobs) BLOCK
-bloblobber (direct hit only, no bounces) [65] THREATEN

you really have to pay attention to the terrain and gauge whether or not the bloblobber can trail its blobs past your range

-nautlius 47 [60] THREATEN

do not engage until it begins to shoot- it could hold charge and swim forward to get the jump

Blindspotting- how and why & what to do

Righthandedness- extended hitbox and dry roll
advanced concept that takes into account your damage based on distance and essentially playing mindgames with the opponent
you know that flick you do when youre low on ink and it does a little splashy-do?
critical info*

BCT redone for blasters to take into account the extra range they receive while moving forward.

this momentum boost offsets the placings by 5 dmg.

ie: clash blaster is not guaranteed OHKO vflick and joins the threaten tier

all other blasters remain in their same BCT tier.

added section on maximizing range
added new weapons for bct.
- block: ballpoint , same range as hydra
- challenge: explosher , same range as jet squelcher
but guide has become very unorganized. will work on Formatting with proper categories and sub- categories.

will outlink / re-embed twitter clips to a 3rd party site / app
to lessen overall workload on the browser page
remember to include
creeping- inching out of cover to reduce exposure time and conceal hitbox
crash- aiming sideways to aim downwards at angles otherwise unreachable
fade- a look at how height reduces turf efficiency and damage
snaps- increase stage awareness with simple aiming speed
strings- follow up a flick with zoning possibilities
avoid bump- explain how bumping works and what not to do
roasting- slow roll/ standing hitbox
walls- explain behavior out of walls
step off- be less predictable; dont always jump off of a platform
deflecting- cancelling out a shot with a flick
mucking- explain getting caught in enemy ink midflick. speed, how to react etc

do pictures for:
slipturf angle of attack for spread, angle conversion map explanation

note for:
spc attack faster
downward blocking
Added damage/range matchup list, and mobility tricks.
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