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Dynamo Roller - Techniques and Concepts

Dynamo Roller

  1. ZEROrevive
    A very detailed and effective Dynamo guide, which is a very rare find these days. The illustrations and video's provide good support towards explanations for every technique.

    Fantastic work overall, I will continue to I look forward to seeing future updates.
    1. PHYTO-1
      Author's Response
      thanks! appreciate it! there will be a lot of updates. i havent even gotten to cover abilities, ranked modes, and stages.
  2. jake.woos
    This is the most in-depth guide of the DR that I've ever seen. Great work! (It would be cool if you turned this into a video for YouTube)
    1. PHYTO-1
      Author's Response
      as much as i would love to- i unfortunately do not have the time/resources . thanks for reading and reviewing!
  3. Enperry
    The drawings really make this guide stand out
    1. PHYTO-1
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